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  1. But the music...I get why he did it, I understand his goal for doing it, but I still don't agree with it.


    You can have thematically appropriate music in areas and still achieve the goal he is going for, I just don't understand why he doesn't do that.



    So I wasn't crazy the other night when I heard a huge assortment of music, all over the park? I heard King Harvest's "Dancing in the Moonlight" by Pony Express.


  2. *opened this towel ironing TR with people around* (big mistake)



    "WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU LOOKING AT?" asks the onlookers..



    Telling your friends that you're looking at an OCD friend's explanation of how to fold a hotel towel doesn't make things any better. But, nonetheless, I'm intrigued, and I will never look at a towel the same way again. While things on TPR can sometimes leave bad images in my head, now I'm going to be pissed every time I use an improperly folded towel.


  3. The more I watch the video, the more I cringe at the people recording it.


    While I finally understand the back story (thank you Gregg for posting that!), I still can't help but think there is also something to do with the group of kids who are filming it - they just think it's so awesome that he's being sprayed and is being reprimanded for his actions. If you carefully watch when the camera pans around the circle of kids, they seem to look like complete douche bags (oh wait, they're just typical So Cal kids)..


    And then there's the 3:45 mark where the little high and mighty blond (the one screaming) is holding a beer.


    So while the man being detained is obviously at fault for what he did, the problem is definitely exacerbated by the immature punks doing the filming.



  4. ^ While I like some things rough (like a sports car with a stiff suspension.. ) ghost rider is a little bit uncomfortable in the middle seats; I didn't get a chance to ride in the very front.



    The VERY back, however, wasn't so bad - because there's so much speed, it seems to 'hide' the rough spots. I don't know if that makes any sense at all, but between three total rides (2 mid-section, 1 rear), the rear was the best.

  5. While there was no excuse for the man punching the security guard, I was incredibly surprised by the people (hipsters) filming the video- they are incredibly immature, especially the girl who was screaming, "There are kids here... What are you drunk?" I'm pretty sure she was holding a beer - the camera briefly flashed past her.



    What's sad is that yes, we all have cameras on us nowadays, but it just seems that the kids who were filming were more amused by the situation than they were concerned about it.


    Really, does anyone know that back story? I'm really interested - I'm sure it has more to do than just being drunk.

  6. Since I made my last comment late last night, after a combined total of 8 hours of sleep for the whole weekend (if that), I apologize if I was too critical toward SFMM. I should also take a moment to thank Robb and Elissa for the incredible effort they put into this weekend, and every other TPR event.



    If this had been my first SFMM WCB day, I would have thought it was an absolute blast - the ERT, private lunch, Q & A, etc. However, based on my 2010 and 2011 SFMM WCBs, I saw the changes that took place this year. Additionally, I was at many SF parks during the TPR trips this summer, and I know what's capable when TPR gets together with a park.


    So really, it was a VERY fun day at SFMM, but I did miss the tours and other perks.


    Also, regarding Q & A, there were A LOT of questions that were dodged - I know of at least 4 or 5 from the people I was with that didn't even get mentioned, or scoffed at without answers.



    For instance, I had a pretty legitimate question - "What's with all of the new JBL speakers and flat screens - they are in Colossus' queue, X2's, Goliath's, etc. Are they sponsored by JBL?" Etc.. there was more to it.. I guess my question had to do with the amount that the speakers/TVs/installation costs, when SFMM is/was having financial issues. Seriously, why would they put thousands of dollars in multimedia in Colossus' queue?


    It's really not a big deal that my question wasn't answered, but they did read a card where someone commented on how nice the new speakers/screens were. I know I shouldn't bitch, but some of the more serious questions weren't even answered/mentioned. Don't get me wrong - it was an incredible day, and it is still nice to be able to have the Q & A session to begin with.





    Knott's - if you're reading this - WOW! I would have gone to the Knott's day for the lunch alone - I can't even begin to describe how amazing the entire day was.

  7. I have a LOT to say about SFMM on Saturday versus previous years, but for now, here's one comment.


    I can't help but think that SFMM wants to make as much profit as possible because, as Caesar said, they simply treated our group as a corporate picnic. They think that we're just there to get in as many rides as possible, without paying a huge sum of money. Since it seems that they cut costs by not offering ERT surprises (ERT was mediocre this year), serving a different lunch than I remember from years past, and eliminating tours, it appears that they are just 'going through the motions' with the entire event.


    However, as coaster enthusiasts, we're also the loudest in terms of getting the word out there to others. Based on what happened this year, I don't really see myself telling people that they have to/need to buy SFMM passes. I personally have a pass, and will visit the park with my TPR friends who also have passes, but I'm not going to proactively 'sell' the park to others.




    Conversely, Knott's bent over backwards for us. Knott's gets better each and every year, and they provide an atmosphere that makes us feel beyond welcomed (they even gave us the special room rate at the hotel). While it probably costs them a lot of money to cover their staffing/operating costs for our group yesterday, it's what they gain in referrals that will allow them to come out ahead.



    The point I'm trying to make is that, after such an incredible experience at Knott's, I've already talked two people into getting up there soon to buy passes - I went on and on about how great the park looks, and how they treated us so well, just to name a few things. So, while Knott's might not be getting rich off of our group, it will definitely pay off in the end because of word-of-mouth advertising.




    One other example of a park not making money in order to impress theme park enthusiasts - I went with a few other TPR members to Adventure City to hit ride their two coasters. They would not allow us to pay anything to ride the coasters, and welcomed us with open arms. As a result, I will definitely tell people to go there - after being blown away by the free admission, I was beyond impressed by the park, which I had not visited for well over a decade.




    Wow, I said I had one comment.. guess that went a bit longer than I expected.

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