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  1. Best no CS park on the threads, I really love the mine coaster, and just the way the park is layed out is just amazing more power to you for no Cs.
  2. Well here is an update: Pics up tommorrow for GG Odyessy Coasters: B&M Floorless-Krakken(Yes I know there is a real coaster) Arrow Looper-Sunburst(The trademark name of Grabowski Enterprises) Vekoma Family Suspended-Treetop Flyer(Trademark of GE) Vekoma Mine Train-I Need a Name
  3. I see Chaos leaving soon, because this is around the time that the rides were removed from other SFs
  4. No don't add Hurricane Harbor, say it was added but not to the map. Because the problem I noticed with parks with Water parks, they start to focus more on the water park then the actual park.
  5. Very nice, but try to add more scenery to it like my parks, but other than that I like the custom coasters you made. Oh and you need stations and buildings, cuz the coasters need some realism. And finally add some more flat rides.
  6. ^^I do my best to make quality parks, with no cs, so it takes some skill to make a park like this look good, and I'm no CD5, but I still make some cool parks. ^I'm working on them both, I will be posting "trips" to both parks.
  7. Just an update The park in California will be named GG Adventure. It is undercontruction at the mommet. GGNO however is closed for the off-season. Pics soon.
  8. It appears the votes are in, the next GG park will be in California Olease note that both GGNO and the new GG will be in this thread
  9. ^This is just so people are nice to him But anyway, the park will be recieving a new coaster next year. This coaster will be a B&M, but what type? Find Out in my next update
  10. Attention I am helping a user named T-BONDCOASTERKID, with a new park. I built the basics ofpark for him to make a great theme park. He is new to the forums and has never posted a park. When he posts his park be very generous, if you insult him you insult me, so be nice Please?
  11. Just a small update Got some pics from a visit to the park. It's been a wonderful season so far. The guests love the attention to detail, and I haven't even heard any questions about Six Flags. The good news is, that SF involvement is done, GGNO is here to stay. P.S. The next update is Offseason '13 Shot0034.bmp Some happy peeps riding Sunburst Shot0035.bmp Raven Shot0036.bmp fun on cardinal Shot0037.bmp Finally Adventure Falls, yes I know cheesey name
  12. Agreed, I really don't think I will ever see a greater park then this. My only question is, will CD5 continue it after he gets past the present date. Like If he gets up to season 2011 in 2011 will he continue?
  13. Well it's official, Six Flags New Orleans has been bought by Grabowski Enterprises, and become; Grabowski Gardens New Orleans In the past 2 months , the park has been transformed and stripped of SF related things. P.S. All the trains are missing because they're at the shop being repainted Shot0020.bmp First a new coaster, Runaway, a homage to Queerrudie's Ginn E Pigg coasters Shot0022.bmp The track layout Shot0021.bmp a new flatride chainsaw Shot0023.bmp corkscrew Shot0024.bmp Sunburst, our family coaster Shot0025.bmp The park overview Shot0026.bmp The newly extended Rav
  14. I see vulture be SBNO for about a season then getting new Vekoma trains and getting a re-paint. Then I see Mauhr-Some type coaster making it's way in to thepark.
  15. ^Thats easy, on the ride's menu find the little icon that looks like a sign click it, and poof it's gone, click again to get it back
  16. ^This is a Six Flags park, but I might try it. By the way, I'm thinking of having SFNO being sold to Grabowski Enterprises What do you all think?
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