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  1. What I don't understand is why can't they leave USH as a studio and then find another suitable location for a major Uni Park like Island of Adventure in another location without as many restrictions, I don't see where it's required the park be a second gate.


    Just like legoland put a park in Carlsbad who would of thought of a park going in Carlsbad, but it worked.

    Heck they could build the largest Island of Adventure on the planet right here in Riverside county all the open dead space this place has around it, it's in between LA and San Diego the population is here and it would give people another option of having to drive down to Diego or dealing with LA/ orange county traffic. With all the open space here they could build a Happy Potter city not just a land lol


    I don't know there the pros I'm not

  2. Thanks for the pics I'm loving the new colors on the Tower


    You know, after 15 years of seeing the silver tower, the new red/blue scheme looks so completely natural...like it's always looked like that.


    I had a similar feeling with X2. Hopefully the new Superman will be just as successful as the X2 transformation was.


    I'm with matt here it took them 15 years to get it right imo the color scheme the reverse launch all of this should of been how the ride opened 1997 lol I also think it will be just a popular as the X2 trans especially if it's hitting the red it's going to be known as the scariest ride in the park with that insane drop

  3. I was just trying to be funny lol hehehehe hahaha you know when I said the dippin dots guy


    I also hate saying "my source said" to me that comes off as being a smart A$$ who really doesn't know anything


    This info is from old buddies who been in these communities for years and has had a very good track record, yes I do take their info very seriously, it's not 100% gospel but they been on the right track with their info plenty of times.

  4. Eh, I'm definitely West Coast bias here.


    Ghostrider, I'd much rather keep wood. What it needs is an Intamin wood refurbishment, let them teach Knotts how to keep an extreme tracks circuit smooth and manageable like El Toro.


    IMO, I'd love to see Colossus resurrected. Forget the racer bologna, its outdated. Make it taller, steeper, perhaps get rid of the mild turnarounds and replace them with banked turns like Texas Giant. The things got nothing going for it, its so neutered its not close to what it used to be. Bring the double down back--seriously. No reason to build an Intamin Mega-Lite airtime machine if Colossus takes care of it instead! New trains! Aw man I'm drooling already!



    From what I hear this will be Colossus B-day present for when she turns 35 in 2013 I have no other details on it other then the fact SF has ok'd Rattler to get the next rocky mountain treatment starting in 2011 these are just some ramblings I heard from the dipppin dots guy don't kill me if it's just the usually DD guys BS


    Wouldn't Intamins plug n play track do pretty much the same thing this rocky mountain track is doing while steel keeping the coaster classified as wood.?


    Is the plug n play track that expensive that, that Idea wasn't even thought of being n option

  5. With the train on the track I wonder are they going to do a B&M and just let her rip an hope for no problems or are they going the intamin route and take a few cars and do a full pull through?


    Speaking of that is Intamin the only company that does pull throughs? seams like most of the other companies just let em rip their first run. I could be wrong but I don't think I've ever seen a B&M pull through.


    Anyways here's the dippin dots guys info lol it said that SF is loving the way the Giant is turning out even before testing it, it's said they have already ok'd Rattler for their next project starting in 2011 and for Colossus 36 B-day in 2013 she'll be getting her makeover also. So if this true looks like SF has Rocky mountain locked in for projects for a few years. I was also told SOB would be brand new ride in 2012 so it looks like this Rocky mountain my be very busy over the next few years lol


    TG looks awesome and I hope if any of these other projects are true they come out just as amazing looking

  6. That would look awesome at Hershey, They are not allowed to build anything in the water right? That's why great bear has those weird supports right? If so, to bad Id love to see one or two of these Intamin corkscrew hills over the water before it hits that over banked turn in your drawing.


    Also if Hershey wanted Intamin to build them a 212 foot tall megalite I'm sure Intamin wouldn't refuse with the funds available I'm sure they'd build whatever you wanted lol


    Maybe the crossover the comet will be like a steel version of the El Toro crossover one could only hope

  7. How is that MF overbanked turn doesn't kill the speed of the ride


    You are probably right an overbanked turn probably would be harder to do then widening the turn, I'm no professonial coaster designer, my simple mind just that it would seam easier to over bank then to widen I have no problem with admitting I could be wrong or I am wrong.


    The changing a barrel roll seams easy it's in a straight line, the loop removal I don't know seams like it would have to be some mods made to get the track reconnected

  8. This isn't RCT how can they just widen the turn and expect it to line back up with the airtime hill? I know in no limits I've made elements that were alittle to tight tried to widen or enlarge the element and it's almost darn near impossible to get it to reconnect. I know using no limits makes me no professional but it seams to me like alittle more to this mod then just widening the turn and it's fixed.


