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  1. Since I have a Shelby GT, that needed some warranty work at the Shelby factory in Vegas, I figured hey, let's take advantage of going to Vegas.. We drove out on Thursday, stayed at Planet Hollywood, went to Shelby on Friday, drove back home to make sure the car was safe and sound, and drove up to Valencia on Friday night.. lots of walking in Vegas, lots of driving.. but overall, a darn good weekend, and an amazing time at SFMM on Saturday!


    I must say.. kudos to EVERYONE involved with the planning and execution of WCB! Not only Robb and Elissa, but every single employee at SFMM! The day could not have been better!


    Here are some pictures... enjoy!



    Pretty, yes.. For three hundred miles, no. Take note of the hood scoop edges.. not so pretty.


    And to think there was $1000 gas-guzzler tax on this car.. Note to future Vegas travelers.. be careful going over 100.. there are cops everywhere.. But we won't mention how fast we went..


    First stop, Calico! It has the atmosphere of Knott's, but without any roller coasters..


    So much for Calico being a Ghost Town from the 1800s.. where the only form of transportation was a horse and buggy..


    Wait.. Knott's is three hours away.. right?


    "I'm Mike Rowe... and this is my job...."


    MTV Cribs.. Old West Style.. When people were three feet tall..


    Viva... Las Vegas.. Viva Las Vegas.. Vivaaaa..Vivaaaa.. Las Vegasssssssssssssss! (or to the tune of Elvis.. but yeah.. just use your imagination).

    Thank you Droid for leading the way. And thank you Pioneer DVD player for keeping the passenger entertained. *cough. *wink.


    We went to WCB this weekend.. and saw a functioning monorail!!!


    We drove three hundred miles with blue skies and no wind. We arrive at Vegas and.. gray skies, WIND!!!!, etc. CRAZYYY wind! Debris flying all over the freeway!


    If you haven't noticed, I like cars. And coasters. Enough said. Oh, that's our hotel in the background. We were on top of the PH 10-story parking garage.


    If Austin Powers had a hallway designed with his taste in mind.. it would make you want to get on the elevator very quickly.


    Yes.. we went to Pawn Stars.


    Unfortunately, Robb didn't provide us with a line-free ERT.. so waiting 30 minutes was necessary..


    It is veryyyy deceptive.. on TV, it looks much larger inside.. we saw the old man.. that is all.


    With a chopper like this, there is no need to clean bugs off when you get home.. it simply devours them along the way.


    We went bowling in an old Airstream trailer.. It was very difficult handling the balls as they were very small..


    "Deee....es..perado.. Why don't you come to your senses? You've been out ridin' fences.. for so long." Ok. So I used to listen to Country music.


    So the only response I get from my sister when I showed her this picture, "Why'd ya park in the handicap spot?" Well.. I didn't park.. I just pulled in. And the car was running. And it was the only spot open as someone was getting married in the background.




    Enough Vegas for now. How about some Shelby's? No? Well SFMM is coming up shortly, I promise.



    Screw the strip. And the alcohol. And the gambling. THIS is why we came to Vegas!!!


    $23 million for this car, or to have your very own roller coaster in your backyard. YOU decide.


    HA! My sharpie is the commercial grade!


    I could not take pictures inside the factory. It was amazing! Shelby's, Super Snakes, Shelby F-150s, etc.


    Remember the earlier hood scoop picture? Much better!


    Alrighty.. enough Vegas for now.. How about SFMM???


    Geese are talking to each other: "Hey.. ha! I betcha some WCB attendee will step on this little present I left for them." Other goose: "Why'd ya hafta leave it there.. they JUST re-coated the midway.."


    Disneyland shows you the backside of water? HA! I give you, THE BACKSIDE OF Terminator! (and Deja Vu).


    Yes there is a coaster going here. (I can think of a few jokes relating to said coaster, but they would be inappropriate).


