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  1. Ever wanted Intamin's full product line in your RCT3? Well, the wait is over! Welcome to the Intamin Super Pack! This is a large CTR pack, consisting of every Intamin creation known to man, yes, EVERY Intamin creation! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RELEASES: Blitz: http://www.mediafire.com/?8wp3x1xbidlhv1d This release includes both the generic Blitz, Blitz with nose holes (Stormrunner), iSpeed, and Speed Monster! Double Coaster: http://www.mediafire.com/?6wt6eqrmxv5mtyl The super rare Double Coaster. Only 1 was built, but never operated. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WIPs: Spinner: The super insane Spinner! As seen at Bakken. Giga: Mega: Vertical Lift Blitz: Invert: Kingda Ka: Aquatrax: Cheetah Hunt: Yes, I know Cheetah Hunt doesn't have eyes. The one shown is a request for someone. But it does use the same nose model! And yes, we have even more soon!
  2. Hmmm. This looks really interesting! I just might have to go to this one!
  3. Hello recruits, and welcome to the 2nd Annual Space Race! Sponsored by Space-X, Leading Shuttle Manufacturer. I'm Captain Lennard K. Stuggen, and i'll be your captain for this evening. And you, yes, YOU have been chosen to pilot your very own space craft in this grand race thru space! But before we begin, why don't we introduce you to your space craft? Behold, the X-803. This baby is equipped with everything you need to win this race. From GPS, to hyperdrive, to cup holders. She's got everything you need to jet into victory dock! Now, the station is kinda a hassle to get to. You have to go thru the space station's garbage hold. This can be dangerous. But stay calm, and stay away from any machinery, this includes the Dicer. God please stay away from that! Oh, and stay off the maglev's track! Next up. I'll give you guys a little tour of the docking port, where you'll board your craft. Reguards, K. Stuggen
  4. Ooh, look at those curves! She's a beaut! I really can't wait to ride it!
  5. Ooh! Looks awesome! Can't wait to see this thing in action!
  6. I've been thru alot of ride breakdowns (probably because alot are Disney related! ) 1st: I was on Space Mountain (Disneyland ) and we just started going up the 1st lift, and after a 2 hour wait in literal 120 degree heat, we stop, and the lights come on! And after a 45 minute wait in the train, we start moving again, but with the lights on! Man it ruined the magic. 2nd: This one isn't really Disney related. My dad and I (I was about 9-10ish) went on Journey To Atlantis at SWO. Everything seemed to be working fine at that moment. We got on the boat, and started traveling up the lift as normal. But right after we left the station, we heard a really loud and high pitch squealing sound from under the car. We just ignored it at first as the boat's wheels get fully sumerged under the water on some parts, so it was most likely rusty. But about half way up the lift we heard a loud snap and the whole boat shook, and at the same time the squeak stopped. Shortly after that we stopped traveling up the lift, and we saw an operator coming up the lift, with alot of people looking at our boat. We had no idea what to expect! After the operator manually opened the restraints, he told up to look down at the ground under the catwalk, he said "see that little dot down there? That's one of the wheels to you guy's boat!". By the looks of it, one of the bolts or something got so rusty that it snapped off! At least we think. IDK if the boat would run with minus one wheel, but I didn't want to find out! That's all I could remember for now lol.
  7. Thanks! Thanks! And I don't take requests right now. www.mediafire.com/?69t79afwvnpcu8f I forgot to show my 1st Generation Intamin Looper cars! ^ Thurz the download! And some pics: Oh, and I released B&M 2 Seat Loopers also! www.mediafire.com/?ivrurj4ckuz24a1 Da download! And some pics: There is also a generic, plain, recolorable one also (no pic of it). Enjoy!
  8. This one is awesome, being my school's DJ of course.
  9. Hum. If you're referring to that pesky ds.store file, delete it. It means nothing to you PC people. If that's not the case, can you tell me where MACOSX is comin from?
  10. Thanks! And I know what Cyclone and Colossus are, believe me, SFMM is my favorite park and I live 2 hours from it. Hmmm, my beta testers nor anyone else is having that problem. Are you SURE the contents of the cars folder are going to the cars/trackedridecars? And tracks to tracks/trackedrides? And thanks! With a couple of smoothening problems, in-game.
  11. That's alright. Well, no one cared about the Airshow? Well, here's my next CTR: The Pepsi Max Big One at Pleasure Beach. More comin soon!
  12. Haha thanks! Oh. And it's at Vekoma's test ground. I don't take requests. aaaaaaaand: RELEASE!!!! Right here! Enjoy!
  13. That was a little while ago. A couple of my faves.
  14. It's actually a real train. Some Vekoma fan boy you are lol. Spam? And thanks. I just gotta fix some stupid problem with the bahndaten, and make a custom icon. Should be 2 weeks max. Thanks! And no, there isn't a way to use the same tools. RCT2 and RCT3 use completely different running styles.
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