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  1. ^ The park is worth a visit - there are plenty of coasters to fill an entire day.


    While they might not have the 'best' rides, they have extreme rides and rides that are unique (don't know if that's the best word).


    You won't find an X2 (4D coaster) anywhere else in the US.

    Ninja is a really fun suspended coaster (they've all pretty much disappeared).

    Viper is still quite fun (again, Arrow Loopers have disappeared).

    Tatsu is not an ordinary B&M flyer because it's up on a hill.




    These are just a few examples. While there are 'off-the-shelf' rides (Scream), there are still some things that you'll only find at SFMM. If you're into flat-rides, shows, parades, or 'eating your way through the park' (something you'd do at Knoebel's), forget it - this is not the park for you.

  2. What's also funny is that you have to take a new picture with SFMM - I guess they have no way of keeping them on file. Gosh, they must need a recent photo so nobody uses your $70 pass.


    My premier pass at Disney, however, is still using my 2007ish photo. Buying that pass for a recent WDW trip was as easy as going to a ticket booth.


    Sure, having a picture popup on a screen at the turnstile requires technology and investment, but if they're going to try to attract new customers, while maintaining their supposed high customer satisfaction rating, they need to figure something out.


    Since it's technically a year-round park, I don't see why they can't switch to annual passes; it would eliminate a rush at the beginning of each season.


    Or they should push for early buying.. Like really push. My brother bought a 2013 Knott's pass way back when they were first available because of the incentive at the time.

  3. ^ What are they doing to the area? I haven't heard anything about that.


    They're definitely putting a gift shop at the exit that will specialize in Full _Throttle energy drinks.





    But really, I hope they don't do anything drastic - the 'redwood'/country (can't think of another way to describe it) theming of the area is neat. I don't see how it will work the YOLO coaster, but..

  4. The critical moment was everything after Batman The Ride. It's the last attraction I can remember that came with a fully immersive environment.


    I appreciate the effort they put into Terminator.. especially when it had audio. That was definitely a step in the right direction in terms of theming/experience. The same goes for Green Lantern - the queue is pretty neat.


    Going back to Batman, what 'used to work' in the queue that is missing today? (My first visit to SFMM was 2009 so..)

  5. $125 for a one day park hopper, $269 for the cheapest AP.

    $70 all year at SFMM.


    Yeah, a ton of Angelinos think DL is for rich people.



    As far as Vegas being ghetto, I was keeping it in context: Desperado, Speed, High Roller, and everything in the Adventure Dome is/was ghetto compared to any park-like place in Southern California.


    Disneyland is expensive because they are trying to weed out the passholders who have ruined the park in the last few years - I think there's at least 1 million passholders (or close to it). Tell me why Florida passes are still relatively cheap? Because there aren't a million neighborhoods surrounding the parks where people can 'just go after work'.. Disneyland has gone from a vacation destination/once a year thing, to "hey, I'm off early, let's go."


    Disneyland has become a 'hang out' place that only costs $40/month for a premium pass..


    *Crud, I didn't realize this was posted in the SFMM thread.


    As for SFMM being cheap, well yeah, that's just the entry price.

  6. I'm sure all of you locals have GP friends. And, I'm sure they LOVE SFMM! OF course they do! The fact of the matter is, most of us have traveled and seen other parks, and know what potential SFMM has. Now, most GP here in Southern California have not left the state in their entire lives (sans Las Vegas), and even if they do they rarely go to theme parks during their travels. That being said, think about it.


    DL: The park for families and rich people.

    SWSD: That zoo place with a few rides.

    KBF: The little park in OC with really short rides.

    SFMM: The 'cool' thrill ride place.

    USH: The wanna be DL with nothing to do.

    Everything in Vegas: Ghetto


    DL.. RICH PEOPLE? There are SO many things I can say about that but I would definitely offend some people.


    My 'GP' friends hate SFMM - they think it's filthy and refuse to go back. My brother won't go because it's "a dump, requires too much walking, and is ALL coasters." Not that all coasters is a bad thing, but if you're not an enthusiast, and enjoy an occasional coaster while spending your whole day at a theme park, it is discouraging.



    Vegas.. ghetto? I guess depending on the season. When it's 115 degrees and people are on the streets in wife-beaters, flip-flops and shorts, while drinking 3' tall beverages, then yes, ghetto.

  7. And I'm tired of WDW vs. DL. I don't consider either resort as "better" than one of the other, they are just different. WDW puts some things at DL to shame, and vice versa. People can prefer one resort to the other, but they are so different it's hard to compare and call one better. Plus, DL Fanboys that keep bitching about the small stuff are just making the rest of us ashamed to be DL fans, shut up and enjoy what you get. Seriously, what spoiled brat complains about getting through the line faster, but not fast enough?


    I couldn't agree more, especially after being at WDW for 5 days recently, and having Disneyland as my home park for my whole life.


    As much as I like Disneyland, it's the population that kills it for me - most people from So Cal - it's a completely different experience in Florida, where people are polite.


    And what's this I keep hearing about Ariel's hair? I've seen that mentioned a few times now.

  8. Yeah, I think for the number of guests, the number of resorts, and the certain times we boarded buses, they do an EXCELLENT job. I think the longest wait for a bus was 10-15 minutes. And I was totally expecting standing-room only based on what I've read on the internet.


    My point was that I wouldn't hesitate to get on a Disney bus, even if it was full.


    I was trying to say that I wouldn't even bother getting on a Six Flags bus in California. I hate fighting with people who cut in line, are rude, and ignore you when they know they stole your spot (that's happened at Disneyland on the trams).


    It just seems asinine to have a fully-enclosed air-conditioned bus (extra fuel) to transport guests such a short distance. That short walk from the parking lot pales in comparison to the walking you'll do in the park.

  9. Yeah, I'm not discrediting Disney - but we were packed into the buses like sardines on multiple occasions - like a little too close for comfort on some occasions.


    Not once, though, did anyone fight over seats, cut in line, or act rude.


    On the West Coast, however, yeah, no comment. I'm sure people will be very polite and cooperative when it comes to loading the buses in an orderly fashion.



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