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  1. It needs more rides,and a front entramce building, i haven't seen one at your park.Oh and you need to tell us the year if it is a timeline park
  2. I'm good, GASM isn't going to remain as GASM, in two seasons it will become Ninja
  3. Well some info trickled down the chain to me. Next year SFSK, will recieve Scream from SFMM, and it will become Superman: The Return
  4. Yeah, i mean Vortex from Kings Island is the same as GASM, with a slightly different layout. It was the Arrow mega looper days, those good old 80s, and very early 90s, then Arrow went under.
  5. Just change it up a little, i mean to have 7 inversions, you need to add 2. Like maybe 2 more corkscrews
  6. Season 1: A month before the season starts Shot0000.bmp GASM Shot0001.bmp Batwing Shot0004.bmp Racer Shot0005.bmp Mind Eraser Shot0003.bmp Greezed Lightnin' Shot0011.bmp The overview
  7. In 2010, Six Flags lost their park in Kentucky. Relizing the loss of money from no renvune from the Southern Midwest reigon, Six Flags decided to build a new park. The new park was labeled Six Flags Southern Kingdom, a park outside of Nashville, TN. The park features Batwing, Greezed Lightnin', Mind Eraser, Great American Scream Machine(From SFGAd), and Racer. The ground breaking began in august of 2010, and the park is set to open in 2013. I Brian Grabowski am the GM of the park and will be posting pics when we start our season in 2013. -Brian Grabowski, GM at SFSK, of the Six Flags Them
  8. Sorry, i am no longer continuing this park, i have moved on to a new park, Six Flags Southern Kingdom
  9. Maybe go with a B&M Floorless, and go Superman Kryptinite Coaster, or a vekoma flying dutchman coaster like batwing, but with a superman theme
  10. I say build an Itamin hyper, and theme it to a Warner Bros movie, like the new movie Inception. An Inception coaster would be beast, with like a beast storyline queue them
  11. Well i have to rebuild some areas, i built this to a 2005 map, so The chiller is still there, so it needs removal,and something there, also i'm goin to build through the future up until the "2025" season, then i'll be done
  12. Maybe you should get a Superman coaster or ride, every Six Flags has one, but don't go Bizzaro yet, please
  13. Very Nice, like the detail on your woodie, it is a classic leap the ________, the 30s and 40s type coaster. Nice
  14. I give you some other rides Shot0015.bmp El Toro Shot0005.bmp Batman The Ride
  15. Yeah, thats why i like Rct3, you can expand your sandbox multiple times
  16. An Intamin to what theme? You already ahve superman, and thats what all Intamin Hypers are at Six Flags
  17. Just do what Magic Mountain does, most of the time (Tatsu), build on the parking lot
  18. The tear down of GASM and adding of Chang Shot0009.bmp First Phase Shot0012.bmp The building is left Shot0017.bmp Shot0022.bmp Shot0023.bmp I give you ...... Shot0025.bmp CHANG!!!!!
  19. Well if it is 2010, Six Flags is out of bankruptcy, so an expansion of land may be in their budget, so maybe get a vekoma flying dutchman, like batwing, and install it, and name it for another superhero, maybe Green Lantern
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