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  1. Favorite Part Of The Trip: Connecting with some old friends and meeting some new ones, I now consider great friends! Tokyo was awesome, if you ever have the chance to go, GO! Now I have experienced 2 completely different TPR trips: the 2006 UK trip and this. It has reconfirmed that even if the trip size has 20 participants or 60 participants, you will have an amazing time and meet some really great people! A GIGANTIC world of thanks goes out to both Robb and Elissa for organizing this amazing trip. Thank you to them for constantly arranging our visits so we would have the best time. I know it must I have been hard with the weather constantly changing, but you guys made it awesome! All of your hard work is truly appreciated! It was great meeting all 15-20 of our trip participants. It was nice to meet each and everyone of you. All of your uniqueness and special stories you brought to the trip made my trip that much more memorable! Special thanks to my fellow Disney freaks and panthers: Dave Lawrence & Simon - I couldn't have asked for better Disney partners, you guys rock! Mike and Julie congrats on your wedding, you guys were a blast to hang out with! Martin, Cheryl and Lauren - you 3 were awesome! Thanks for all the laughs - (Lauren this is your stop!) Thanks to Dave Thomas and Ice Bat for being great roomates and putting up with my crazy snoring! Once again thanks Robb and Elissa for creating TPR, I've got to meet so many great people and made a ton of fantastic memories! That's it for my TPR 2008 Tokyo Trip. Next up: A day at Wet N' Wild Orlando and a creepy night at Halloween Horror Nights. Stay Tuned!
  2. I now present my personal top 5 favorites of the TPR 2008 Tokyo Trip Favorite Tokyo Theme Parks 1. Tokyo DisneySEA 2. Tokyo Disneyland 3. Cosmoworld 4. Hanayashiki 5. Nasu Highland Favorite Tokyo Coasters 1. Kawasemi at the Tobu Zoo 2. Eejanaika at FujiQ Highlands 3. Thunder Dolphin at LaQua 4. Spin Turn at Nasu Highlands 5. Cyclone at Toshimaen Favorite Tokyo Disney Resort Attractions 1. Pooh’s Honey Hunt at Tokyo Disneyland 2. Journey To The Center of the Earth at Tokyo DisneySEA 3. Tower of Terror at Tokyo DisneySEA 4. Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull at Tokyo DisneySEA 5. (Tie) Sinbad’s Storybook Musical Voyage at Tokyo DisneySEA (Tie) Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare at Tokyo Disneyland Favorite Old School Dark Rides/Walk Throughs 1. The Madhouse at Hanayashiki 2. The Mirror Maze at Toshimaen 3. The Haunted House Dark Ride at Cosmoworld 4. The Wacky Maze at Hanayashiki 5. Dark Castle at Nasu Highlands Favorite Theatrical/Sensory Show Experience 1. The Room of the Living Dolls at Joypolis 2. The Haunted Coffin Experience at FujiQ 3. Magic Lamp Theater at Tokyo DisneySEA 4. Mermaid Theater at Tokyo DisneySEA 5. The Mickey Mouse Revue at Tokyo Disneyland Attractions that Scared The Crap Out Of Me! 1. The Room of the Living Dolls at Joypolis 2. The Haunted Coffin Experience at FujiQ 3. The Log Flume at Cosmoworld 4. Big Boom at Nasu Highlands 5. Roller Coaster at Hanayashiki (Head Chopper Effect) Most Painful Coasters On The Trip 1. Spin Bullet at Joypolis 2. White Canyon at Yomiuriland 3. Vanish at Cosmoworld 4. Regina at Tobu Zoo 5. (Tie) Zola7 at FujiQ Highlands (Tie) Loop Screw at Seibuen Overall Favorite Attraction 1. Kawasemi at Tobu Zoo 2. Pooh’s Honey Hunt at Tokyo Disneyland 3. The Room of the Living Dolls at Joypolis 4. Eejanaika at FujiQ Highlands 5. Journey To The Center Of The Earth at Tokyo DisneySEA
  3. Final Night and Day In Tokyo. =( On our train to the Tokyo Narita International Airport. This is what trip participants look like after an amazing adventure filled TPR trip! Next up my final thoughts of the Tokyo Trip. Stay tuned! Hi Dave, we missed you in this store! Show us how it's done Lauren! They had everything, including these interesting computer mice. The electronics district went on forever! From city block after city block. One of the biggest department stores I have ever been in. After breakfast, all the groups started breaking apart to head to the airport. Martin, Cheryl, Lauren and I spent some time in the electronics district before our flight. On the day of flying home. My last look outside our hotel window. I will miss you city of crazy lights! With my lovely babe, Lauren. And he's all about the panthers too! Robb is such the ladies man! The boys hanging out. One of the busiest crosswalks in the world. Julie in the middle of the awesomeness that is Tokyo at night. It was a great dinner with great friends and good times! The Yakatori (sp?) bar was yumo! Our last meal. =( Meat on a stick time! Words can not describe the amazing lights and sensory overload of the city. The beginning of the end.
