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  1. Yeah this is looking like one beast of a coaster just think they turned IMO the biggest POS on the planet beside Mean Streak into a number #1 looking coaster. Any one sure Intamin had no part in the making of this coaster lol cuz it looks like some as sick as they'd design.


    Speaking of wood/steel will they need a new catagory in the polls b/c I beleave if it rides anywhere as good as it's looking then this is going to be the #1 hybrid in the world lol Or do they put wooden structured steel coasters in the steel poll?

  2. that coaster was absoultely gorgeous until I saw the trims, what is with this new trend of I want a super fast launch coaster I just dont want to spend the money to create a real layout that can handle the speed and the forces to hande such a powerful lauch? I know it would be expensive so just go with a launch coaster thats fast and can have a trimsless layout forget the bragging rights, coasters about have fun not hitting 200mph and then 50 ,ph whting a millisecond


    They could have easily created a lauch over that hill with out the need of trims, oh well whats done is done hopefully it can still be a fun ride.

  3. Imo i'm sorry this ride looks so boring to me,atmost on the verge od been a giant kiddy coaster or closer to Intamin 13 ride they just constructed. I'm not saying they should of went all X2 2oo foot vertical drop but man this is your classice Boring and Mundane coaster. It doesn't look high speed at all yet theres trims in three diferent spots I know they main goal is to perfect the wing walker like trains they could of added alittle more excitment then what I see in these pics. Yes i juging from pics the ride could turn out amazing so far just judging by pics this looks to be the most boring uninsired B&M creation to date.


    Even if the seat were to flip like X2 it still seams like it would add very litle to this ride. again juding by phots ride could turn out to be utterly amazing

  4. I guess it's a good thing they got alot of the tower painted with this rain we just got , hope it doesn't delay them to long. Then again this is So. Cal it'll probably be 90* tomorrow LOL


    I also wished how that one park said the new B&M was only going to have one inversion or something like that, I wish SFMM was doing the same thing to us and Green Lantern turned out to be a megalite


    I know concept art is not 100% but in the videos of S:EFK they show a different type of station has anyone been to the park and notice any changes going on with the Fortress of Salutude station? or will just the back of the station be themed since now you can see it on the return?

  5. At least this way it will be more clear when the cars don't go very high. Hopefully they will hit the red!!!


    Has the car ever went that high up the tower where it's painted red?


    Everytime I've seen the ride run it's doesn't seam to going any higher then what's been painted blue, if they fix the system and it does hit the red then that's is going to be one HELL! of a drop.


    Also I know there are brakes up there has the car ever hit them? and if the car was to ever reach those brakes what happens?

  6. Well something as small and uncomplicated as Green latern they could start a month before it's suppose to open and have it completely ready. Insane Grona Lund was buit in like what 2 weeks. Plus the area it's going in is already pretty much clear and flat it only takes four footers I think it will,be the last thing constructed of the 2011 package the focuse seams to be on Supes then maybe little Flash. I don't think they will start construction on it any time soon, heck little flash maybe constructed before Green Lantern will . Especially with SFMM having to remove a ride and it's in a heavily populated area of the park I would think they want little Flash complete ASAP

  7. Well since the rumored cats out of the bag lol Maybe SFMM has talked B&M into doing something they haven't been to fond of doing like building a coaster with a 250+ or 300 foot vertical drop. Maybe even billing it as a GigaDive lol Also whos to say it would have to have inversions maybe it will be a Dive machine with a more hyperish layout.


    Just think huge vertical drop into trench/tunnel ,some airtime hops, MCBR second vertical drop into some more airtime hills with some twist and turns splash finish it off. If they go with the 6 across model I could easily see that happening. Even if it was your standard 8 to 10 across with inversions it would still have the only inversion on the planet the park is lacking which is an Immelman.


    Also if it is indeed going in that spot by Deju Vu there is some nice terrain there you know up there with Roaring Rapids , and Ninja's first drop turn around I could easily see them using that hill to get the biggest drop possible also it's much cheaper to dig a tunnel for a 6 across train to fit through then a 10 across, so with that said using the hill and digging a ditch or tunnel they could easily create one huge a$$ vertical drop. Dealing with the GP all they would have to market is First on the westcoast, biggest vertical drop on the planet and it's sold, the GP would care less about X, Deja, and Superman all having pretty much face first vertical drops this would be new and we all know how the GP loves Flashy new things lol


    Carsland is in a leauge of it's own Knotts nor SFMM is trying to compete with that nor could they, the compition is going to be knotts and SFMM which attraction is going to grab the most attention Knotts huge hypercoaster or SFMM huge vertical dropping coaster. Imo netheir is going to lose customers to the other but they both want to be in the headlines along with Disney and Uni for 2012.

  8. Thanks for those links Sean I love watching stuff like that.


    Lol I wouldn't say my source b/c I don't know them personnaly either but yes I think us old timers who can remember Goose's page are indeed talking about the same person and like you said is a vaild source.


    Glund I 100% agree with you on I would of love the addition to be another Intamin , but I guess SFMM couldn't let SFGADv be the only park with 5 of them lol


    Yes Green Lantern is going to be something but a Green Giga could of been AMAZING! It's still could be in SFMM future maybe not Green but I'm sure the park is going to hopefully get a (Intamin) giga one of these days.

