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  1. Yeah well i love every aspect of amusement parks, but you got to admit, how the hell would you move something like that to another park?
  2. Ok Braztaz, your park seems quite unrealistic. Maybe have it be bought by a chain, maybe make your coasters more realistic, and more buildings please. Don't take offense to this, it's just a couple suggestions.
  3. ^aight, i'll change it. Oh and your park is amazing, do you have any tips on how to make a park look as amazing as yours?
  4. Hello everyone, it's season 6 now in 2000. New milinieum, new rides. Well a new family coaster has been added to Nick Toon Studios, Slime Twister, it's some prototype spinning wild mouse from Gerstlauer . Shot0000.bmp Slime Twister and it's goodness
  5. Hello Everyone Brian G., CEO of GEs, proud to announce that my company is now working with Paramount's theme park division to help better their layouts of their parks. Oh and here is the updates for season 5 at Paramount's Adventure Kingdom. Shot0015.bmp The new ride Drop Zone Shot0014.bmp The new main street area Shot0016.bmp Nick Toon Studios, featuring attractions themed to your kid's favorite nick toons. Shot0017.bmp The Fairy Odd Coaster Shot0018.bmp Spongebob's Sea Twister Shot0020.bmp And the Krusty Krab resteraunt, you can eat with Spongebob and the gang.
  6. Aw that's cool, I've vote for SFML, if you submit it to NE. Hey i need some suggestions for my new park Paramount's Adventure Kingdom. Care to commet?
  7. Aight, hey did you ever consider having your park go in another direction like be bought by CF or the PARC foundation
  8. ^It's supposed to be the idea for whick Vekoma made Xpress from at Walibi ^No it's actually the one that will eventually end up at my park SFSK
  9. ^It is 1999, an the park has been open for 4 years Well today I decided to take a helicopter ride around the park, and I got some great pictures. Shot0006.bmp Vortex, similiart to CW's Vortex Shot0007.bmp Parachute Falls, sportining new colors after being bought. Shot0008.bmp African Thunda Shot0009.bmp Xpress, one of Arrow's last and greatest creations Shot0010.bmp Top Gun: The Jet Coaster Shot0012.bmp Steel Dragon, a B&M with Giovonala cars.
  10. Hey CD5, you okay with me saying that my new park bought Parachute falls from your park?
  11. Wow your scenry skills with RCT2 are amazing, I wish I could do that. But hey that's why I got RCT3
  12. Hi, my name is Brian Grabowski, CEO of Grabowski Enterprises, the other day when I was going home I stopped at this amusement park about 20 minutes from my house in South Bend, IN. I decided to stop and take a visit. It was short but worth it to see it. My camera wasn't really working so only a few pictures were actually saved. Shot0002.bmp My ride on Parachute Falls, a ride similar to the one removed from Six Flags South Carolina. You can see the coaster Vortex from it. Shot0004.bmp On the observation tower I got a few pictures Shot0005.bmp The coaster Xpress
  13. And that Sony bought RCT franchise from Atari and Chris Sawyer
  14. You are all aware that SONY is planning to re-release the RCT series pending how the movie turns out.
  15. It could also be a Vekoma Flying Dutchman coaster, the first one opened in 2000, so a prototype is a very strong possibilty But it is a prototype, and B&M usually build the prototype of a new coaster design as the first of it's kind, i.e. Batman: The Ride at Great America, I honestly think it will be an S&S coaster
  16. I hear a B&M Floorless, because Medusa at SFGAd was the first and it opened in 1999, so maybe here comes a Superman Floorless coaster
  17. I have some good news, ME and GL are staying. And I have an error, I said there was rumors but the intamin actually was built. Introducing Green Lantern, an Intamin launched coaster reaching speeds of 69 mph. Shot0063.bmp Green Lantern
  18. Season 9 update: Well it's been 9 years since the park opened, and no rides have been removed but were running out of room. Look for Mind Eraser or Greezed Lightnin' to be moved because of the ride rotation program. There has been rumors that we may be recieving a Intamin launched coaster, I see if they're true. -Brian Grabowski, GM of SFSK Shot0059.bmp The newest ride Diablo Falls
  19. I love the Arrow suspended coaster, very nice touch, not many of those around anymore.
  20. I see the chance for one of the first Vekoma Boomerangs to appear at your park, first genertion of it of course
  21. Very nice, an appluad for your respect towards GASM, but SF owns the name rights to that, cuz they have another coaster named GASM. So I don't think you should use the GASM name, but if you go with a clone of it maybe then SF would give the park permission to use the name
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