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  1. Good catch, I was thinking the same thing a couple pages back but i didn't know the concept art was the same as air's. This whole thread could end up to be us all suckered by speculation.
  2. ^I could not agree more about bringing the test seats out from backstage and making them available at the front of the rides for guests to sit in where they could inform them of many things before they even get in line, especially the seat to accommodate larger riders. I mean, they act like they're so concerned about dispatch times that they're requiring guests to put items in locker, I don't understand why they don't bring those seats out to the front of the rides so people can understand the restraints before they get on the ride. I remember someone mentioning them at WCB and the higher ups kinda pushed the question aside.
  3. Definitly! That way people can really see how and when the park changed into what it is today. And it wouldn't be hard, just a little research. Some of its even easier if you know when a ride existed. That would really make it more of a professional museum especially to the GP, not just a bunch of random stuff.
  4. ^RTFM. Moving on, thanks for the link. It really is frightening to see a Vu in pieces. From what I've heard it will have a good new home.
  5. ^Good point about the climaxes. Of the ride. The order of elements on Tatsu really make the ride what it is. It makes you feel like you're flying high in the air, perhaps this one will make you feel like you're hovering just above the ground, through tunnels and close to the water. Totally agree Designer Dave. All the water splashing means is that there will be a water splashing element. In fact, it doesn't even have to mean that. Case in point, take a look at Tatsu's original concept art. Elements not in order, Tatsu in Valencia Falls. Valencia Falls actually running. Very unlike the real ride. However I think taking a guess as to what the splashing may be is appropriate and I'm going to guess huge cylinder's like Sheikra on the side of the train. All they have to do is angle it correctly, probably at a point in the ride that's going at slower speed and *WHAMO!*. Nobody gets wet. All in all I say the concept art works. Its getting everybody including me excited about what this is going to be, its done its job.
  6. Yeah, but like you said yourself, its concept art. It may be nothing like the original drawing in the end, and I don't think splashing a whole train of riders through every trip is part of the plan. I love when stuff like this leaks on the internetz and us nerds get to look at it first. I also think it's awesome that Seaworld is getting a flyer, and it looks like it'll be different from every other B&M flyer that exists. Can't wait to see this thing come together.
  7. ^Besides the money, I don't think installing one would be that big of a construction deal at all, definitly not more than any coaster. And just because there's no transportation ride now doesn't mean one isn't in the planning in the next 5 or so years. The park is getting itself back together, and there are other things that are important and are less of an investment right now. The gum fields on Tatsu should be cleaned by its ride operators EVERY DAY. They are responsible for the cleanliness of the ride from the beginning of the queue, to the cleanliness of the trains. There's no reason they shouldn't be cleaned other than it's a horrible job that nobody wants to do, and in the morning they'd rather sit on their butts than do their jobs. However the block brake also has a floor and it'd be pretty difficult to clean that area. As far as the line cutting, I agree and I think we've discussed on here before that it needs to be addressed. However I've heard that parks like Disney have a hard time reinforcing those rules, so I can't think of how hard it would be for MM to do it as well. All I can think of is a security guard at every ride watching over the queue--but even they don't always do their job.
  8. Wow I really like what they did to this ride, the colors and all. Love the new trains and the placement in the park. I bet with 7 trains it's not as intense, especially in the backseat. But overall a great example of Six Flags making something new out of something old. Awesome photos!
  9. Totally agree, and I don't feel like it's an exaggeration, it's really not what it used to be. Revolution is one of my favorite rides at the park, and with the condition it's in now with how hard the shoulder restraints are, I just skip it. I'm gonna have to disagree. Tatsu's the newest ride in the park, it'd be busy whether or not the entrance was in Rapids Camp Crossing or Samuari Summit. Which is why I thought it was odd they didn't put the entrance up on the hill. It would have brought a much needed crowd up on the mountain. Which might have been large enough to sustain a crowd for a restaurant. For X2 I'm guessing the fog will be at the bottom of the first drop (it's already below ground) and at the 2nd raven turn (also below ground). Where the fire will be is anyones guess, I'm really interested to see how they're going to pull it off. I am disappointed about the tunnels going away, especially with the possibility of having one at the turn before the lift.
