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  1. After Busch Gardens, the whole TPR group enjoyed a great BBQ at the houses. Robb thanks for cooking all the burgers, they were yummy! Thanks to Robb and Elissa for organizing another great trip. The next day we had fun day at Disney's Animal Kingdom and Epcot. It was great to see some old friends and meet some new ones, thanks to everyone for making the Orlando October trip so much fun! Onto the pics! I leave you with one the only photo I took at Epcot later in the day. Chuck, this has got to be one of the creepest pictures, but I love it! Next up Kevin & I attend The Florida Aquarium's "Naughi Night" Halloween Party. Stay Tuned! TPR takeover! No visit to Disney's Animal Kingdom is complete without a ride on Dinosaur! Rich, Melanie and Cameron are ready to ride Everest! The next day we got woken up with a ride on Everest at Animal Kingdom. The TPR BBQ was a lot of fun! Thanks again to Robb and Elissa for throwing it. (Thanks Em for the pix). Cameron, Coilin, Melanie, Kevin and I relaxing in the jacuzzi. (Thanks Em for the pix). It was a fun night! Emily, Renee, Matt and I enjoy a few beverages and a fun time in one of the pools. Catching up with Reed and Stacy. The lovely Emily in a "Eric(k) Johnson" sandwich. Love the "Vixen" face, that's what you called it Emily right!
  2. I love Hurley! He said exactly what I was thinking. Love the Back To The Future reference. Every week I love this show more! Just think, hopefully this time next year we should have a lot of answers and everything should be coming together.
  3. ^I feel the same way Matt. I like BGA because it has something for everyone: world class thrill rides, shows, is one of the top zoos in the country, beautiful landscaping, etc... There is something for every member of the family.
  4. On Saturday, I joined up with group with their stop at my home park, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay/Africa. We had a really nice easy morning and afternoon. Kevin joined us around lunch time and got to experience Jungala for the first time. It was a great day. Onto the photos! Thanks guys for a great and fun day, you all rock! Up next, the TPR BBQ and Disney, stay tuned! What's wrong? A little wet? You guys are not going to stay dry for long! TPR takeover on The Congo River Rapids. More TPR'ers. Kumba is always a crowd favorite. Kevin does his part to help save wildlife on the Living Wall. Renee meets a few new friends. Jungala is a really cool addition to the park. Kevin has found Jungala. Chuck was our fearless co-pilot during our off-road adventure. TPR takeover of Rhino Rally! Kevin's best imitation of a tiger, kind of scary.
  5. The next day I joined up with the group at Islands of Adventure. After almost 10 years of visiting IOA, I finally got a new credit, the Pteranodon Flyers. Of course the main highlight was a special behind the scenes tour of 2 of the haunted houses from Halloween Horror Nights with one of the creators of HHN. Since I visited HHN a few weeks earlier, this was a real treat to see the mazes with a new perspective. Thanks again to Robb and Elissa for organizing this great tour! After the tour a group of us had a nice relaxing lunch and some yummy drinks at Margaritaville. Unfortunatly, after lunch I had head home to attend a weeding on St. Pete Beach. But I got to meet up with everyone the next day at Busch Gardens. Cheers! Next up the last part of the TPR October Orlando trip: Busch Gardens, The TPR BBQ & Disney. Stay tuned! A little bit less disturbing than the last picture, our fun lunch group. Just chillin'. And I forgot to mention this house was kind of gory! This maze was full of lots of happy people, just hanging out. When I visited the event a few weeks before, this was one of the scariest rooms in any of the mazes! During the event, many live actors would be mixed in with fake ones causing some good scares. I think Guy was diggin' this house. Creepy. Matt don't touch the random body parts! Imagine meeting this figure in very dim lighting! One of the not so real collectors that waits for guests in the maze. The Bone Collectors had a lot of details. Our awesome guide and one of the creators of HHNs gave us a behind the scenes of 2 of the fantastic HHN's mazes. With Melanie on the Caro-seuss-el. After climbing around, Mel found a new friend. Mel, Rich and Renee explore the obstacles in Camp Jurassic.