  4. Cosmoworld After The Tokyo Disney Resort and along with Hanayashiki, Cosmoworld was one of my favorite parks on the trip. Just the setting alone, along the waterfront surrounded by a million lights from the skyscrappers made this the coolest setting for any amusement park. The Ferris Wheel has to be one of the largest wheels anywhere! Cosmoworld is also home to some really neat and bizarre dark rides and walk throughs. The park also has one of the scariest log flume rides ever! Mike, Julie, Dave and myself loaded into a log and at first the ride was like any other flume. Then we went up the last lift, at the top, instead of leveling out and floating slowly around to the big drop, something else happened. We get to the top, and there is no water and we end up coasting through the slanted curved path, building up speed and than without stopping, we went right over the big drop. I really thought we were going to die! The park has a few credits including Vanish the steel coaster. The coaster looks cool but is a really rough ride, one of the worst of the entire trip! Mike, Dave, Julie, Lauren and I ended the night at the appropriately named bar, "American Bar" for a few drinks." We had a great time! When visiting Tokyo, Cosmoworld is a must visit, especially at night! Onto the photos! We had a great time! Next up our last night in Tokyo. =( Stay tuned! Lauren, Julie, Mike, Dave and I ended the night at the bar. One of my favorite photos I took on the trip. It sums up Cosmoworld perfectly, lots of pretty lights! The other side of Cosmoworld. The cool looking but extremely rough coaster, Vanish and the scary log flume! I think Kristen liked the shooting ride! Dave couldn't take the horror! Spooky. This was actually a really creepy haunted house dark ride. You rode in cage like cars and throughout the ride things would get really close to your enclosure. It was freaky! Dave and Lauren, like the rest of us, had no idea what was going on. But that was half the fun! You wore headphones that featured a narration of the ride in Japanese. And throughout the ride you used a remote control and answered questions about yourself. One of the weird random dark rides. This one was a fortune teller themed ride, I think? I love our group, I miss you all! Pretty lights! Our group had a fantastic time at Cosmoworld. A very cool looking building. In front of one of the largest ferris wheels ever! Isn't it a beautiful sight! We're here! I love this city! One of, if not the tallest buildings in Japan. Too cute! Kristen entertained us with her gymnastic skills! After Sea Paradise we took a few trains to Cosmoworld.
  5. ^Thanks Chuck! I didn't even realize we went to Tokyo Busch Gardens! Tonight's update: Sea Paradise We spent a nice afternoon at Sea Paradise. Sea Paradise is a marine theme park that is home to Blue Fall, an amazing and gigantic drop tower ride. And Surf Coaster, a fun long steel coaster built over water. Another highlight of our day at the park was a small Ice House attraction, which was a nice way to cool off from the hot and humid weather. Onto the photos! Sea Paradise is a nice park. Blue Fall and Surf Coaster are worth the tip out to the park. Next up: My final Tokyo Trip park, and one of my favorites, Cosmo World. Stay Tuned! Julie and Mike on the way out of the park. We saw this couple getting married on this boat near the park's shore. It was a awesome ride. It's kinda of big. The main reason to visit the park, Blue Fall. Sea Paradise is home to a good size aquarium and marine park. It was a really long ride. This coaster is awesome for mostly being built over water. A fun credit, Surf Coaster. After a few train transfers, we arrive at Sea Paradise.