  10. Wow what a coincidence. Way too many pictures for me to look through (sorry I can't sit here that long), but believe it or not, I got into Vegas Friday night too. Was at NYNY Saturday morning (I too rode the Excalibur to Mandalay Bay tram), and went to the X concert at Mandalay Bay at the House of Blues Saturday night. Played quarter slots and blackjack all night long at Mandalay (because you get free drinks the entire time!!! F*** YEAH!!!) Got home Sunday evening after a stop at state line and my first ever ride on Desperado. It was also my first trip to Vegas since I turned 21. Twas a bee-yoo-tih-full weekend, wasn't even hot until Sunday. I just think it's funny how I was there at the same time, at almost the exact same places, on the exact same days. If I would have seen you and recognized you that would have been super trippy for me!
  11. ^The lower level was used in the earlier years of the park, but because it's open air, people these day's can't be trusted with the possibility of throwing change or other loose articles out of the grates. It's just like upstairs, except gutted down to the bare minimum. I really think it'd be a great idea to turn the Laughing Dragon restaurant into a sit down dining experience. It would be a great opportunity to "raise the bar" of quality and experience in the park to a level it has not been at in a long time. These types of things keeps guests in the park longer, and dining experiences can be memorable--what better place to create memories than an elegant dinner at Magic Mountain. Unfortunately, I think it's something beyond the ability of the park right now. There's a lot more that goes into a restaurant than meets the eye, not only to start, but to maintain. I think if the park wants to add another restaurant, it would be in their best interest to make it nicer than Mooseburger--quite simply, offering better food at higher prices. Again, for the park to maintain this on their own would require a substantial amount of effort and money, something I don't think the park is ready to undertake. But that doesn't mean they can't do it in years to come, and it certainly doesn't mean they can't let an already established restaurant enter the premises to provide their dining experiences alongside Magic Mountain. Something like Morton's is probably out of the question, but I think if the park decided they wanted to partake in such opportunity, it would be entirely possible and unprecedented at the same time. Magic Mountain's potential really is endless when it consistently runs like a well maintained machine (which it's doing right now). Which is why I love the park so much. It really is an amazing place.
  12. They should have a Hall of Fame wall to keep track of all the people that make 15 shots--because I bet it happens so rarely. That way in 10 years if the person comes back, their name will still be up there and they can show it off to all their friends.
  13. ^^^As I clearly stated in my post, there are vegetarian style meals at Mooseburger Lodge in High Sierra Territory. Along with pretzels, cheese pizzas, fruit and various other "non-meat" choices at several locations around the park. Where in my post did I say I had anything against people's religious beliefs or people's need to be vegetarians? The "personal problem" I was referring to included those too picky to want to eat the veggie burger at Mooseburger, and not being satisfied with what the park already offered. Wow, I don't think they've ever done that for any coaster EVER. I wonder how long it will be till everyone on here's complaining about it...
  14. I don't think I'd ever buy stock with Six Flags. If I remember correctly it used to be up in the $12-16 range, back around in 2003. I remember watching the price because I picked it in history class, and it was always dropping. I actually don't think it's ever gone up, maybe a quarter or something... And how much debt they're in right now, it probably won't for a while. Sorry Vegetarians, you choose your diet, not Six Flags. Although it'd be great if they offered them (which they already do at Mooseburger and those just aren't good enough for you)(and even though it might be relatively easy to get some in the park at the JR, its just another pain in the ass thing for them to have to worry about) to me it sounds like a personal problem.
  15. Tatsu. Thanks so much for the photo TR and the information regarding this ride. I was very anxious to see how the theming and ride would end up, and I have to say I'm pretty impressed.
  16. ^Looks to me like the lift started, perhaps, by someone down at the station, most likely restarting the ride, who neglected to remember the train was being evacuated. You can see there's a bunch of cars still on the lift, and the front train is just barely over the top of the hill. So I don't think a weight change would cause the train to move as much as it did. As far as lap bars and restraints being sufficient (?) enough for riders, if you read through the history of all coasters and their accidents, most are caused by riders not fitting or not being restrained properly. None of them say "the lap bar gave out and the guy flew out of the seat." Mostly because that never happens. Restraints and seats are designed with the human body in mind. When positioned in certain scenarios, it's impossible for your body to slip out of of restraints (unless limbs start ripping from joints). But I understand the reason for concern. This weekend I rode Desperado for the first time and when I lowered the restraint, the lap bar sat halfway between my waist and knee. I sat there for 10 seconds looking at it thinking "That doesn't look right," because I'm so used to having the bar sit right on my lap.
