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  1. Its been over a month and SFMM still has comments on their FB page disabled. I think they are the only SF park I have seen to disable posting of comments. Wonder why they won't turn it back on.


    Because that's how it should be - at least in my opinion.


    I'm so tired of people thinking that FB is their soap box to bash a business. For instance, someone has one bad experience at a restaurant, and they feel entitled to share it with the world on the company's FB page.


    As someone pointed out, there really wasn't anything constructive posted anyway (most of it at least).





    And in regards to someone who said that people complain just to complain... um, yeah, I really think that it's cheap that they're installing a portable ride - some might agree with that, others might disagree. It's my opinion. And this is the internet.


  2. Seems to be a very similar "experience" that you would've have from Thrill Shot. Which didn't operate for a few years before being demolished(assuming it had numerous defects). Now MM is getting a modern sling shot ride, and because it's portable it's considered "ghetto".


    Where is the logic? -_-


    Scandia out in Ontario has a portable ride - the drop tower I think.. Didn't really pay much attention.


    Anyway, my first thought was, well, that it's 'ghetto'. And Scandia is a MUCH smaller park, with a much smaller budget - and it's still cheesy to me.


    For a big corporate park to install a portable ride that they'll pass off as a new attraction... yeah, not impressed.

  3. Yeah, I don't know what it is about a majority of Magic Mountain employees, but they're not exactly the brightest most observant people in the world. Ask an employee a question and the response you get a majority of the time is "I don't know." I asked someone at the Goliath lockeers how long it would hold my stuff for, and they said "I don't know." Where is the nearest restroom? "I'm not sure." They're no more informed than any guest walking around, except they're wearing a uniform supplied to them by the park.


    Unless you are talking straight to a mechanic or a higher up like Tim Burkhart, I wouldn't believe anything the ride ops/shift leaders tell you about a ride. They're paid to push "green button go" and are as clueless/oblivious as the employee at the Freshers stand.


    However they know their power position in respect to the guests, and people ask them questions all the time. They know they can mess with them, and they do, even if they don't have any clue what they're talking about.


    I've come across some good employees/crews - it just depends on the ride, their commitment to the park (perhaps they want to advance to a higher position), and possibly their level of interest in roller coasters/theme parks. I'm sure there are some 'enthusiast's that work there and love every aspect of their job.


    Unfortunately, for a lot (most?) of the other employees, they're working a low-wage job on their summer breaks. On top of that, you have the current generation of kids who think they're entitled, and shouldn't have to work such a demeaning job.


    Am I close?

  4. Yet another victim of a Batman clone...


    Very, very poor taste. Not a place for jokes.


    Until there's a legitimate article with all of the details (name, age, coaster, cause of incident, etc.), the whole thing is a 'joke' right now. And by joke I mean that it's simply asinine how the information has gone back and forth.


    While someone died (at least based on what's been released) and that's a horrible thing, I don't think the 'Batman clone' remark was in poor taste.

  5. It's up to the park to better enforce the policies if it is becoming an issue. Due to ADA laws (and to a lesser extent, doctor/patient privacy), it is almost impossible to deny someone a pass if they say certain things.


    However, there is wiggle room as to what defines "reasonable accommodation." For example, USH limits the guest assistance pass to a maximum of 4 people per pass. As I said above, this first month of opening is essentially a soft open period for them. I give the park the benefit of the doubt that they learning and tweaking.




    As for the soft opening with the new lands/attractions, that has seemingly had a ripple effect on the entire park - I saw about five groups of 'trainees' at various locations/venues; I think the entire park going through various changes/policies because of the increase in attendance.

  6. ^^ And that's a completely understandable situation. But I just have a hard time with entire families (groups of 6+ people) getting front-of-the-line access when the guest having issues is 2-4 years old. When you have a low-capacity ride like the tire ride, and 6-8 people get in ahead of you, it's aggravating.


    But I also have a hard time with so many people using mobility devices because they are simply obese - husbands and wives using electric wheelchairs because they are just overweight.



    ^ I wasn't implying that. My concern is that the kids are used to get everyone to the front of the line. When I go to places with my 3 year old nephew, and there's a big group of us, we don't huddle around him all day - we'll split up and do different things - I just don't see why 8 people need to get to the front of the line because a young child (who can ride with his mother/father) has some sort of impairment.


    I'm not trying to argue or ruffle any feathers, and I know we all have our personal beliefs. But I've just been to Disneyland way too many times to see the increase in personal mobility devices and ever-increasing handicapped lines. Handicapped 'lines' were seemingly non-existent in the past; now, the line at Thunder Mountain always has a few dozen people in it.


    When there are people who truly have physical disabilities, who truly cannot wait in line, it just upsets me when the system is abused.


    That's all.

  7. In regards to the Guest Assistance Cards, I do agree with you that there are people that do abuse the system however guest relations is pretty strict on giving them out. Also, just because someone seems "OK" doesn't mean they don't have an underlying issue.

    I'm glad someone said something about The assistance cards because just because you cant see an injury, it doesn't mean there isn't one. My family and I go to Disneyland 3-4 times a year and my mom gets a wheelchair and my dad gets the card that allows him to go through the exit. To most people my parents look fine but in fact my mom has multiple things wrong with her and my dads back is so bad he cant stand still in line for more than 5 minuets. Every trip we go on, there are at least 3-4 people in lines a day that make the remark "She doesn't look like she's handicap.". Pisses me off.