  6. ^ Thanks. I know what you mean comparing DisneySEA to DCA. I have wished so many times that if WDW ever builds a 5th park, I hope it would be similar to DisneySEA. That would be a dream come true!
  7. Ok my camera really sucks at taking good pictures at night. So I have a treat for you. The next and final 4 photos from my time at DisneySEA were taken by Dave Lawrence (The Bat). He got some amazing photos throughout the day but even more great night shots. The next photos are from during Tokyo DisneySEA's amazing nighttime fireworks show, BraviSEAmo! Thank you so much again to Dave for giving me copies of these photos and letting me post them in my trip report. They are fantastic! Enjoy! Photographed and provided by Dave Lawrence (The Bat) - Thank You! That's it for the Tokyo Disney Resort. Next up Sea Paradise, stay tuned! Sweet love and all is now right with the world, at least at DisneySEA. Photographed and provided by Dave Lawrence (The Bat) - Thank You! Lucky for him, the beautiful water queen came by to cool him off. Photographed and provided by Dave Lawrence (The Bat) - Thank You! The Fire Dragon is all hot and cranky. Photographed and provided by Dave Lawrence (The Bat) - Thank You!
  8. ^ & ^^ Thanks Guys! ^ Martin! It's good to see another friend from the Tokyo Trip! Tokyo DisneySEA Part 7: Nightime at the SEAS I'll miss you Tokyo Tower. =( The Towers at night always looks awesome! Riding Aquatopia at night is a totally different experience than during the day. Indy at night. Raging Spirits rocks at night! If I ever get back here, I'll have to take a cruise on the gondolas. Back where we started, Mediterranean Harbor. More of the city. I love the city streets in the American Waterfront section of the park. Simon does a good job conducting the water fountain symphony. Dusk falls over the Tower of Terror and the rest of DisneySEA.
  9. Yay for Tokyo Trip Friends! Martin, the pics are great! It's good to see you, Cheryl & Leon! Congrats on moving to Holland, that's a big change! I'm so jealous of you guys going to Phantasialand, I must visit there someday, it looks awesome!
  10. Tokyo DisneySEA: Part 6 - The American Waterfront No matter how many times I see one of the Towers at the parks, you have to love the details! Next up, some final night pics from DisneySEA. Stay tuned! The ride itself is like France and California but the overall unique story makes up for it being awesome. This tower unlike the 3 other versions located around the world has a unique and awesome storyline including the addition of the very cool Shirikii, a mischievous little cursed idol. The Tower of Terror - the Japanese version! I love how the Tower of Terror looms over the rest of this area. The city section of The American Waterfront. Housed inside this ship was a full service restaurant and lounge. I have heard that the park will be adding Turtle Talk with Crush in the next year or so inside the ship. I really loved this entire area. The soundtrack that was being played and overcast sky in this area gave a sense of mystery and old school elegance. The large steam liner was very dramatic on the bay. With the sky overcast, it actually helped give the look of a cold & cloudy New England day. Too bad it was actually like 90 degrees with lots of humidity! Love it! Like this lamp post. The whole area was decorated nicely for Halloween and Fall. What's that off in the distance? A cruise liner? Everything looked like New England except maybe the volcano in the background. =p This area brought back memories of growing up in New England. Especially visits to Glouster, MA. After leaving Port Discovery, we stumbled upon this small New England town on Tokyo Bay, a part of the American Waterfront section of the park.
  11. ^ Thanks Erik! Tokyo DisneySEA: Part 5 - Port Discovery The electric street cars that take you over to the American Waterfront section of the park. And guess what - that's where we're going for the next update! Stay tuned! Port Discovery is like DisneySEA's Tomorrowland. Another angle of one of the 2 sides of Aquatopia. Everytime we rode this I couldn't help not laughing. It is just a random and fun ride! The bizarre but awesome Aquatopia! This ended up being one of the longest lines we waited for any attraction at DisneySEA. The entrance to the Storm Rider simulator attraction. Can you find the hidden Mickey?
