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  1. ^Thats fine and dandy. Im excited to find out what the powers at CP have in store for us, I'm only stating my opinion that its drug out too long most of the time. Maybe we can just agree to disagree.
  2. ^^I agree with most of what you say. However, I'm allowed to have the "opinion" that this guessing game BS is annoying. BTW- My name reflects that fact that I grew up going to SFMM. As I got older I realized that the mountain is kind of a dump compared to other parks around the globe. I learned that other parks aren't filled with thugs and line ditchers. I would take CP over MM any day of the week. With that being said MM still has a place in my heart because it was the first amusement park that I frequented. ^Okay dude
  3. Im a CP and Cedar Fair fan chief and not a fan boy of any company or park like you. My point is that these guessing games are annoying for any park and CP are the ones that started this mess. -Trent "I wonder why annoying people like this guy try to imitate Robb and make comments in this way instead of being more creative and coming up with something of their own" Green
  4. Wow...thanks for the pictures:) You have a beautiful family and it looks as though you guys are having a great time. I have never been to Phantasialand but it looks like a must. That hotel looks amazing! Keep your reports coming. They are fantastic.
  5. Just tell us what the damn thing is so we can avoid pointless argument and speculation.
  6. What is the deal with this package thing? Am I the only one that gets annoyed with CP's games?
  7. I wouldnt want that pile of scrap metal if it was free! It would just take up room. In fact, I'd rather have Demon Drop back if I was a CP person. It's called a joke. Calm down. I know that. I simply made a comment. The other guy is the one that blew up
  8. Looks like a have a stalker. Coaster and park fans have an opinion and are free to express it here. Just because I dont agree with your opinion on something doesnt mean you have to personally attack me. Get a life *gasp* lol BTW- I have said nothing to derail this thread nor would I want to.
  9. ^lmao Your way off base. My point is that everyone is throwing out insane ideas like backwards launching! This is usually an interesting thread but is now being clogged with these crazy hopes. I agree with one of the previous posters that thinks the mountain should get some flats or drop tower, which is what I think would be the best choice for Superman Ride of Scrap.
  10. I wouldnt want that pile of scrap metal if it was free! It would just take up room. In fact, I'd rather have Demon Drop back if I was a CP person.
  11. I dont care how intense people claim it is, I dont care for the Batman clones whatsoever. I was so disappointed when I rode Batman at MM.
  12. Im 100% with CPMaverick in this discussion. You'll never see them build the exact same coaster as another park such as , Scream at Magic Mountain, TItan at SFOT, or Kingda Ka at GADV. WIth that being said who cares? Any new coaster is a good thing. Anyway, you could make the same claims for any park.
  13. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/38537353/ns/travel-family_travel/?GT1=43001 Thought this article might be interesting considering the thread.
  14. Superman the Escape, Revolution, Colossus are all as bad if not worse, and I think Batman is the worst invert I have been on. Needless to say I don't agree with your statement.
  15. I know Im taking the easy way out here, but Im just thankful for every chain of parks. They all set out to please thrill riders and families alike. Each park offers us something different. Some like Universal and Disney, offer such a unique thrill to other chains like Cedar Fair and Six Flags. THe Bush Garden parks combine a small but great collection of thrill rides combined with absolute beauty and nature. While Universal and Disney usually get the nod, Cedar Fair versus Six Flags seem to be the prevalent argument in these forums. However, I think the two of them push each other into offering us a better product. Sure each chain has its bad apples, but in general Im pleased to have such plentiful options to choose from. So Im taking the nonaligned stance and saying, "I love them all!"
  16. ^lol MM has a "decent" collection of coasters. I agree that the total sum is nice but individually only a few stand out. NO offense.
  17. I vote for Kraken first and Hydra second. Both are fun and unique, not a cookie cutter copycats like Scream, the parking lot coaster. Boooooring! If I want to ride Scream I'll go ride the original and better one at SFGADV.
  18. CP is ghetto because people were smoking pot? If CP is ghetto, what is SFMM or SFGADV? Prison Yard?
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