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  1. Opening Day 2011 The park was packed for the grand re-opening of Six Flags New Orleans Shot0013.bmp Shot0014.bmp Shot0015.bmp Shot0016.bmp Shot0019.bmp I noticed Batman missing it's trains. When I asked about it, the park employee said that it is getting an upgrade to have a sound sytem like on the Bizzaros
  2. Tommorrow will be opening day, and I will have shots. Also some news about next season has been released: The new attractions for next year 1. Either a Log flume or river rapids 2. Superman drop tower or coaster depending on budget 3. Go-kart track 4. Antique Cars 5. Looney Tunes Animation Town
  3. I love your parks because you take the fun of imagination with RCT2 and ix it with realistic ideas, sorta, but you make an amzing park, keep it up.
  4. ^No, I lost the file to it I have some bad news The sea park was not approved by the state, so it has been torn down and filled in. But the good news in the pics The park opens to the public in 3 days, still some landscaping to do like place benches and put out trashcans, but the park itself is ready for opening day Shot0010.bmp Overview of the park Shot0011.bmp Mind Eraser and bumper cars Shot0012.bmp Green Lantern(Vekoma Custom Looper)
  5. What I would really like to see would be a wild mouse(Mack preferly) and a Looney Tunes type kid's area
  6. For 2011, The New Orleans Saints have teamed up with Six Flags to rebuild Six Flags New Orleans. Six Flags now out of banckruptcy, has relized the potential for greatness in New Orleans with the city being rebuilt and tourism now back on track. In 2005, when Katrina hit SF backed out of the original SFNO, putting tension between the city and SF. But now the city has agreed to allow a new park to built, however it has to be bought land not leased, so if SF backouts out again they have to pay to sell it. Six Flags New Orleans: Starting small for season 1: With the sea park- Sea Viper(Vek
  7. Good news Hershey St. Paul will be being rebuilt, new pics will be up soon
  8. I like the mix of RoS with a BTR because all the parks that actually got a RoS have a crappy Vekoma SLC
  9. Knew an Intamin would make it's way to the park, hopefully it's like the SFNE version not SFA, and I ammuse that in 2009 it will go Bizzaro
  10. I start with some Aisan animal names, always the safest way to go, Animal names Found one name already, Something Dragon
  11. You know what since i like this idea, because very rarely do people not create some fantasy company or just do Six Flags, I'll help you with this Busch project
  12. Aight here we go. 1. Busch Gardens parks are always a unified theme, like africa or europe. Maybe do south america or aisa or australia 2. All you names for rides would never be at any BGs parks, all alway used. Be more imaginative 3. The park has to be extremely covered with trees and scenery, it's Busch's style 4. Too many coasters to start, start with maybe 4 and then add more, but with time, not all in the next season 5.Post some pics please. You got to have pics, otherwise Mcjaco will delete the thread, because it does not folloe the eqeuitte and 6. Pick were the park will be exactl
  13. Yeah this park is dead, I got bored and came up with a new idea, and the outcome is Grabowski's Resort
  14. Hey I don't actually want the park, I just want the track design for Undertaker, The coolest Custom B&M on the forums
  15. Let me answer that simpliy, NO. You can't transfer ride designs like that from game to game, it just will not work.
  16. Very nice intamin, but not really an intamin type name is it? I mean all the intamins are like some sorta adventure type name/theme.
  17. Hey, got a question, will you be releasing a new updated download any time soon, i would really love to see this park.
  18. ^I have cs, but i'm not a big fan of it, i like using what i have Anyway, a new coaster has been built, in the Fiesta Town section. Shot0009.bmp Behold Fiesta Twister, and it's twisting-ness
  19. Hello I'm Brian Grabowski, CEO and Owner of GE. We know that in the past our parks have not always been great, but I'm proud to introduce; Worlds of Thrill. A park dedicated to both time periods of amusement park greatness and different styles of parks. Our first three areas we will open the park with are a modern, typical amusement park with a few generic rides and a stand-up coaster. 2nd is the fair style area named Fiesta Town featuring a few twisted, crazy rides. And 3rd is the Thrill Pier, a homage to piers between the 50s to the early 90s, also known as the golden age of Piers. Shot000
  20. I have a question? Is there a download for this park, I would really like to play it.
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