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  1. But this is a fantasy park, so to hell with the rules keep Monster Mash Hotel and PF
  2. Your right all the coasters from the Great Adventure senario are here, but some are custom built like SMUF and Batman The Ride. I've never been to Great Adventure, but I know that is a park that i will one day visit
  3. A suggestion, maybe add a Vekoma Boomerang to your park, every park seems to have one form of it, be it the standard one or inverted. Or maybe add an Intamin
  4. Ha, thats irony, I'm going to make the park really updated to next year, so bye bye GASM, Hello Chang Chang's Layout
  5. I like the water park, though i would add a few more water "attractions", like the splash tower stuff. Great park though, keep it up
  6. This park is amazing, i really don't want to see PF or Monster Mash Hotel go because they give the park that retro feeling that so many of today's parks have lost. Keep up the good work.
  7. My recreation of SFGAd, that took me a month to build, so i'll periodically put pics up Shot0000.bmp The entrance Shot0001.bmp SMUF, Took me a 2 hours to get it right Shot0002.bmp GASM, which is going to be torn down for real, and replaced with Chang from SFKK
  8. Ok i know there is deffinately no triple posting but some very important things have happened. 1993 Update Breaking News: This is Channel 21 news with the latest news of the day. Earlier today the Owner of Adventure Safari, Brian Grabowski, signed a deal with Time Warner Parks to co-own the park. Grabowski stated the following in a press conference, "The future of this park remains solely with the amount of revenue we can bring in and we did not meet the amount we needed, so in order to keep the park running we must have an outside income". The representative of Time Warner stated,
  9. Hi welcome to Adventure Safari! We are an animal theme park devoted to family entertainment. Our goal is to provide information about the great continent of Afrcia, while delivering a family friendly experience. We have over 38 speices of African animals here, and 10 rides and attractions. We also operate a water park to help keep our guest cooled off on those hot days. We are located on North Clinton (Fort Wayne, IN), across the street from Science Central and Lawton Park. Our hours are: Mon-Thurs: 9:00 to 7:00 Fri-Sat: 10:00 to 9:00 Sun: Closed General Admission: Adults: 29.9
  10. 1992 Update: It's March and we had a small opening of the park for the mayor and his family. Also we allowed about 40 more people in from a contest we had. The feedback was that our park was very fun. So we came to a decision, Adventure Safari is now considered a part of Fort Wayne. The mayor and I had a talk about the future of the park. He and I are planning to use this park as a starting point to a citywide revitalization.
  11. 1991 Update: The park opens next year. Progress is bing made every day. The main parts of the parka are finished, but some landscaaping is still needed. The last thing that will be added before opening is the waterpark, Splashin Safari. Ironiclly another Indiana park uses this name for their waterpark in 1998. Some new things have been added including 2 coasters, Savannah Flyer and Rhino. Shot0082.bmp Savannh Fyler Shot0086.bmp Rhino Shot0089.bmp Splashin Safari Shot0090.bmp The overview of the park as it is right now
  12. Not to get technical, but B&M started in 1988. And while working for Intiman they came up with a inverted prototype that was considered impossible then 7 years later they made it work. So it is kinda possible to have a flying prototype coaster. Also since it is a prototype don't expect it to stay at the park very long
  13. Ok it's about 1990, the coaster Mystic Flight is a B&M prototype for an inverted coaster, I don't get the connrction though. Shot0074.bmp They have broke ground for something Shot0075.bmp It looks like a building Shot0077.bmp I come back about a month later and a hotle is there, i wonder what makes this plave so speacial
  14. Yeah it's time for an update Shot0068.bmp The near complete harbor town Shot0069.bmp The flying coaster Mystic Flight Shot0071.bmp The story to this coaster is that a mystic takes you for a flight that you will never forget
  15. I like this park it seems like such a great back story to make a amazing park
  16. Yeah i have a vekoma bommernag, a B&M Flying, and a GCI wooden coaster planned. And i plan to add about 13 more flat rides. I'm really good with theming, so when i'm all doen it will look amazing. When i finish though i probaly will post a download link
  17. NewAdditions Shot0063.bmp The parking lot is finally done Shot0065.bmp The newest themed area, Harbor Town
  18. The newest update Shot0027.bmp some work on savannah burger, the burger shop Shot0053.bmp The Arrow launched mine train, it reaches speeds of 58 mph, wow!
  19. The new park is an safari/amusmement park. It is around 1985, and it is being built on the outskirts of Fort Wayne, IN. Shot0021.bmp The front entrance Shot0024.bmp The front. It's supposed to be like a erupoen village leading into wild Africa Shot0060.bmp The overview so far
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