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  1. Well i found my copy, so thanks anyway. From now on i'll be makin both RCT2 AND RCT3 parks. But i'm goin to focus on Rct2 for a little bit
  2. ^I have to agree, always evlevate the track so supports appear, that way your park is realistsic, and not to be mean but your park is not at all realistic. First of all, Legoland CA, would never close the two parks serve different people, who would drive all the way from CA to FL, to go to the same park. Also you have no buildings, and the landscpaing seems off
  3. Hey, where do you think i can get a free copy of RCT2 on the internet, i would really like get back to playing it
  4. Season 6 with some updates. Well Hershey has added things and changed the name to just Hershey St. Paul Shot0050.bmp The water park WILD WILD WAves Shot0055.bmp Roller Soaker Shot0056.bmp The new camp site Shot0057.bmp The new theme area, the Golden Age, a area dedicated to the golden age of Amusement parks, featuring a classic Carousel and an Arrow looper, Super Dooper Looper
  5. Well it's season 5 and the big news is: Hershey has bought Grabowski Gardens and is being transformed into Hershey Park St. Paul. Shot0043.bmp The Chocolate World has been built and had it's themeing added Shot0044.bmp Shot0049.bmp Raven got a new paint job Shot0048.bmp Here is the progress on the water park
  6. Yep, and this time I am actuallt to try to do a good job theming the waterpark, not just throw it down and be like there
  7. I will be anticipating each post, this park seems almost to much, even if your a master of RCT2
  8. I say go all green, and go all realistic, it's hard to do, but it can truely show if you are good with RCT2, when you can create a realistic park all the way
  9. The first park to open under the Grabowski Enterprises Corporation, the park is in it's 4th season, and is located outside St. Paul, Minnestota. Shot0032.bmp Shot0033.bmp Our first coaster, Blaster Shot0035.bmp some rides Shot0036.bmp Our second coaster Fahrenhiet Shot0037.bmp Steel Dragon Shot0039.bmp Raven Shot0040.bmp I'll leave with this
  10. Very nice park, pretty realistic, maybe you should expand and add a new coaster, B&M is just screaming to be part of your park
  11. Might i suggest switching the train colors from Yellow being dominat to Red being dominat, Flash has more red on him then yellow. Zoom has lots of yellow though. Like i said just a suggestion
  12. Ok i'll let it fly, but if Superman UF appears before 2001, that is goin to tick me off
  13. When a ride cost $6,500,000 to build, having two built in the same year would cost way to much for Six Flags to afford, this would be an impossible coaster to have at the time, unless you assume that this is to a timeline that could never exist
  14. But you use real companies, you should try your best to be acurate in the combination of fantasy and reality, if you do this that way it makes the park seem more realistic and professional
  15. wait it is only 1996, then why would your park already have batman, six flags had these built for there parks one at a time, so two in one year would be completey unrealistic
  16. No, i have some update. The park recieved some damage, mostly just scenery, but Greezed Lightnin' was srtuck by lightning and the controls caught fire. Also the about 50 trees were uprooted, also the we had the station collaspe on Mind Eraser, but the coaster is sustained no damage, I am happy to say that we got everyone out of the park about 10 minutes before the tornado touched down, so there were no injuries at the park. However the park will remain closed to the public the rest of the season as we fix and re-build things, plus everything in the park now has to be re-inspected
  17. Actually the funny things is that Southern Kingdom was built in the late 60s, and John Allen designe Racer for the park. Then the park closed in 1991, for what seemed like forever, then in 2005 Six Flags bought the property but never developed it. Then when SFKK closed, Six Flags invested in the property to turn it into Six Flags Southern Kingdom. Also with this update i present the other woodie at the park that has taken 2 seasons to restore. Also it is now season 5, and some major progress has been made. Mind Eraser got the yellow/orange paintjob, Superman the return opened(Scream! from SFMM
  18. I'm sorry, i do not like that layout for your arrow mega looper, it doesn't have the shape of a square like all the other arrow mega loopers.
  19. If it is flash, than the trains have to have a red/yellow paint scheme, maybe a few seasons later make it into Zoom, with yellow/red trains
  20. Your design looks more like Shockwave from Great America, and yeah what up with the really long station?
  21. Ok, most of the coasters aren't clones, GASM came from SFGAd, Greezed Lightnin' came from SFKK,and Racer is a restored coaster. Only Mind Eraser and Batwing are clones, also this is a fantasy park, so it can be how I like it, and most of the people who have commeted did not care about clones
  22. Well here it is opening weekend Shot0013.bmp GASM ran quite busy all weekend Shot0014.bmp Busy Shot0019.bmp Alot more people showed up than anticipated Shot0018.bmp I'll leave you with this
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