  6. ^^&^ Thanks Divv and Lou! It was great to met you Divv and to see you again Lou! The Magic Kingdom does rock! Hopefully you both will be able to someday come back out again during all the Halloween festivities.
  7. Saw Kathy Griffin last Sat. night. After a crazy week at work I needed a few laughs. It was a fun show!
  8. Thanks Cameron for keeping us updated. Looks like you guys are having an awesome time! Brings back a lot of memories from last year. Hopefully I'll get out there next year. Have fun tonight! Eric "Extremely jealous-wish I could be there" Johnson
  9. ^ I actually went to that concert in Tampa last Sunday. The show was pretty much what we expected, a spectacle. Lots of effects, hot dancers, agazillion costume changes and lots of lipsyncing. We figured she would lipsync a lot but not the entire show! Even during the ballad 'Everytime" she lipsynced! The show had almost too much going on where Brittany almost got lost among the spectacle. Your attention was not always on her. She didn't dance as much as we thought she would, she did more strutting accross the stages than dancing. Oh well it still was entertaining. The 20,000 packed arena seemed to love the show. At least the Pussycat Dolls, the opening act, sang the whole time.
  10. I've been behind on getting online. I recieved my bag of crap from the caption contest last week - it is awesome! Thanks so much!
  11. Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at The Magic Kingdom I headed up to Orlando after work to meet up with the TPR crew at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at The Magic Kingdom. This was the first of a bunch events that weekend that I got reconnect with old TPR friends and new ones. As always MNSSHP is awesome. Special thanks to Reed and Stacy for giving us the special ride on Haunted Mansion and leading us around to all the great Halloween treats throughout the park! Because I got to the park kind of late I only took a few pics. If you want to check more pictures of the event, you can check a bunch I took a few years ago here. Otherwise here are a few I took from 2008's. Enjoy! Our group for the night was a lot of fun to hang out with. Thanks guys! Next up - our day at Islands of Adventure. Stay tuned! Met up with some old and new friends for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I love the creepy theming of the train station. The spooky decorated entrance to The Magic Kingdom sets the mood for the night. I'm here! Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is a must for Halloween fans!
  12. The Wrestler: A- Great acting jobs to the main 3 actors. It's a toss up for me for best actor, Sean Penn or Mickey Rourke. Rourke was perfect for the part. Marisa Tomei was good as always and is in amazing shape! The movie was kind of graphic, but then again it is about wrestling! Highly recommend it.
  13. Grace Is Gone: A- I'll be honest, I initially watched this movie because I knew the movie featured Cypress Gardens. This movie turned out to be a very touching and moving movie. John Cusack and the little girls that played his daughters were all excellent. The movie is about a father that has to figure out a way to tell his daughters that their mother was killed in combat in Iraq. So he takes them on a road trip to go to an amusement park called Enchanted Gardens (Cypress). If you want to watch an unexpected gem of an indi movie, then check out Grace is Gone.
  14. ^ Thanks! I saw that too that Buffy beat Friends on AOL or CNN. It totally deserves to be in the top 5 best shows of the 90's! If you ever can, DisneySEA is a must for any theme park junkie, it is truly amazing and gorgeous! If I can save up my pennies, I would make that crazy long-ass flight again just to go back to Tokyo Disney for a long weekend. Too bad I'm not made of money, but hopefully someday.
  15. Glad you liked the Confessions shirt. Between M and you knowing about the Buffy "Gentlemen" Hush episode, I think we are long lost soul mates!
  16. Thanks, and yeah for liking Buffy - you rock! I thought those guys were the super creepy Gentlemen from "Hush", but I have been told they are not them. By the way, along with the episode, "Once More With Feeling", "Hush" is one of my all time favorite Buffy episodes!
  17. ^ Thanks Andrew. I'm so jealous that you got to go again! Scary Tales was pretty awesome. It's weird I felt the best houses were in the portable tents. Usually the best ones are always in the sound stages. Glad you had a good time. Can't wait for this year's event!