  12. Tokyo DisneySEA: Part 4 - The Lost River Delta Housed inside this temple is one of my favorite Disney attractions, Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull. That's it for the Lost River Delta section. Coming up next, Port Discovery! Stay Tuned! What do I see off in the distance? Its The Indiana Jones Adventure! Martin teaches Kidtums how to dance. Kristen was like: "Mom that scary Martin guy is freaking me out!" Kristen seemed to love the music. A large group of us had a great lunch at a Mexican restaurant. The tacos were so good! While we were eating, we had entertainment provided by this band. Lots of fun! If you have a chance to ride this ride, try to ride it at night. Between the fog and fire it made it even a better of a ride! It was actually a really smooth ride, I guess it had just been closed for an annual rehabm which helped. Once we entered the Lost River Delta, we came across the Raging Spirits coaster.
  13. Tokyo DisneySEA Cont: Part 3 - The Arabian Coast That's it for The Arabian Coast. Coming up: Part 3 of Tokyo DisneySEA: The Lost River Delta and Port Discovery sections. Stay tuned! Our group loved the ride! The adventure even included a meeting with this giant! The slow moving boat ride featured agazillion animated characters and a beautiful soundtrack. A welcome surprise was Sinbad's Storybook Voyage. So does Julie. What is she riding on? Dave enjoys his ride. The "horses" were unique. This has to be one of the most beautiful carousels in the world! We took a spin on the gorgeous double decker Carousel Caravan. The Magic Lamp theater featured a 4D show mixed with live actors. It was pretty cool and especially since the Disney cast memebers gave us cool little personal electronic translators so we could understand what was going on. What's up Genie! No hidden Mickey's here, but we did find a hidden map of the U.S.A. Lots of cool alleyways. More details! Love them! As a major bonus, Tokyo Disney has a dozen popcorn carts between the 2 parks that feature unique flavors. My favorite was Curry and this one: Black Pepper. Mike and Julie hang out with the Genie form Aladdin. Time to check out the Arabian Coast.
  14. Tokyo DisneySEA Part 2: Mermaid Lagoon Dave met a new friend. Another family ride. Even the shops are over the top themed to The Little Mermaid. Tokyo Disney has all the rare Disney characters. This area featured 3 cool Little Mermaid themed family rides. Also housed in here is a very elaborate broadwayish -amazing show based on you guessed it, The Little Mermaid. Mermaid's Lagoon was a great escape from the humid and hot weather. Awesome. Ariel's father, King Triton welcomes visitors to his kingdom. Housed inside is a very cooly themed underwater kingdom. What's that off in the distance? It's Mermaid Lagoon!
  15. ^ Thanks Dave! Tonight's update: Tokyo DisneySEA Part 1 Ever since Tokyo DisneySEA opened I have dreamed about going here. Words cannot describe how gorgeous this theme park is. This became my new number one favorite theme park of all time! The park is themed to different world ports that surround Mysterious Island, home to an active volcano. The details in this park are just stunning. Highlights include the Journey To The Center of The Earth ride that is housed inside the volcano. The Indiana Jones Ride in the Lost River Delta Section was awesome. Mermaid Lagoon was absolutely gorgeous, featuring attractions themed to the Disney movie The Little Mermaid. The Arabian Coast featured Sinbad's Storybook Voyage, a surprisingly beautifully - musically themed boat ride. The crazy futuristic boats on the Aquatopia ride in Port Discovery were awesome. And finally in the American Waterfront section of the park, the unique theme and story for Tokyo's version of the Tower of Terror was incredible. Part one: Mediterranean Harbor & Mysterious Island. Enjoy! The in-park water transportation and a replica of the sub from 20,000 Leagues. Next up Mermaid Lagoon and The Arabian Coast, stay tuned! Did I mention details? On the other side of the volcano there is a large opening where 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is housed. But it was closed for it's annual rehab. Hopefully I'll get to experience it on a future trip. This ride was great, it had a little bit of everything. Great theming, slow parts and thrills! Our group for one of our rides. We were so lucky the crowds were light during our visits to DisneySEA. We got about 5 rides on Journey, the longest we ever waited was 25 minutes! One of, if not the star attraction of DisneySEA, Journey To The Center Of The Earth. Inside the Fortress Explorer included lots of hands-on gadgets. But the coolest room was this one with the planetarium. The angry volcano erupts many times throughout the day. Heading towards Mysterious Island. Dave, me, Mike and Julie in front of the Fortress Explorer. Julie, Dave, me and Simon with Mysterious Island in the background. Am I in Japan or Italy? Everywhere you looked the details were amazing. After walking under the MiraCosta Hotel, you enter the grand plaza of Mediterranean Harbor. One of the cool 25th anniversary Disney photo mosaics. I think Julie and Mike were pretty happy too! Simon, Dave and I are in Disney heaven! Entrance Plaza. The amazing entrance to Tokyo DisneySEA.
