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  1. I also went to SFMM yesterday.


    The first parking lot barely filled up, yet Tatsu had people waiting on the stairs each of the three times I checked. From what I could tell from Viper, X2 had people waiting outside of the station.


    Apoc was running 2 trains, but only allowing riders on one - this was the case in the morning and afternoon.

    Riddlers was pretty much a walk-on.

    Batman was a walk-on with re-rides.

    Goliath was a walk-on, and there were some seats open for re-riding.


    Yeah, Scream/Colossus were closed. From what I could tell from Goliath, they were installing massive electrical boxes in the area where we all started our Goliath tours at WCB in 2011.


    Batman's queue did absolutely smell disgusting.


    The bathrooms by the M&M emporium (around the corner from the main gate) were putrid - you had to hold your breath because of the smell and the flies - I'm not joking.


    Since we planned on getting a big dinner in LA, we didn't want to eat a big meal at SFMM and just wanted a snack. We literally made a circle of the park to find something 'decent', but had no luck. $8 for fries, or $4.25 for a bag of fruit snacks/m&ms.


    If any of you have been to the candy stores at Six Flags parks, can you tell me why there are no prices? The employee got offended because I asked for prices. I refused to buy anything because of this.


    Sorry to rant, but I was at Disneyland twice last week and just saw so many things that are easily fixed at SFMM.







    I should note, however, that the employees were all quite friendly.

  2. We have one of the best theme parks in the world, people. Enjoy it for what it is! (and give them a chance to correct their errors)


    I can respond to everything with valid rebuttals, but you've obviously never been to other theme parks, right?



    SFMM has good rides. But how does that make it one of the best parks in the world? Of those 'good' rides, they neuter them (GL not spinning - it really doesn't spin much), sporadic audio on X2 (when it's part of the 4-D package), Revolution (OTSRs), etc.


    Go to other parks, and try to think of SFMM the same way.


  3. ^^ More than a couple of bad reports; a lot of us have been there personally.


    You're going to tell me that you read all of the negativity about WCB and you think nothing has changed at SFMM other than relocating a ride? Or getting rid of a museum?


    No.. a lot more than that has changed.


    The park has improved by leaps and bounds in the past few years.


    Exactly. The park was looking phenomenal a few years ago. But now, not so much.

  4. From an LA Times comment:


    I wont be going to Magic Mountain again until i hear that something has been done to address these environmentaal concerns. I've also posted this article to my Facebook and Twitter accounts to raise awareness.




    I'm not a tree-hugger by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm all for recycling and saving energy. But seriously, with a 260 acre theme park, dozens of rides rides requiring lubricants (that might wash away in the rain), the constant painting of rides/buildings, hundreds (thousands on busy days?) of cars coming and going when they are open, hundreds to thousands of guests when they are open, and the simple fact that SFMM 'exists', what do these environmentalists expect?


    This, my friends, is why SO many businesses are leaving CA. It's one thing to care about the environment, but it's another to sue/regulate/tax businesses out of existence.


  5. Full Throttle... sounds like a perfect tie in to a highly caffeinated coke product!

    Very off topic, but is it any good? The drink Full Throttle, I mean. Not that it being bad would stop the park from using it in a tie-in.



    While I brought up the energy drink comparison pages ago, it would also be cool if they themed it around cars (a full throttle engine, perhaps).


    Xcelerator and Top Thrill Dragster just came to mind.. But, then again, the ride will be in the 'woodsy' area of the park.

  6. ^You say that as if there's even remotely a "hoard" of people that even know about this exit pass thing.


    And as if one exit pass would cause more of a rush to Goliath than the rush that already exists for rides like X2 or Kingda Ka or whatever the equivalents are at parks all around the world.



    Because of one person on here who mentioned it, there are dozens of us (AT LEAST) who now know about it, who will tell friends, and so on and so on. Kind of like the Revolution exit shortcut - that's been discussed many times on here, which is how I know about it; and I tell people about it.


    Word gets around..

  7. I saw a ride op give it to the first two people who came in. It works for any ride. And they could give it to a single rider. They give it to the first person or group of people who get into the station.



    Yay, let's promote a hoard of people running once the gates open. Good job, SFMM!!


    I see an accident/lawsuit waiting to happen. Especially since a lot of areas in the park are wet when the park first opens because of hosing everything down.





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