  18. So my final thoughts of 2008’s HHN, it is in my top 5 HHN’s. Great job to the whole design team and all the scare actors. You guys for me, breathed new life into a great event. Special thanks to Erik and Andrew, you guys were great hanging out with. Below is a ranking of the event's attractions. And also added 2008's event into my rankings of all the events I have been to. Scare Zones: The Path of The Wicked: A American Gothic: A Streets of Blood: B Asylum In Wonderland: B The Skoolhouse: A Fractured Tales: A Haunted Houses: Dead Exposure: A The Hallow: A Scary Tales: Once Upon A Nightmare: A Body Collectors: B Interstellar Terror: B Reflections of Fear: B- Creatures: C Doomsday: C- Shows: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure: B The Rocky Horror Picture Show Tribute: A My ranking of the events I have been to: 1. HHN IV (1994) 2. HHN 13: The Director Will See You (2003) 3. HHN: Reflections of Fear (2008) 4. HHN V: The Curse of the Crypt Keeper (1995) 5. HHN VII: Frightmares (1997) 6. HHN: Islands of Fear (2002) 7. HHN: Sweet 16 Horror Comes Home (2006) 8. HHN VI: Journey Into Fear (1996) 9. HHN: Tales of Terror (2005) 10. HHN VIII: Primal Scream (1998) 11. HHN IX: Last Gasp (1999) 12. HHN X: You Don’t Know Jack (2000) 13. HHN: What’s Your Breaking Point? (2004) 14. HHN: Carnival of Carnage (2007) Next up: Orlando fun with TPR Orlando trip group. Stay tuned.
  19. ^Thanks! Halloween Horror Nights 18: Reflections of Fear After a fun day at Wet n’ Wild, Erik, Andrew and myself hit Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights. I consider myself a Halloween Horror Nights veteran. Since the first event I attended in 1994, I have experienced every Halloween Horror Nights since then with the exception of 2001. So this year was my 14th year attending. The first year I attended will always hold a special place in my heart. Experiencing my first HHN house, the Psycho Path Maze, built behind the then-Bates Motel and Psycho House sets was awesome. Over the years the events start to blur into each other. There are always highlights: like one of the event’s earlier houses, Thc Dungeon of Terror. At the end of this house you had to find the right stone to get out of a room that’s walls were closing in! The awesome flying jack-o-lantern room and amazing recreation of some classic horror movies in the All-Nite Die Inn House still amazes me. The first time ever seeing the bungie-flying vampire effect in Castle Vampre was awesome! And finally watching Bill Clinton, Monica and the rest of that political scandal’s players dance in a big production of “You’re The One That I Want” from Grease during the final of Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure. Those were the days. 2007’s event, Carnival of Carnage was the first year where I actually felt underwelmed. I had a good time, but that year’s event lacked a lot of atmosfear. The event lacked scare zones and heavily depended on your knowledge of the movies that were featured in all the houses. So last October going to the event I didn’t hold high expectations. Well I was wrong! It all started with the advertising campaign and it rocked! From radio, T.V. and the web, the whole “Bloody Mary” campaign was very effective in getting people’s interest and scaring the crap out of some of them! I felt this year’s event was very immersive. The event was set up so every guest had to go through at least 2-3 scare zones to get anywhere in the park. The details of the themes, costumes and make-up were top notch! The flying monkeys in the twisted Wizard of Oz themed, “The Path of the Wicked” scare zone was a great effect. The costumes and make-up in the “American Gothic” scare zone made you look twice. The ambieance of 400 jack-o-lanterns that hung from the trees in The “Skoolhouse” scare zone was awesome. What can I say about the houses, this was the first year that I felt that almost every house was truly awesome. With the exception of Doomsday, which I think if I had seen the movie I would of liked it better. The artistic direction and details in all the houses were amazing. Loved the "Dead Exposure" house, had a great disorienting effect that didn’t blind you like a typical strobe light. "The Hallow" felt and smelled like you were underground in the dirt! There were some very cool special effects in the "Interstellar Terror" house that were very effective. For the shows, we saw both Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure and The Rocky Horror Picture Show Tribute. Bill and Ted was fun as always, but I know what I'm about to say is going to irritate some, I actually liked the Rocky Horror Show