    A backstage park area.. kind of interesting. It would be super popular in the park.. perfect place to relax.


    And an upcoming flume ride.


    Sorry Superman - you aren't the fastest coaster anymore. This one is. E-Class, the ride, with speeds up to 160 MPH. Yet against all odds, it's the shortest ride in the park.


    Yes we're in a restricted area that is off-limits to the general public. That's right, you're the general public. Please don't spit on me. thanks.


    Black and blue on your face, not so good. Black and blue on an awesome B&M? PERFECT!!!



    Hi Riddler. We'll be riding you later.


    Riddler is taking the tunnel.


    It's one thing to be approaching a tunnel at 85 MPH.. but it's another thing to see humans waiting around the bottom of the drop..


    Even the tunnel is themed! Nice!


    More Flags, more Fun! SIX FLAGS!!!!


    I realized after our tour that there is absolutely no access, anywhere in the park, to Goliath's support poles. Unless you go on a TPR event.


    Wow. Backstage tours are AWESOME!


    I was thinking about the pager in Bruce Almighty.. but God didn't have the number to these phones.. Regardless.. DO NOT pull cell phones out when your on a coaster. Period.


    Nerd shot, yes. But how did they tighten those nuts in the first place?? There is no room for a ratchet. And even with a wrench, the nuts don't have enough room to turn.


    Step by Step, day by day.. Wait.. even the cast of Step by Step didn't get to go on racing Colossus.. Only TPR WCB attendees did.. AND IT WAS AWESOME!


    Unfortunately, if you don't get out of the park quickly enough, the animals come out to play..






    Thanks again Robb for such an awesome day. If any of you would like more pictures of Vegas, Shelby, or SFMM, please let me know - I have hundreds.


    I like hearing Frank Sinatra--"It had to be you..." to start things....I love the noise that takes place in the station as well.... "X2...X2.... Is Everybody In?"" all that good stuff.


    I have heard this sooo many times... it's not Sinatra.. it's Harry Connick Jr.. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble..


    But honestly, hearing that short bit of jazz, which transitions into Metallica, sets the stage for the entire ride.. Kind of makes you think that this isn't going to be your typical coaster ride..

  3. So I am assuming that this is the same concept on California Screamin' and Space Mountain? I have actually had the same thoughts about on-board audio.. although I never considered instant charging upon the train's return..


    Gosh.. with the technology out there, they could eventually use solar, wireless electricity, etc.. I wonder though, how many re-charges can a setup like this handle? (batteries and/or capacitors?)

  4. [sings] Step by step, day by day.......


    I would be pretty upset if Colossus ever became sawdust.. (ok, well pieces of it are replaced constantly).. But the ride itself, classic. It's smoother than Ghostrider, has better drops, and greets every visitor in the parking lot.. (((Gosh.. it must have been a lot of work to put a parking lot over an ocean )))


    Speaking of Colossus, why are there 'patrol booths' in two locations on the track? Was it a way of controlling guest conduct back in the day?

  5. ^^^ That is very odd that Batman is being closed again. Last Sunday, everything looked amazing..


    Maybe there are mechanical upgrades? Or train refurbishments?


    With all of this talk about coasters on top of the mountain, I have always wondered... When it comes to all of the support beams/poles for coasters, how far does the concrete portion go into the ground? This has probably been answered/discussed at one time, but I began to think about the weight of not only the steel for the track/support beams, but also the trains themselves, flying around the twisted steel in excess of 60 mph..


    Back on topic though..


    SFMM has enough 'looping' coasters, IMHO.. It would be awesome to have something similar to Goliath, but taller, with more hills and less curves.. (oh wait, that's what most of you have been suggesting all along). Or.. how about another woodie, but super crazy, and a heck of a lot longer than Terminator? A racer, perhaps..

  6. ^^^I'm sorry. I just kinda get tired of it. I know no one is bashing SFMM or the ride itself, and that sending empty trains is a problem, but there's just no use complaining about it. SFMM has a lot more important things to do right now. Maybe they'll fix this issue along the way, and maybe not. Who knows.



