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  1. Thanks for the response, much appreciated. I'm very glad to have confirmation that what I assumed was hogwash actually was in fact a load of crap. And a big, giant, steaming load at that! Just out of morbid curiosity could you post the link where this comment was posted? I may want to have some 'fun' with it later. Play nice. It's on the coastercritic.com, and he's a member here, and a hell of a nice guy. An aside, it was a commenter that said it, not him.
  2. Thanks for the response, much appreciated. I'm very glad to have confirmation that what I assumed was hogwash actually was in fact a load of crap.
  3. And you have proof that these people were wheeled away for the reason you state? Of course you don't. As mentioned, these are not my thoughts, I just found them ridiculous and wondered if anyone local had heard of such a thing.
  4. I just read this ridiculous statement in the comments on another coaster sites Skyrush post, can anyone local verify these-to me-out there statements? To clarify, these are not my thoughts, and I find them VERY hard to believe. We just went today. This coaster is terrible and we LOVE coasters. If it had different restraints, it would be AMAZING. However, we personally watched 2 people get wheeled away with EMS within a 30 minute period and now I have perfect lap-bar bruises across my legs already, within hours. The combination of no shoulder restraint and over-zealous employees is yielding injuries galore. And to the Aric saying that it is ridiculous that it is even being suggested that there are injuries… there are. Don’t be stupid. Like I said, we personally watched it happen. We even came back later in the day and EMS was still there. If EMS has to hang out by the ride, there is a problem.
  5. Shivering Timbers, Michigan's Adventure. It could really use some buddies.
  6. Count me in for the sponsored marathon session, I drove twelve hours each way to ride it once, and it was totally worth it.
  7. This is where I'm at as well. I've ridden nowhere near the number of coasters Steve has, but have been on quite a few well regarded ones. I was at Cedar Point two days before riding Skyrush, and as much as I love their lineup, only Maverick comes close, and Skyrush is a no-brainer if I could only pick one. Hopefully a few rides on I305 in a couple weeks will give me more perspective, but right now, this will be tough to top. Only complaint/caveat thus far, I honestly thought I could have come out at a couple of points. I knew I wouldn't, and it feels like such a stupid thing to say, but there is some insane ejector air to be enjoyed here. Truly a must ride, but one I'm glad my daughter did not ride yet.
  8. Ha! We stayed in the same hotel. Should have car pooled!
  9. More on this tomorrow when I'm at a hotel with wi-fi that actually works, but Skyrush was amazing. You guys have fun tomorrow!
  10. Good luck with that. I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want a rad new coaster to replace that thing.
  11. I'm pretty sure we'll be skipping HP on Saturday entirely.
  12. This is likely the plan I would have taken, but a slightly different priority set will see me in HP Friday, and back on the road Saturday
  13. My mom would hate Skyrush, she's convinced that she almost died on Magnum in the early 90's.
  14. Cool TR, thanks for the read and the pictures. That said, my anxiety over being too big to ride is now peaking. I'm going to CP tomorrow,and then we're wheeling over to HP. I'm 5'8", 210 lbs, and am freaking out that I might be too big to ride some of this stuff. Am I right to be nervous? Seriously, I've been having nightmares. Yes, I've ridden MF and TTD before, for some reason I'm just really anxious this year, I think a lot of it is the unknown Skyrush restraint factor.
  15. 1. Kashyyk 2. Red 5 3. Dak. I see you avoided question # 4. I'm married and old. I either know where it is, or she's lying to keep me happy. I know for sure about Red 5. In all seriousness, I considered graphically describing the location, but this seems the wrong place/time. For what it's worth, crotch knowledge is part of how I make money.
  16. Thanks, and I really hope you're right. That said, all of this has gotten me dieting.
  17. Thanks, and good to hear. It's one of those things where I think I'll be ok, but I can't quite shake the paranoia. Like I said, I've always fit before, but what if this is the time... Oh well, we hit Cedar Point first and I think as long as I fit on everything there-no reason why I shouldn't-I'll feel a bit better.
  18. So I'm not the only person stressing this! Granted I'm worried in a different way, but same idea. I'm 5'8" and 210, and I had a nightmare last night that I was too fat to ride, pretty horrible. I've never been too big for anything before, but it's a new coaster, new restraints...I'm just really nervy.
  19. If Cedar Point does sell Disaster Transport to Darien Lake odds are it will be operating there and not rusting in pieces like the that other Intamin coaster from SFAW! Based on what? Their track record says field.
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