  16. Tokyo Disneyland Cont. Tokyo Disneyland was a fantastic and very memorable day. Next up my new favorite theme park in the entire world, Tokyo DisneySEA! Stay tuned! The only thing that could have been a little better were the fireworks. They were good but only lasted 5 minutes. The night parade was awesome. New friends Dave and I met during the night parade. These ladies were so much fun dancing and singing to the parade's soundtrack, we had to get our picture taken with them. The back of the castle. The castle at night looked great! Dave and I before taking a spin on Roger Rabbit. Toontown looked cool lite up at night. More decorations. A double decker buss that travels around the 2 central hubs and World Bazaar. Mike demonstrates for us how to escape from Space Mountain. We caught the newly opened Enchanted Tiki Room now featuring Stitch. Very cool. Did I mention I loved the Halloween stuff! More pics of the castle.
  17. Tokyo Disneyland Cont. Look who showed up to celebrate Halloween. "This is Halloween, This is Halloween" got stuck in my head for the next few days! The floats were all pretty cool. This particular parade was the Halloween Villains parade. The very patient crowd seated and waiting for one of the 20,0000 million parades of the day. Really it felt like when one parade got over, a different one began! More festive decorations. Mickey being mobbed. One of my favorite floats. The end of the parade. To be honest I'm not a big parade guy, but the parades at Tokyo Disney were pretty cool!
  18. Tokyo Disneyland Cont. One of my favorites of the day. This was a treat for me because I had never experienced the Nightmare overlay at Disneyland in CA. Love all the decorations. A highlight visiting in the fall is the transformation of the Haunted Mansion to the Holiday Haunted Mansion. Featuring characters from the movie, A Nightmare Before Christmas.
  19. Tokyo Disneyland Cont.[/tprtv] I have heard that this show will be closing in Tokyo in the near future. This is a shame because it is a really cute show. I really liked how the show featured all the classic old school characters. The attraction ran in the 1970's then closed and moved to Tokyo when the park opened in 1983. This attraction used to be in the theater that now houses Mickey's Phillharmagic in Florida. He looks familiar, the star of the show. Inside the attraction's lobby. I was excited to experience a now unique to Tokyo Disneyland attraction, The Mickey Mouse Revue. Not a cast member. Hanging out with that dude from Mary Poppins. (This was actually a cast member). On Pooh's Honey Hunt were these happy riders. Dave and Simon in the line for the best dark ride ever, Pooh's Honey Hunt.
  20. Tokyo Disneyland was gigantic, twice the size of Florida's Magic Kingdom. It was as if Florida's Magic Kingdom and California's Disneyland got together and had a baby that featured all the greatest hits of all the Magic Kingdoms from around the world. The Halloween celebration at Tokyo Disneyland is awesome, the entire park is decorated with cool pumpkins. There are special Halloween parades, park guests are invited to wear elaborate Disney costumes and the Haunted Mansion is completely transformed to feature characters from the movie A Nightmare Before Christmas. Armed with 2 fellow Disney freaks, Simon and Dave we had a plan of attack. Even though the park was super crowded, because of our knowledge of using the Fast Pass system, the longest line we waited for all day was only 30 minutes! As most people that have been to Tokyo Disneyland will tell you, Pooh's Honey Hunt is, if not the best dark ride ever! Absolutely amazing! Onto the pics! Enjoy! Here are a few more Disney fans! Dave makes some new friends. These are a few examples of how park guests are allowed to dress up as their favorite Disney characters during the opening week of the Halloween celebration. I forget how many details go into making the castles at the Magic Kingdom parks. The castle was all decked out for the 25th anniversary. Gorgeous. Like a bunch of turrets surrounding one of the 2 hubs in front of the castle. Yeah it looks like Florida's but there are a few unique elements to Tokyo's. Ok, I live 90 minutes away from WDW and have been to both WDW and Disneyland a gazillion times. I 've seen the castles a lot. But I was so excited to be at Tokyo Disneyland, the castle felt like a brand new treasure! Once the gate opened, we had to find a safe spot in the World Bazaar - Tokyo Disneyland's enclosed Main Street U.S.A. A sea of thousand people stormed down the street running off to the different themed lands of the Magic Kingdom. Quite a sight to be seen! Between the halloween and 25th anniversary decorations made the park very festive. During our visit, the resort was in the middle of their 25th anniversary. The front entrance to the park and the World Bazaar. Part of the giant crowd in line before the park gates opened. Across from the main entrance of Tokyo Disneyland is the brand new resort, The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel.