    I'm not complaining about the theming and effort, they are both excellent. I'm expressing my opinion mostly about three rooms of pre-show, when it could be one. Oh well.. it's been discussed. Kudos for effort, too bad it just takes so long.


    There were a lot of other improvements throughout the park since my October visit.


    Overall, crowds were busier than I anticipated.


    ****Question: do a lot of you attend TPR events alone? My brother likes Six Flags, but I don't know if he would go on that many rides. And he might not be able to get work off...

  7. Thanks for the report. I'm not happy about the new doors on Terminator either. It was much better when they would just let you walk through and get on when there was no line. Something really needs to be done about the half empty trains being sent out when the coaster has a line too.


    Yeah there was literally no line. It's frustrating to have to watch the shows, and discouraged us from going back on it later. Oh well... it's a fun ride nonetheless.

  8. OAlrighty here's a quick trip report for Super Bowl Sunday.


    Arrived at ten thirty, parked in the fourth or fifth row of the first section. Checked out X2 - line looked to be about a halfhour or less - pass. So, I walked on to the foruth or fifth row of Tatsu, while my brother chickened out. Next was 5erminator - THE PRE-SHOWS SUCK when you HAVE to watch them; empty trains were rolling through because of the new doors.


    Back up to sky tower - always fun. Then back down to Gold Rusher, waited for one train. Next was Riddler's, which was a three train wait for the second to last row.


    Here's a shocker: we waited thirty minutes for Batman, mainly because it was only a one train operation. We then waited for one train on colossus, and went on Scream twice. Goliath looks amazing... didn't ride it today.


    We were able to walk on Revolution and Viper. Towards the end of the day, the crowds were getting bigger. Toward four o'clock, riddlers line was outside of the station, and only one train was running. So, back up the hill for a fifteen minute wait for the front of Tatsu, then back through the line for a ride in row five.


    To end the day, we walked on to Viper, and I waited twenty minuted for X2...gooood ride today, but too windy for fire.


    Other info:

    *Riddler station lights working

    *Batman does look amazing

    *Not too many clapping employees, but they were very friendly today. A lot of them wanted to have conversations about our day.

    *Ninja and Deja Vu closed

    *Renovated bathrooms by carousel are very nice.


    Anything else will be added later. I'm using my phone so this is to the point without any elaboration, sorry

  9. -What are the crowds like the very first week of June? (Californians are still in school.)


    Yes, Californians are still in school, but there are close to one million passholders (according to Micechat), with most of those being So Cal residents. Since I go to Disneyland at least 3 or 4 times per month, weeknights CAN be busier than Saturdays, mainly because the first two 'cheap' passes are blocked out on Saturdays. Since you're going in June, you will still be competing with the most popular pass days. To avoid this, plan on going to Disneyland on a Saturday - yes, Saturday. I have the expensive Disneyland pass and Saturdays are less busy during the summer than Sundays or weeknights.



    -What's best to hit first at these places if they were to be crowded?


    Regardless, if you plan your visit accordingly, and expect big crowds, get there when they open (Disneyland) so you can get fastpasses (fastpasses are 'reservations' for rides - they can, and do, run out during the course of a day. Definitely hit Space Mountain first. Also, some of the fastpassed rides are on different 'networks', meaning that you might not be eligible for another fastpass until a given time, but if you go to other fastpass rides that are on different networks, you can have two different fastpasses at the same time. Sounds confusing, yes - just head over to Micechat for more on this.


    Also, don't forget, even if you have a 10AM fastpass for a ride, you can still use it until the park closes - I have done this multiple times.