    My dad has a bad back and can't stand for longer than a few minutes; I also understand why some people need wheelchairs (other than obese people who are just lazy, or kids who are having fun).


    However, on both occasions where I witnessed the LARGE groups using a single GACs, the 'guest' in question was a little kid - both times. With one group, the kid was about 2-3 years old and had something wrong with his arm; with the other group, the mother was holding the child because he couldn't wait in line.



    I guess I'm just thinking back to a time when people didn't abuse the system - where they didn't use their young child as an excuse to get their whole group up to the front of the line. If you have a young child who obviously has something wrong with their body, do you really think they should be at a theme park riding rides?


  8. RSR is VERY cool. But the fastpass operation is ridiculous. Fast passes have been running out a 9:30 am, and it seems that the FP line is the priority line. As you're waiting in the stand-by line, it seems that the fast pass line is always moving. I'm a big fan of fast passes, but it just doesn't seem right when the stand-by is incredibly slow-moving, as if we are filling in the empty spots in the FP line.


    You'd expect the same treatment if you had a Fastpass. The only reason you're saying this is because you haven't had a Fastpass. If you did, I HIGHLY doubt you'd say "man this Fastpass line is moving too fast."


    They weren't letting the fast pass line fill up at all.. They let everyone the line keep going to the loading area. Waiting in the standby was honestly one of the slowest Disney lines I'd ever been in, and we were under the bridge when we got in line.

    My concern with the fast pass line is that they seem to be given complete priority. I don't mind standby lines or waiting a long time for a new ride, but the line takes forever,while the fastpass line literally doesn't stop.

    I'm also seeing more and more people using guest assistance cards for entire families, when the guest in question is a young child. Saw it for the tire ride -both large families, and the guests needing assistance were little kids who seemed fine.

  9. Just went to the 'new' DCA for the first time. I went on a Saturday because only premium passes are allowed in.



    I'm a HUGE car guy, but I never fell in love with the movies. With that being said, Cars Land is awesome - it's a car lovers paradise. Sure the GP will just treat it as a land themed around a movie, but in actuality, it's a very authentic representation of Route 66, Hot Rodding, etc.



    RSR is VERY cool. But the fastpass operation is ridiculous. Fast passes have been running out a 9:30 am, and it seems that the FP line is the priority line. As you're waiting in the stand-by line, it seems that the fast pass line is always moving. I'm a big fan of fast passes, but it just doesn't seem right when the stand-by is incredibly slow-moving, as if we are filling in the empty spots in the FP line.


    The windshields - they aren't bad (and I'm short), but it doesn't look as if they're cleaned every day. The one on our car had water drips and a layer of dust (at 11am)- in the sunlight, it made it hard to see through. If they were adamant about cleaning them at least a few times a day, they wouldn't be an issue.


    I honestly can't say enough good things about Cars Land; even without the movie, they nailed it.




    The new DCA entrance is very nice - the shops are well-detailed and the Starbucks is a welcome surprise.


    Over ad Disneyland, it's still very light on crowds - one-hour later fast pass times, 30-40 on Space/Star Tours, 20 for Matterhorn, etc. The new Matterhorn trains are ridiculous - incredibly awkward how you sit, and not much padding. And again, I'm short, but I had a difficult time getting into the middle seat.

  10. Yep - here we go. From the SFMM email newsletter, March 2012.


    Experts Identify Park's Most Unique Experiences

    One-of-a-kind rides that make the park stand out



    • GREEN LANTERN: First Flight surprises

    • Extreme motion and emotion on X2

    • The thrill of flight on Tatsu

    Six Flags is known for designing some of the most amazing, extreme theme park attractions in the world. Many of these one-of-a-kind attractions are at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and so we asked our panel of experts to tell us which attractions they thought were the most unique.


    Ok, so X2 has audio/fire (sometimes), but otherwise, it's not the only one. And for Green Lantern... ha. It might be unique because of the trims/balanced rides.





    My point is that it's marketing... Sorry to ramble.

  11. 300 feet or 400.. this thing will scare the crap out of me. Heck, Supreme Scream still freaks me out. And I was on lots of drop towers with TPR last summer.. so I should be accustomed to them.



    As far as 'tallest', it's all marketing. Whatever works for SFMM, more power to them. You're forgetting that the average guest doesn't know what's beyond SFMM in terms of other parks/rides.


    If I remember correctly, there was a SFMM email recently that was talking about their 'one-of-a-kind thrills', yet I think they were talking about X2 and Green Lantern - both of which have clones.

  12. Why can't things just stay traditional and stay the way they've always been? If it isn't broke, don't fix it. The ride looks incredible otherwise but I hate how they're doing this. I hate that we've advanced to the point where there's actual debate on whether a coaster is wood or steel. Everything is getting worse with time.



    Umm.. Have you ever ridden El Toro? Because, you know, it's wood. I mean it's steel.



    It's the 21st century - if they're able to build a 'wooden' coaster that is balls-out insane, while also reliable, safe, and easy to maintain, who's to stop them?


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