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  1. Whaaaaaaaaaat? Dotrobot is building again? SCR136.BMP SCR138.BMP SCR134.BMP SCR133.BMP SCR130.BMP
  2. It's good but don't place the track on the ground. It makes it look as if it has no supports which would make it unrealistic.
  3. No problem man. Foliage is my thing. My strongest point. Just hit me up on a pm or on facebook.
  4. God ryan. I haven't seen your work in a long time. But as i'm getting more and more active on this forum again I can't believe how much you've improved. Literally, you've improved SO MUCH.
  5. I don't like the idea of a invert in there at all. It seems like a bad idea with limited space on a rough hill. Since this park lacks space and a water ride maybe a mountain themed log flume or splash boat ride would fit nicely. I wouldn't mind doing the log flume or splash boat ride for you on this park man. I got some free time and need my interest in rct2 rekindled with this type of small project before i start back on my parks again. I could redo some buildings (or new ones) and foliage also for your park. Just hit me up on a message if you're interested . This break i took on from rct2 did me wonders and I'm filled to the limit with inspiration from the inflow of screens on TPR and NE. Anyway just consider my offer, eh BAB. So yeah Dotrobotttttttttttt
  6. Hm. I REALLY REALLY think you should go to NE. That little screen there. It's more atmospheric and creative than any of my work. Yes I was a bit hesitant to take the step too. But I was a real noob back then and once I started lone star gardens I got real confident posted some pics, and recieved helpful feedback . And this is over the quality of lone star gardens. Just post this screen in the dump place and ask for suggestions. You'll recieve a lot. You don't have to follow or even consider some of them but you'll get helpful advice you might like. But for some of my own advice. That building is great! it's nicely built and detailed. Nice form and shape (love use of diagonals). filled with interaction (queue line & coaster ) But the color is weird. White, yellow, or beige might work. The pond is also a nice addition. But the foliage leaves a lot to be desired. Only advice I can give is that those ferbs, flower textures look horrible except in some VERY VERY rare cases. And your path choices. The red and pink isn't working here. I know it's very boring and textureless. But grey tarmac would look nice. And black tarmac would work very well nice too. Yes the building is very colorless and bland with plain walls and colors but i see opportunities to add color. I don't have time to tell you suggestions now but I'd really like to help you with this project. If you want me to do a guest spot, turn this park into a duo, or just use me as a full-time tester. I'd be very interested. You've come a long way brataz. A really long way. Only thing you need help on is colors and path choices and foliage. I'd like to help you with all three since I have had problems with all 3 of them. Anyway please consider my offer, if you decline I'll still be watching this park very closely
  7. I really think you should start advertising at NE now. The advice you get there is GREAT although sometimes crude. But yeah your work is really improved tremendously.
  8. It lags like crap right? I have great memories with Sketchup. Some of my models got front page actually. Check out models by scotchtape and scotch designing industries. I made them when i was a bit younger
  9. Less is more with those fence gates. Especially over the doorways. I think rest is fine except the ones for under the semi circles. Try to add a stripe(s) of beige wall in there instead. Yeah but this is real good atmosphere filled stuff
  10. I like the seccond one the best it stands out in a good way.
  11. Well if you do it like that brataz. The file size goes up considerably considering the support blocker is not invisble therefore takes more memory.
  12. Try building the fence first then the path. But it might be just a path glitch that happens a lot. There's not a known solution to this. Only recommendation is to get some scenery path pieces use them and put the path on them, that way it shows up. And then pave over with invisble path.
  13. That happened me too Reviar. It just works on somedays and some days it doesn't. Just leave the area but try everyday a few times.
  14. Whoa. Where did you come from? That's really good. So simplistic
  15. It's like RCTNW with crazy path and brick lattice fences.
  16. Make the side roofs of the entrance 1 tile higher. It's rather akward that the roof stands alone without baseblocks underneath
  17. @ryansmith : How would the trains pass? Regular twister trains don't have animation for such a sharp turn. @brataz: I think you should shorten it down and use RCT scales instead of real life heights.
  18. I love it so much Jeff. Perfect amount of footers. Great colors, supports, archy. Instead of just dark red flowers. Also insert some regular red flowers too. But your foliage is also awesome. The grass under the coaster is also nice it just needs some other objects of flowers. Like the fuller grass object and the bare grass object Brataz: Looks like something Kumba would make. Of all of TPR you have a very unique style! CCI: Looks very simplistic and nice! Just insert some scenery archy alongside the hill to not make it seem empty. PSI: I love that style of NCSO. Especially the wagon in the water. Clever!
  19. Yo guys. I know this contest is over and matt honestly doesn't come back here anymore, so can I have everybody's download posted here? I'd love to see everybody's download just for the fun of it.
  20. For the bobsled don't make it light blue. That makes it blend in too much. Make it white to stand out while not destroying the atmosphere.
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