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  1. I'm going there today, mainly for Food and Wine. I imagine it'll be nuts (Colonial Williamsburg was fairly busy this week, too). A little warmer here today, but still chilly.
  2. Yep--it's the same at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, but the walk-through temperature check and the entrance lines move quickly. Looks like Magic Mountain is off to a good start.
  3. I'm looking forward to that outward banked curve and the bit where it heads toward the Rhine River.
  4. Nice timing (I'm a local, and I've yet to see Pantheon testing). I agree that the outward banked turn looks amazing., and I love the color they chose for the track.
  5. Plaza Azteca is your best bet for Mexican food. Pierce's Pitt Bar-B-Que is a local institution if you like a good pulled-pork sammich and hush puppies. For Italian, Guiseppe's (on Olde Towne Road) or the Tuscany Ristorante (Olde Towne Chopping Center on Longhill) are good choices, as is Maurizio's (on Rt. 60 not far from BGW). La Piazza in Merchants Square in new, and I did a have nice lunch there a few weeks ago. You also can't go wrong with the Dog Street Pub (Merchant's Square). If you want a nice, big breakfast, try Shorty's Diner on Rt. 143 or the Five Forks Cafe on Rt. 5.
  6. They also mention Slinky Dog Dash, along with Tron Lightcycle Run--so, possibly two coasters.
  7. I like this park a lot. It's hard to beat a lineup that has New Texas Giant, Shockwave, and Mr. Freeze.
  8. I agree that the new trains and restraints are an improvement and make Boomerangs more rideable.
  9. This is great news! I'm hoping to meet my family there this fall, so I hope the "California residents" only requirement will be lifted by then.
  10. ^Same--I enjoy reading about funky parks I've never heard of before.
  11. The loops of the Texas Tornado do, indeed, look a bit "off." But Hopkins's rides always look odd to me.
  12. Happy St. Patrick's Day from Busch Gardens Begorrah! It's almost St. Paddy's Day and the wee folk be on the loose at Busch Gardens, looking for their Lucky Charms, drinking green beer, and scarfing down corned beef. Wait--that's just the guests at another BGW special limited-attendance event, although you might spy a few leprechauns if you look carefully. This marks the first time that the entire park has been open since. well, 2019. That's not to say that everything's running. The water rides remain closed, but you can ride all the coasters, except for Loch Ness Monster and Tempesto. My understanding was that Alpengiest was to be closed, too, but it was running last Saturday with both trains. No Skyway or Rhine River Cruise, though. The Smokehouse is still closed, but the Brauhaus in the Festhaus is back in business--yay for beer and German meatballs! If you want green beer, corned beef and cabbage, and bangers and colcannon, Grogan's is the place to go. But if you want your photo with Clancy the Leprechaun, you'll have to walk to France. It looks the park has been doing some work on Pantheon. One train (covered with a tarp) was on the track, and the other was in the barn. I haven't heard whether they've done any testing, but there's been some more painting and other "finish" work on the station and queue since last October. It's projected to open this year. For now, we'll have to content ourselves with views from the Apollo's Chariot lift hill, Verbolten's covered bridge, the top of Griffon, and the train. Let's look for leprechauns and beer, shall we? I think Bill and Brit are around here somewhere, too. You just might see a few of the photos they tagged me in on Facebook here. Welcome to Busch Gardens . . . who the hell is that looking over my shoulder? Everything is green from Big Ben . . . . . . to the traditional tree balls of Italy. Pantheon sees you shiver with an . . . . . . tici . . . . . . pation. But Apollo’s Chariot is open. Let’s start there. Sheesh! They’ll let anyone in here. “Aye, they will, me bucko!” N-o-o-o-o-o-o-o . . . A leprechaun in lederhosen? Has the world gone stark raving mad? Look at all these hopeless drunks lining up for beer before noon! Well, when in the Festhaus . . . What excites Bill almost as much at the Brauhaus being open again? Good guess. Here’s a good spot if you want to see a bit more of . . . . . . Pantheon. Sigh! Opening this year, I hope. This ride has some crazy airtime potential. Meanwhile, back at St. Paddy’s Day Central HQ . . . That’s the biggest freakin’ leprechaun I’ve ever seen. If you’re in Ireland, you must have either green Bud Light or Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale with bangers and colcannon. It’s the law (at least until March 17). “When Irish wolves are smiling, they’re about to eat your leg.” With colcannon, no doubt. “I’ll swallow your soul, begorrah!" All in all, a very nice day with great company at Busch Gardens--just watch out for soul-sucking leprechauns.
  13. I think it is already. Thanks for the photos, Adam. The ride and the rockwork look great.
  14. I'm hoping that we can finally make good on Mom's 2019 Christmas present by sometime this fall--we were planning to take her to Disneyland last year.
  15. Hello. We have a thread for this pinned at the top of the Random forum: So, post your greetings there.
  16. I think I'll have me some of them meatballs and cheesecake. Well, maybe some Boysenberry carne asada pizza, too, Oh, hell, just bring it all on!
  17. Halloween Horror Nights Are Back for Their 30th Anniversary And Beetlejuice is getting his own house! Click here for more details.
  18. I'm looking forward to the "Classic Monsters" stuff. At least I think that was part of their plan. It's been so long . . .
  19. For me, I guess its Eagle Fortress at Everland in South Korea. It was, by all accounts, the best of the Arrow suspended coasters and completely insane.
  20. I'm all for a snack-sized Monte Cristo as the full-sized sandwich knocks me out.
  21. Well, it was one of the few new coasters you could ride last year.
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