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  1. This. This TR reminds me.. Fair season is upon us. Which means, whoring out sketchy kiddie coasters is inevitable. Nice cock. Quite colorful. Wouldn't want to ride it, but..
  2. Not to be rude, but if you're visiting from far away, and really won't be able to see WoC for a while, you want to be in a viewing area. I've tried watching it from 'alternate areas' (by the bar, CA Screamin, the swings, the zephyr, etc.) and they don't do the show a justice. You really need to get an early fastpass and get on the bridge (blue area) - that's the best way to see it so you get the overall picture. And I've seen the show dozens of times, in all of the viewing areas. Just my advice. Don't want to ruffle feathers. EDIT: Couple of other tips - your WoC does NOT count as a ride allowance, and, one person in your party can go get all of the fastpasses, as long as the ticket/pass has gone through the CA ADV turnstile (so they know the person is in the park).
  3. Yeah, I also called and was told I can renew by July 1st to get last year's rate; I did this last year when I got the pass and paid the 2011 price. If I were to do that, my pass would have the same expiration - July 2013. Instead of doing that, I bought a pass at The Disney Store and it's good for its first use until December 31st, 2012. So, I'll ride out my premium pass until the middle of July, skip going this summer when Carsland/CA ADV will be insane, and start up my new pass next December. For those of you who plan on doing this, buy a pass 'voucher' tonight; tomorrow, you'll be SOL.
  4. With the DLR (resort, haha) being surrounded by so many neighborhoods, it's easy for parents to drop their kids off because, in reality, Disneyland is somewhat 'safe'. If you buy your kids passes for a few hundred dollars per year, and are able to drop them off without having to park, you're getting off pretty easy. Also, since it's within so many neighborhoods, and so close to MANY cities, it's cheap Friday night entertainment. Why go to the movies and spend $30, when we can go to Disneyland? I mean, after all, we'll get there at five, watch the shows/fireworks, and leave at eleven. Never mind the fact that we're crowding the place when everyone and their brother gets off of work. Same as SFMM - buy your kids $60 passes and drop them off. They'll be in the confines of a gated park with employees/security guards. And really won't be able to leave since nothing (other than a few restaurants) is within walking distance.
  5. Awesome! And you know people are laughing their asses off!
  6. For those of you saying a premium isn't necessary, I beg to differ. I have a premium so I can avoid the So-Cal/So-Cal select days - that's when the park is absolutely Hell on Earth. I don't buy the premium because I take advantage of going all of the time. And I also don't stake out a spot for Fantasmic or the fireworks three hours in advance. So yeah, there are definitely passholders that take advantage of the place.
  7. Are you serious? $650 for premium? When you could have gotten a platinum pass for all Disney parks For $700 not too long ago? Inflation? Please. More like greed.
  8. Just as I'll be telling Verizon when they dump my unlimited data this summer, SCREW YOU Disney! There's no way in Hell I'm paying more than $500 for premium. $129 for parking for other passes? Wow. Thank God my pass will get me through July, then I'm done. This just sealed the deal.
  9. Have you looked at the three links Robb provided? Those TRs were full of praise toward SFMM, and showed MULTIPLE changes during every trip. EDIT: ^ I wouldn't say there's anything being repeated all that much. I've just learned over the past few pages that there is no 'fix' for GL other than having employees rotate the trains. And really, that means there's no 'fix' since SFMM will never allocate staff to do that job.
  10. ^^ Yeah. The other day it was avoid inversions; now, it's balance trains. Sad. Not that I'm bitching about the ride being neutered, but it's sad that the employees are told to run it that way - they're probably led to believe that that's totally normal operation for that type of ride.
  11. I believe I just saw the words 'beautiful' and 'SFMM' in the same TR. I did enjoy the pictures though. I don't know what RC day is that everyone's talking about, but it sounds fun.
  12. Pretty sure it's because of the station tolerances - you'd hit the station if you were able to move your arms freely. EDIT: yeah, what he said.
  13. Which row was bumpy on Riddler? I rode it last week and thought it was running really well - on more than one ride. As for GL, are you talking flips, or complete revolutions?
  14. Even though I saw all of this in person, it's better through pictures. The elephant/trash truck comparison was awesome. Then the dingle-berry topped that.. and it just kept getting better. This must happen again. I don't know how it would get any better, but..
  15. This is definitely not the case here - the ride does work. Just like how other B&Ms and other popular coasters have high capacity - at other parks.
  16. ^ No, I was being serious - I firmly believe that it's simply because it's SFMM. Add to that the fact that it's a park in CA, and you have too much of a liability for them to run Green Lantern to its full potential. I was at SFMM the other day when there weren't any lines, and I couldn't wait to leave. I used to really enjoy going there, but after going to so many east coast parks last year, my perception has changed.
  17. Awesome report! Who is that tattooed bro? Chad, I thought this was in Texas, not So Cal. Ride looks awesome! As do the females!
  18. No matter what happens, I'm sure there are water park enthusiasts out there, so I'll try my best to get construction photos. That's really a commercial area for Temecula so I'm still surprised that they're putting it there. It'll be just around the corner from a window manufacturer, and a contractor-only tile shop. Interesting. Whatever brings tax revenue to Temecula is fine by me.
  19. ^ Sounds normal to me - I heard it last week. The one thing that caught my attention was the 'Spring' opening of the drop tower Regardless, it sounds better than that Allison chick who just wanted to talk about donuts. Annoying.
  20. It will definitely be interesting. I know there have been rumors of a Temecula water park for years, so I'm glad to see something come to fruition. As for Temecula, there are a lot of Orange County transplants here. But you've also got a lot of surrounding areas where they rely on Temecula for commuting, certain shops, big box stores, etc. The area where this park is going has A LOT of traffic and is easily accessible from the freeway.
  21. So it looks like they're building a Wild Rivers in Temecula. Yay? I live ten miles from this location, yet I don't go to water parks. I'll be sure to get pictures though. temecula.patch.com/articles/land-sold-for-temecula-water-park
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