  21. ^ it's ok I don't mind having a stalker! Just kidding! Actually a good thing about Dinosaur World is that it is in the woods so it is completely in the shade. So visiting the place in July won't be that bad (don't get me wrong it is still going to be hot!). I would probably plan on spending about 2 hours at the place. I wish I could say that it isn't boring. Your friend's kid that loves dinosaurs will love the place. But to be honest you will probably end up being like me and after 4 or 5 dinos you'll start looking for the nearest bench! I wish I could say there were other things to see but basically the attraction is designed as educational for the little ones. But I did learn a few things here and there. Not sure if this really helps.
  22. Tokyo Disney Resort Amazing is all I can say! I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever get to visit the Tokyo Disney Resort! When the TPR Tokyo Trip was announced and it was mentioned that they would be staying on Tokyo Disney property, I was sold! The following pictures are from when we arrived, checked into our gorgeous hotel, The Disney Ambassador and the morning of our first full day at the resort before entering Tokyo Disneyland. I'll post our first day at Tokyo Disneyland tonight, so stay tuned! One last awesome detail in the back of the bus, this cool Mickey. Coming up tonight, our day at Tokyo Disneyland! Stay tuned! Our Disney group: clockwise from bottom left: Martin, Julie, Dave, Mike, Simon, Cheryl, Lauren and me. Martin, Julie, Dave and Mike are excited about being at Tokyo Disney! The retro themed buses were so cool! Can you spot the many hidden Mickeys? Maybe they are not so hiiden. =p Our awesome bus driver! Dave, myself and Simon before getting on the bus to go to Tokyo Disneyland. The next morning we woke up and had a nice Western style breakfast including Mickey pancakes. A daytime view of the entrance to our hotel. A final view of the room looking towards the door. The seating area of our room. Our rooms were awesome! The rooms had many complimentary Tokyo Disney goodies, like slippers, robes & even pajamas to take home! The details of the hotel were fantastic! The hotel was nicely decorated to celebrate autumn. The lobby was gorgeous! The cieling featured a night sky with animated shooting comets and constellations of classic Disney characters. Our beautiful on property Tokyo Disney hotel, The Disney Ambassador. We're here! At the entrance to Pinfari, a Downtown Disney like complex and entrance way to the Tokyo Disney Resort. The Disney monorail trains are so awesomely themed! You could say that Dave and I were just a little bit excited to get to Tokyo Disney! At the train/monorail station. We're almost there!
  23. Thanks Lena! I love these pics from the Confessions and Reinvention tours. You have had amazing seats for all the tours! This last tour was the first time I had actually really good seats. Do you have a favorite of the tours that you have seen? It's hard for me to pick since they are all so different. I have only seen her last for tours: Drowned World, Reinvention, Confessions and of course Sticky and Sweet. I wish I could of seen her older tours live.
  24. ^ The whole thing was awesome. If we had more time, I wanted to check out the haunted church 4D thing, I guess that leaves something to check out on a future trip! ^^ It's two bad that you didn't find Hanyasihiki. If I remember correctly it is through the marketplace and temple and then maybe 3 or 4 blocks. I could see how easily you could miss the place, it is surrounded by a bunch of walls and buildings. If I didn't know it was there I would have missed it too!
  25. Next up, the reason why I travelled to Tokyo, The Tokyo Disney Resort! Stay tuned!
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