  9. ^ Whered you hear that?


    From a person on the INSIDE hint hint(no not the Dippin Dots dude) this person goes way back from the days of Gooses Realm of Insanity


    Like I said it's just rumor and just b/c they've been right in the past doesn't mean they will be right all of the time. If they are indeed right I believe we'll be very happy with it, it'll be a real cliff hanger . Man come 2012 Knotts, SFMM, Disney, Uni it's going to be an amazing year for us Cali folk


    Also I've ridden Goliath from front to back and I truly just don't get it, it does nothing for me and I never get any thing more then floater at best airtime maybe it just me or I'm intamin spoiled

  10. I think Tatsu is perfect and is what a flyer should be, flying hight above the park swooping turns, graceful inversions killer pretzel loop. I don't understand the people who think flying just a few feet from the ground on your face would be that exciting.


    SFMM has plenty of room still inside the park for major addtions, using some creativity and the terrain that parks has they could make some amazing rides. I've heard they're putting the biggest tallest FIRST! on the Westcoast coaster in a spot that was once going to be used for a relocated kiddy coaster for 2012. unfortunately the rumore is not an Intamin. I hope it's true b/c imo it will look amazing in that sport while also bring life to the area and taking lines from Deja vu and Terminator.


    I also think an Intamin plug n play between Viper and Roaring Rapids would be cool, as well as a giga running in the back of the park from deja vu/terminator down to Batman TR, could you imagine seeing that back there a huge giga more along the lines of Steel Dragon seeing nothing but airtime hill after airtime hill this would set it competely apart from Goliath.

  11. I know someone had just asked this question not to long ago, but I wonder will they use Two loading like Mr.freeze


    The turn should be fine as long as the banking and the the radius is designed right, I doubting Premier pushed the turn to the max.


    Intamin designed what KD asked for a huge coaster that stimulated being in a high speed nascar they did just that, Intamin pushed I350 to the max . Just because you so called grey or black out for a split second isn't going to kill you, maybe if you have some unknown pre exsisting condition but you could also fart and die if that's the case. I believe I305 mods if any are for mechanical(wheels) long term maintence(wheels) and money saving(wheels) reason only, not because some enthusiast are claiming they're having near death experiences on it. ooops sorry wrong thread my bad


    Anyways I loved Mr.Freeze this one should be just as fun could even be better with that low to the ground/over water high speed turnaround.

  12. Lamoure Thanks for posting these vids I am very interested in documentaries like that, I'm even more intrigued since I have no idea what the heck they are saying lol


    It also funny because I have people at my job saying what the heck is that, you can ride that thing? What language is that and I didn't know you could speak a different language lol. I have also busted my gut because I told them they're speaking Canadian One of my co-works said "Wow I never knew Canada was so desert like"


    The look on his face when the first launched didn't complete is priceless lol


    I thought all launch coasters do a semi launch first to get the train to roll back on purpose to make sure the brakes safely stops the train. Then once they see the rollback safety mechs is working they initiate full launch testing?

  13. Wow incredible looks like their faces are being peeled off It is also very close to the ground on those turns it looks as if she was to put her hand out it's gone. It also looks like theres some good pops of airtime maybe not ejector but there is airtime just look at her (not trying to be a perv) ta ta's


    I also love how people can feel the airtime through they're PCs and judge a ride before ever psychically riding the ride, I want what ever type of PC you guys are using. With your amazing PC I can save my money and never leave my house since you can experience everything right through the screen OMG I don't even need another person in my life if you can feel airtime, and g's forces through that amazing PC just imagine what a porn site would be like on that thing


    Anyways the ride looks (LOOKS) amazing I can't say it is amazing I just have a regular PC

  14. I go many times a year and I think I've only seen it operating once , I always see the sky coaster in motion but Thrill Shot is always just sitting there.


    There are so many different flat rides that could replace thrill shot SFMM acts as if they've never heard of any of them lol If Thrill shot comes down it will be because SFMM has figured out a way to put a coaster station in its spot

  15. Wow those are some sick wheels, I'm suprised they weren't used on HRRR.


    I wonder what powers them or are they charged by the wheels spinning,how long do they last, can they be used on other companies coasters.


    I've always been fasinated by pretty lights lol, glow in the dark, black light, amusement parks/fairs at night so these are awesome to me. I'd love to see these on a huge fast coaster like MF

  16. So is this is the reason SFMM Facebook page has been put on lock the wall posting has been disabled. I guess b/c their big announcement has been leaked.


    I can not believe SFMM will be the first park in the USA with a Zacspin I can not wait to ride this machine. I also love the theme and the location is perfect. Hopefully this will lead to future Intamins being installed they should replace Tidal wave with a Mega Splash


    Superman looks great too! I didn't think I'd like the tower being painted but it looks awesome, the cars look great and if it goes that high up the tower then wholly barf bags Batman my stomach might just fly out of my face.

  17. Thanks for that video


    It's beautiful the sound is amazing, the launch is just unreal. The airtime on that first hill should be like nothing ever experienced.


    Let's start a TPR fundraiser to build our own version of this beast here in the USA, I'm making me a cardboard sign to stand by the freeway that say's NEED CASH!!! Will work, kill, and or/perform sexual favors for a formula Rossa coaster or a plane ticket to Abu Dubai lol.

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