    I wouldn't be too concerned about Knott's. I was there on New Years Eve, and while it was 'busy' by Knott's standards, it was nothing like a busy Disneyland day. You will easily cover all of the rides at Knott's. Ghostrider will beat you to death; sit in the front, not the back. Pony Express is fun if it's a walk-on. Silver Bullet is a neutered version of Batman, but is fun nonetheless. Every time I go to Knott's, I usually ride it 5 to 10 times.


    -Would it be best to split SFMM into two days, or with a Q-Bot can we do it in one? (I'd still kind of want two!)


    One day is enough. I went there four times last summer and never experienced ridiculous amounts of people. You will easily be able to ride each big coaster at least once. Start with X2, then Tatsu, then Terminator. Colossus is mandatory - just because it's from Step By Step, and it is just old and rickety. Goliath is amazing!



    -IF YOU HAVE STAYED IN A DISNEY HOTEL: Would you recommend the Disneyland Hotel or Paradise Pier? This one is REALLY important, because we can't decide. (Price doesn't matter, we're in the DVC.)


    I live too close to necessitate an overnight stay, plus my sister lives ten minutes from the park in OC. However, the Grand Californian, that is connected to CA Adventure, is BEAUTIFUL! The lobby is amazing, and if you appreciate the beauty of Northern California, you will enjoy it.


    Plus anything you can think of that will make my trip the bomb-diggity!


    Hmmm... Check the Disneyland website for park operating hours and passholder blockout days. Based on my visits, I don't even bother going when So Cal Select or So Cal passes are allowed to go - the attendance in Disneyland can easily hit 65,000 or more.


    World of Color is set to open this Spring, and should draw ridiculous crowds. As I mentioned earlier, the key to Disney parks is being there early. Otherwise, the parking structure fills up (it reaches capacity a lot), the park might limit the number of guests (yes it reaches capacity too), fastpasses run out, etc., etc.


    I will add more thoughts when they cross my mind.


    One more thing: FOOD! Disneyland food is overpriced, and pretty bad. There are a few places that are tolerable, but plan on eating your main meals offsite, or in Downtown Disney. At all costs, avoid the Tortilla Jo's (whatever it is, the brightly colored Mexican place) in Downtown Disney - WAAAAY overpriced, and BAAADD food. California Adventure has Boudin's, if you like sourdough bread and clam chowder. There are other restaurants that are good, but pricey. You ARE allowed to bring outside food into the parks, just NO coolers.

  10. ^ yes, pony express is extremely short...especially after the spinal torture. The launch is quite fun, however.


    Regarding ghostrider...oh boy - rough!!!! The front is smooth, but in the back, it literally rearranges your organs. Aside from its roughness, the track layout, speed, and excitement are all amazing.. since I am young and can handle it, I love it.


    I usually just opt for about five rides on silver bullet at knotts.


    Sorry for any spelling mistakes.. I'm on my droid.

  11. Hey everyone,


    I'm new here as a member.. been lurking for a while.


    Hope this isn't 'off-topic' from the current discussion, but where would I find 'vintage' photos of SFMM? I have found old ride photos, maps, etc., but I cannot find in-park photos.


    The reason for asking is because I am 24 and went to SFMM for the first time this summer - and I have lived in So Cal my entire life. I would love to see what the park used to look like..


    This site is awesome!

  12. Hey.. I'm Chris from Temecula, CA


    I'm 24, and have been a coaster fan for only a year now.. I lived my entire life thinking that Disneyland was a 'fun' experience, until my friend forced my to go on California Screamin'. While that was awesome, my sister's friend FORCED me to go on X2 during my first ever visit to SFMM.


    Ever since (over the past year), I have been to SFMM 4 times, Knott's twice, and Disneyland too many times to remember.


    I have been lurking here for some time.. Didn't know if my love for coasters was a 'fad' or not.. Now that I know I am obsessed with them, I decided to join.


    Also, I am into cars.. big time! I have a '65 Mustang that is in a magazine, and a 2007 Shelby GT.




    You all seem like a fun bunch of people.. hope to maybe go on a trip or two..

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