  17. Wow. You'd think after working on a ride for 10 years, if the cables don't seem to have any wear and tear, it just might be a good idea to replace them anyway...just in case. However, I think the ride should be designed to avoid any "cable entanglements" with riders just as a precaution in case they do snap. Sounds like maybe Intamin didn't take that into consideration...
  18. The flats that were removed from the park were old, and last but not least, kinda dumpy as well. Prior management let some of the rides rot away to conditions which were more costly than the rides themselves to maintain. So, to side with the park in this case, considering their new "quality park" mentality: Dumpy ride + high cost margin + the parks new and improved attitude of decreasing the amount of SBNO rides in the park = Removal of said ride To add, since I've been going to the park for 15 years, Its rare to see more than 15 minute waits for anything besides coasters and food. Flats just aren't a crowd puller at MM. Although some of the best times I've had at Magic Mountain were night rides on the Sandblasters...
  19. I don't understand how people can be explained to by the very man himself about the reason behind the lockers, and yet still people want to complain and argue. Then Tim's nice enough to post a testing X video (which he didn't have to do) and all everyone does on here is crap all over it. Its nothing "official" it was obviously made to satisfy those who are interested, not the GP. I'd rather have 5-7 minutes of unedited, uncut footage than 2 minutes of cut up footage where you can't see what's going on. As far as I know that's the best quality testing footage to date. The dude is aware of the problems that have been brought up in this thread because he clearly stated that he read and understood them in his last post. When some of you don't seemed to be satisfied by that and still want to complain well, you're just never going to be happy. And it puts a bad taste in Tim's mouth, it doesn't come off respectful or professional at all. As far as I'm concerned he's doing the best he can to keep the GP and a lot of you on here happy, and you still want to complain. And all that does is send a message to Tim that "Hey, these dumb kids are just always going to be complaining no matter what, maybe I'll just stop putting so much weight on their opinions." I leave a post how I think it's important that X2 opens with 3 trains because it would show the GP how much better the ride is than it used to be, and I get slammed because "I want the park to fail." MM wants to chage a buck to use a locker and the arguing goes on for over 10 pages. Some of you need to get your priorities straight. You're making the rest of us who want to use constructive criticism look bad because you can't get over the fact that you're cheap.
  20. I think the fault is going to be both the park and Intamin. If something wasn't getting checked, that's maintenance -- SF's problem. Wires snapping due to poor wear and tear sounds like a manufacturer's problem as well. Like this accident could have been prevented if either one of them had double safety checked something as vital as cables snapping, and its unfortunate both seem to have gotten caught with their pants down. Man, Intamin can't get a break.
  21. Shockwave: Very nice update! Thanks for the photos, especially those Shockwave zero-g roll ones. I'm probably alone on this one but the Thomas Town theming just doesn't cut it for me. White plastic fences in a theme park? I don't get it. But I do like the idea of a swinging ship over water. Never seen that before.
  22. ^That's such a bad capacity. Its really a miracle MM got it up and running enough so that the higher ups at the park didn't want it gone. When they were taking them out at the other parks, I really thought it might be a goner. Does anyone know if the parts for Riddlers have arrived?
  23. Awesome video, love how the music coincides with the footage of the rides so well. Looks like you guys had a blast. I dig the song too...just wish DeLonge wasn't such a wienie!
  24. I've got little sympathy when it comes to the complaint about the lockers. I haven't used lockers at an amusement park in years, because I don't bring in more than I can carry on the rides. If its hot out I don't wear a jacket, and when the evening rolls in and it gets cold I make a trip out to the car so I don't have to pay to have it held. A well planned day and a trip or two to the car can really save you a couple bucks if you're really on a budget. However, even if it came down to a situation where I needed one, $1 for a locker is not an unfair price. It costs money to maintain lockers (like Jahan said there's employees specifically for the lockers in case there are problems), and you really can't expect them to hold your stuff for free. If a family is already spending money to get in and buy food, another $5 for using lockers (when chances are someone in the family isn't going to ride and could hold the things anyway) isn't a make or brake deal on the trip. Hell, a funnel cake costs $6.75 without topping! So I guess what I'm saying is be glad you have a place to keep your valuables safe for a buck, and be glad they aren't charging you 2 or 3 dollars, which is what they could charge if they really wanted to (Which is what I would do if I were Tim just to see the uproar on these boards).
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