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  1. I would have to say El Toro is number one. It still remains the only reason why I would go back to SFGADV. As far as steel coasters, Diamondback #1 for overall airtime. Some coasters, like maverick may have certain instances of great airtime but Diamondback is nothing but air. Better than Nitro for sure and just edges out Goliath at SFOG. IMHO
  2. I've heard Rockit has a pretty good audio selection and everyone seems to like X2 and Cali Screamin's soundtrack. Even then, if you'd rather hear screaming and ride noise, you can still hear it standing on the ground... or ride a different coaster. Worst song choice evvvvver!!!!! I just expressed my opinion. Noone has to agree. However, that song really is the most boring song for a roller coaster. Really bad choice.
  3. Audio systems on outdoor coasters are pointless. Part of the coaster experience is the train noise and the riders screaming. Six Flags needs to calm down with these pointless audio crap.
  4. ^Bad idea. Think how you would feel about this tattoo 10 years from now? You would realize that maybe you should have just stayed home and given it a little more thought. lol@Intamin Tattoos!!!!
  5. Is SF going to put advertisements on everything? Maybe its their way to pull out of bankruptcy but I find it to be annoying and eventually its going to get out of control. Hell how long before they stop trains on the MCBR and make you watch a commercial for stride gum or some stupid hair gel before you finish the ride? Annoying if you ask me
  6. ^Thank you Larry. It just seems like, as I read through the last 20 pages or so, I have noticed many people being criticized for commenting on the accident. It seems, to me anyway, that certain people can make comments about certain parks, while others cannot. As a person that reads the forum frequently I have noticed certain parks are bashed while others, such as Holiday Park, it's forbidden to comment negatively on. Either way lets hope this classic ride back up and running safely.
  7. Thanks for these photo updates. The Giant is starting to look sweet! I can't wait for the reviews next year
  8. It seems like too many people on this site are quick to defend Holiday Park. The coaster clearly derailed and people still try to say it didn't because of the parks message to Robb. Im confused. Emergency brake my butt!!!
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