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  1. "Osprey isn't your everyday coaster..." IDK which one I like better.
  2. Manta maybe, but I don't think it beats Tatsu imo. This is still a incredible coaster. Get's kinda close to that water no?
  3. An update... A little teaser! LSMs. Very nice. A little bit of coaster porn for ya. The storage crap. Enjoy!
  4. Yup Yup: MOD EDIT: As you're under the 50 post rule the link has been pulled. I'll get a thread here too. Please do.
  5. Nope, it was closed due to a really interesting war in-between Brandon and I that was resolved. I did, and released them! I should get a thread here huh? OK thanks. I'll get on that. I see Photobucket's being a bitch right now. And thank you very much!
  6. Thanks! And my Mediafire is giving crap right now. I shall upload them to the Game Exchange very soon. Infact, doing it now! We don't need pics of the Invert trains sadly. But thanks anyways!
  7. Thanks! And those arn't modeled yet. And they will be released in the product type. Like, The 1st gen, 2nd gen, Mane Cart, and Screamin are Loopers, so they will be together. Etc, etc... And remember guys!!:
  8. That little hill in the 5th pic is a really good sign of airtime!
  9. Now this seems fun! I have got to go to this! Plus i've never been to any other parks other than SFMM, DL, and Knotts, so this should be really exiting for me!
  10. Thanks Garrett! I don't think us on TPR want any affelience with Atari. Please ask there.
  11. We are actually doing both. I forgot a couple to add to the list. And yes, the S:EFK will be only on the Reverse Free-Fall. That would be an 1st Gen Looper, also one I forgot to add. And thanks! Thanks man! Too bad! Thanks! And check RCDB. And yes, we will do those eventually! Google Sketchup Me neither! Fixed the KdK nose. Better? And there's a way too help us get these done faster! One word: pictures! If any of you guys have good "nerd shots" of any of these trains, please share them! And this is the official list: Looper: Woodie: Aquatrax: Swiss Bob: , Kiddie Coaster: Giga: , California Screamin: Cheetah Hunt: Pre-Fab: Vertical Lift: Space Diver: Formula Rossa: Family Launch Coaster: Zac Spin: Jet Rescue: Kingda Ka: Mine Train Coaster: Accelerator (OTSR, Lap Bar): Twist & Turn Coaster: Skull Mountain: S:EFK (forwards & backwards): Tot (1&2): Spinner: Invert: Stand-Up: Mega (regular, soundtracker): 1st Gen Looper: Euro Star (no pics) Spiral Coaster (no pics) RC Racer: Mine Cart Looper: Family Coaster: Gyro Tower Gyro Drop PeopleMover P6 PeopleMover P8 PeopleMover P30 Mountain Monorail Shoot the Rapids:
  12. Thanks guys! Lol yea, I really am not liking the texture. I'm really not good at textures AT ALL! Hopfully the texture will be replaced. And a bonus nerd shot! More soon! p.s: The Kingda Ka CTR is done, but will not be released until we're done doing something else that will be released with it! Rct3Lover, don't tell anyone.
  13. I actually make LSMs a long time ago. I'll get a thread going here on TPR too I guess. Anyways, what do we have planned you ask?
  14. Thanks guys! Clearly not done yet. Still needs body textures. Still needs a ton more work. See ya in the next update!
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