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  1. Thanks! Haha thanks! And it's comin soon. Yes, the Vekoma Big Air test train. Haha yep! It'll ride the Vekoma/Arrows track. And the car free spins around as it rolls. And thanks! Kinda!? Haha IJK. After countless, strange errors, in-game.
  2. Hey Guys! I'm a RCT3 designer. I make alot of CS and CTRs. I've released quite a few. My first released CTR is called the Rocket Rider. It's a rocket powered roller coaster! And heres the download linky: http://www.mediafire.com/?juiugzanqzj And I also made the rare Intamin Space Diver! www.mediafire.com/?d484tz9hzkkcc44 And hers a pic: I also released the Magnum XL-200 trains from Cedar Point! And the linky! And I just released custom cable lifts for the Giga Coaster that look like Intimidator 305's. Heres the download link! And a pic! And a vid of them in action: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYPPWcQxCCk ANd my current WIP is a airplane themed Vekoma Big Air I like to call "Airshow" Here's a pic of it: More comin soon on the Airshow!
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