better this year. This was the first time ever seeing the Rocky Horror Show. I’ve seen the movie a couple of times but never been a die-hard fan. This show was so much fun! The cast sounded awesome and crowd really got into it. And to be honest it was A LOT more raunchier than I thought it would be, which made it even better! So with out any more delay here are a few photos for our visit. Enjoy! Thanks Mary for scaring the crap out of us! Two thumbs up to this years event from both the Eric(k) Johnsons. The Wicked Witch wished us all a life full of misery. She is so sweet! One of the "Gentlemen", I mean Body Collectors roaming the "Streets of Blood" scare zone. If they have this show next year, be sure to check it out, it quite entertaining. The awesome cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show Tribute. Bloody Mary's drink prices. Got to take a night photo of the Simpson's Ride! An element of "The Skoolhouse" scare zone. Erik and Andrew with a new friend. Major scare for me, not expecting it! She doesn't seem very nice. "Fractured Tales" scare zone was another well executed area. Cool prop in the "Streets of Blood" scare zone. Queen of Hearts looks pissed. So while I was taking a picture, this thing jumped in my face and scared the crap out of me! The Mad Hatter from the "Asylum in Wonderland" scare zone. Now imagine this creature blending in at night with cool lighting. I see you pumpkin man. Yeah, very cool effect. The entrance to "The American Gothic" scare zone. A hot, I mean scary lion man. =p One of the witch's minions. The Wicked Witch tormented guests as they entered the "The Path of the Wicked" scare zone. Strange mirror people greated us once entering the park. The main entrance of the Studios was a decked out to "reflect" the whole Reflections of Fear theme with our host for the evening, Bloody Mary.
  20. The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons: B Interesting story to say the least. Overall a good movie, felt kind of long. Death Becomes Her: B- Just saw this for the first time. This was actually quite funny. Even though this is from the early 90’s, the special effects hold up pretty well. Tropic Thunder: A Funnisest movie I have seen all year! Just the beginning of the movie is worth the price alone. I’m now torn between Heath in The Dark Knight and Robert Downey Jr. for best supporting actor for this yearr’s Oscars. Slumdog Millionaire: A+ Brilliant movie. The acting, soundtrack, art direction and cinematography were all top notch. This is a move that will stay with you days after seeing it. House of Wax (1955): B An old 50’s horror classic starring Vincent Price. Brought back memories of watching “Creature Feature” on Saturday afternoons as a kid. Revolutionary Road: A- A peek into the lives of a 50’s suburban couple. Excellent performances by all the actors.
  21. ^ & ^^ Thanks guys! I thought the Mickey Mouse Revue was cool. I feel like it should be in all the Magic Kingdoms around the world, since it features most of all the original classic Disney characters. I guess the Mickey's Philharmagic 4D attraction is a good balance of some of the old characters mixed with the newer ones.
  22. Wet n' Wild Cont. I forgot about this last photo. The three of us on The Flyer. Next up our night at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando. Stay tuned!
  23. A couple of weeks after the Tokyo trip, I made a trip up to Orlando and joined up with Erik and Andrew (Swimace) for a fun day at Wet n' Wild Orlando and an awesome night at Halloween Horror Nights. First up: Wet n' Wild. Visiting in October is the best time to go - no lines! Even though the park is all concrete compared to some other water parks, Wet n' Wild has some of the coolest and best attractions found at any water park! Between Disco H2O, Brain Wash, The Black Hole and The Blast are just plain awesome! Onto the photos! Love the special effects inside Brain Wash, it's pretty trippy. The very cool Brain Wash. Looks like Erik and Andrew were all thumbs up for the Storm. I'm too chicken to ride this one. The intense Storm. The drop on Disco H2O is crazy! It's like the floor drops out from under your raft! Erik and Andrew before riding my favorite ride in the park, Disco H2O. Is this Spish or Splash? Returning from space, we made a splash landing. Andrew and Erik survive their trip through time and space. First ride of the day, the newly re-themed Black Hole: The Next Generation. The added effects and new loading area were good additions to a Wet n' Wild classic. Met up with Erik and Andrew for a fun day at the park.
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