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  1. 1) Cinnamon Bread. MULTIPLE times. Get there early..

    2) The chicken place - what others have said above.

    3) The kettle corn

    4) The skillets. I had the philly cheese steak one and it was 'okay'.. But there are lots of different ones to try.

    5) Dolly's bus. (Yes, bus. Bust also, if she'll be there)



    Other tips:

    I don't know how crowds will be, but you might want to get a Q-bot for $15- the employees are awesome enough to tell you whether or not you need one.


    If you're renting a car, go to Ober-Gatlinburg. If it's your own car and you like replacing brakes, then you should also go to Ober-Gatlinburg.


    Get Mystery Mine over with.. it closes down a lot.


    Stay in a cabin..


    Go see Jurassic Jungle Boat ride. Seriously. Thank us later.

  2. I'm sure Miller would be interested in hearing your feedback. As would the park. These people poured their money into these places for decades - AND (HOPEFULLY) TOOK OUT INSURANCE ON THEIR INVESTMENTS. Two family run piers, both decimated by this storm. Yes, they may rebuild, but it'll take quite a long time (YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN HOW KNOEBELS RECOVERED - QUICKLY). Yes, a coaster got destroyed that didn't have a good reputation, but obviously made the park money. Is it really something to joke about? (I DON'T SEE JOKING - JUST FACTS/OPINIONS) Yes I can take a joke, but in situations like this...I just think it's out of line.


    Does that make sense?


    Yes, yes I have. VV


    There was a pier in Huntington Beach, CA that was wiped out by a storm years ago (less severe than this one) and a restaurant collapsed. Big deal. It's been rebuilt. The pier is now bigger and better (and stronger).


    One of the biggest aspects of being a business owner is taking risk - you're a fool if you spend money on anything without buying insurance. This coaster didn't look 'new' - and, from the sounds of it, wasn't anything exciting or enjoyable.


    Look at SF New Orleans - after they collected the insurance money, they probably realized, "Gee, it might not be such a good idea to rebuild a theme park lower than sea level."


    It's called learning from mistakes.. it's what makes things better.

  3. Rumor - (9/21/12) Has Knott’s pushed back their rumored mega-coaster project? We’ve heard a terrible rumor for the park’s 2013 project that not only seems to indicate that this may be so, but also that we may only see a couple of flat rides added to the park in 2013.




    I was at the park Sept. 9, 2012. They were just starting to remove the water ride. I asked a very well informed employee what was going to be put there? He said it was top secrete. I then asked a employee at the train gates and he was more informative. He was upset that they were removing their water ride as it was hot in the park and employees loved that ride. He said that they were planing a New Themed area with two flat rides. This is only a rumor. This is not fact.


    What? It's on the internet - it must be true.


    In my opinion, nothing is true until it's completely built AND open; testing doesn't count because they might have to make changes before opening.

  4. I was there on Monday and now I regret not riding it - looks like it'll be down for a while.


    I was also a few miles away from Knott's yesterday and it was ALL over the local radio stations. I thought about getting a picture, but figured there would be a bunch of them online.


    Oh well, it happens.. I'm sure there'll be a lawsuit over it, even though all safety mechanisms worked as intended.

  5. Screamscape


    What exactly will happen inside the tunnel is a bit of a mystery, as they are hoping to add some kind of special effects in here. The mystery part isn’t that no one knows… it has more to do with the fact that the final budget for the ride is not entirely set,

    God that sounds awesome!



    My guess is fog... and it will last a season or two.


    What do I win?

  6. I think with Knott's, though, it's the history attached to eating at the restaurant - which is why Knott's exists.


    I look forward to eating fried chicken at Knott's, but for some reason, it just doesn't sound enticing to eat it at Disneyland.


    Of course, I also think eating the turkey legs is barbaric, so..





    The dark meat is decent but the breast is the challenge and thats where they fail along with most of their sides.
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