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  1. And now that I think of my previous comments, it is quite asinine if someone actually planned a long-distance trip for this thing. I understand making a trip to So Cal with the 'hopes' of riding this on opening day, all while expecting it to not open because of last-minute delays. I'm just wondering if some of the comments on SFMM's FB are bogus - I mean really, you booked a hotel room for a drop tower?



    To be honest, I'm quite surprised it will be opening so quickly, especially based on the late start with construction. I was kind of following the progress on various blogs/FB updates, and they've come a long way in a short amount of time.


    Since I will wuss out on riding this thing, I'm just looking forward to the return of Superman. At which point everyone will start bitching because 'it doesn't go as high as it used to.'


  2. ^ Everything at SFMM comes standard with trims, so that'll never happen.


    They probably delayed it a week because they realized it was too intense for it's Californian audience.




    But all kidding aside, I feel for those who were planning on riding it on the 30th. BUT, who wants to go ride a low-capacity drop tower on opening weekend? And on a Saturday? I'd rather wait until the fall/off-season.

  3. ^^ Exactly!


    While I'm not surprised that there's a delay, I'm am surprised that they delayed it a full week, obviously to carry it over into the next weekend. Even though i'm just speculating, I wouldn't think they need a whole week to fix whatever's the problem (unless they're waiting on a part or something). If they were to delay it a day or two, people who made plans (flights/hotels/etc), could have possibly been able to ride it by just adding a day or two to their trip.






    Wait.. I was just using logic. And this is the SFMM thread. Never mind.


  4. ^This is now Taco Adventures, not Geno's East buy one get one free because the waitress screwed up and put in for a deep dish instead of thin crust but still totally amazing and awesome especially the mozzarella spinach sticks and worth every penny Adventures


    Holy run-on sentence, Batman.


    I'm lost on the whole taco thing. What kind of tacos are we talking about?















  5. I havent been to the park in about 3 years and was wondering if a deluxe annual passport is worth the money?


    We're already past the price increase for annual passes, so now the Deluxe passes are about $470 (they were about $380 last year); premiums are up to $650.


    If you plan on going this summer, and you don't want to pay extra to get in, you'll need a deluxe pass; the two so-cal passes are blocked until August (thankfully ) You can always buy a cheap pass and go on that day, then upgrade later; you just can't make payments on the price difference, only the original amount.


    I've had deluxe passes since 2005, and finally got a premium in 2011. Turns out, I didn't need the extra days and just used the free parking more than anything.

  6. ^^^Based on yesterday's Sunday visit, DCA is dramatically altering crowd flow at the resort. When we hopped over to Disneyland around 1 pm, the Star Tours standby was 30 minutes with Fastpasses an hour or 90 'minutes out. Space was 40 with FP 2 hours out. With the exception of the Matterhorn (60 mins) all attraction waits were shorter than expected for the final summer Sunday before the SoCal AP block out. On the flip side, waits for everything at DCA are up (except around rope drop when the herd thunders into Carsland.


    It's a great time to visit Disneyland; it must have been nigh empty in the early hours.




    As often as I go (twice a month), I've yet to see Star Tours less than 40 minutes or so (with fast pass times usually being hours later), and I've not seen Space at 40 minutes unless it's pretty slow - I usually do fast pass only for Space because the line is always an hour (or so it seems).


    I'm not drawing any conclusions, but I would definitely say that the new DCA has 'lightened the load' on Disneyland - for now at least.

  7. ^ My sister has a SD zoo pass and gets me free tickets, so I thoroughly enjoy going when I can. She also has a SW pass, so I'm wondering if she'll ever get freebies, or if I have to buy a day and get a year.


    I'll get down there eventually, but right now, I have passes for SFMM, Disney, and Knott's, plus I already bought a Deluxe for Disney next year.


    I also need to let the 'newness' wear off..

  8. I'm an hour away from this coaster and I just can't get excited about riding it. While it looks like a really fun ride and is longer than I expected, it's the fact that SWSD has nothing else that would interest me, especially when the SD Zoo is so incredible.


    For those of you who have been on CA coasters, what would you compare it to? Or did someone on the last page say it's a baby version of Maverick?


    I'm just trying to justify the money I would spend to ride... a single coaster.





    I bet there's some good Mexican food in the area though, right?



    Too soon?

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