    Imo I believe the easiest fix would be a huge overbanked turn, but they're the pros so if widening the turn is going to work without a problem then who am i to say it can't be done.

  9. hopefully this coaster isd funner then it look


    Minus the part where funner isn't a word, I don't think this could look much more fun than it already does. And I mean that in a good way. This ride looks like pure fun - nothing overly extreme, but certainly something that could pack a bit of a punch and should just be a flat-out enjoyable ride. We can assume it'll be nice and smooth, and it'll probably have airtime, and the 0-Gs will probably be even better than the normal B&Ms on the outside seats. So I'd say that this ride looks fun!


    Maybe this is better "I hope the ride is more exciting then it looks" other then that it looks just like any other B&M. How will it pack a punch when B&M looks to have trimmed the punch right out of it. Starry Night ripper is about the only coaster B&M has to date imo that looks like it's not from there plug and play collection of elements.



    Anyways I'm not going to say the ride sucks just from pics or pov video, I'm just saying I hope it's a lot (funner lol j/k) more exciting then it looks b/c to me imo it looks boring. I could be wrong most likely will be wrong but right now this is just the way I see it.

  10. Isn't the strong rumor that they're getting an Intimidator...of the 305 nature?

    This is what I heard also and from the same old timer that says SFMM is getting a dive coaster 2012


    The park is going to look amazing with a version of I305 in the skyline, I just hope they went back to the drawing board and tweek they're turns so we don't have any I305 blackout wheel issues lol. I would also like to know the mastermind that was able to fit a gigacoaster into Knotts that took some major planning and creativity. Anyways I'm talking like everything is confirmed I hope it is 2012 looks amazing if alll this is true.

  11. Yeah I figured that's what was going on in the pics but man that is one crazy mass of wood in the pic, I just don't see how this ride isn't going to be epic, the location alone is amazing then the coaster is a work of art. Yes GCI out did themselves big time with this one they should be extremely proud of themselves but I guess it wont truely set into tell this baby is running those tracks like the beauty they designed it to be.


    I just hope someone here in the states gives GCI a chance to create an work of art like this one , whats parks here in the states have beautiful terrain and the funds to let GCI creat a master piece like this one looks to be turning out to be.

  12. ^ driving down the street for that five dollar foot long isn't getting the park any closer to that Intamin Giga, Launched , plug n plAY or the flat rides the park so desperatly need


    Also you must be drivng wayyyyyyyyy up the street because to me it seams like any place in close proximity to SFMM is ripping people off just because there close to a tourist destination, you can find the same stuff located farther away for normal prices.


    Same for disney and Knotts the places outside the park charge out rageous prices Imo the Micky D up the street from knotts was charging over 7 bucks for a small big mac meal when the normal Micky ds is charging no more then about 4 bucks maybe 5 something if you go with the biggie sizes lol


    Yes park prices are high but could you imagine the cost of running the park the size of SFMM for a day the figure has to be nuts, so at least I know that dry a$$ 10 burger I just bought is helping the park out in some way, yes they can have higher quailty food options who's to say they aren't working on it especially now they have alittle extra cash from closing all those licensing deals maybe the parks well get alittle more TLC from food to flat rides.


    Guess well see I had heard they had planned on some nice hcages to the laughing dragon when S:EFK re opens, please don't turn it into a johny rockets lol

  13. I've never experienced the supposedly horrible food at SFMM, Moseburger lodge has great food and they have this berry drink to die for it's so good IMO, Wascales(sp) Imo had some terrific burgers and fries, panda express is well panda express, I found Johnnny rockets to be decent, theres a pizza place by batman that also really good imo. There churros(sp) always soft and fresh, the lemon chill is great it's way better then the kind you can by at walmart I don't know why but SFMM just has a more lemony flavor lol There funnel cakes are delicous but of course can never come close to Knotts Boysenberry imo They also have some good bar b gue in the tatsu roaring rapids area the was gret imo there plenty of good food at SFMM Imo


    Beats going all the way to the parking lot and going down to wendys and waiting in a 2 hour line for a 10 cold combo where every other wendys is chaging 3.99 for the same meal or imo going to that Chevron and buying a $2 dollar snickers bar and 3 dollar bottle of Dasani at least SF is trying to make a profit to hopefully better the park while those other places down the hill is just leching off of cheap skates which are still being ripped off.

  14. Is colossus projected by some historical landmark or ACE coaster what ever it is they do preserve old coasters I believe, could the profile be changed?


    Anyways I was thinking of Colossus having the treatment done to it with some major layout changes.


    First the lift should be steepened to like 45* top out at maybe 135 feet giving it plenty of room for a 65* to 70* first drop and even room for a double up into a severely banked turn around like on TG. After that bring back that glorious bunny hop the ejector hill the lady flew out on due to inadequate restrains for a person of her size. in fact include two of them before the double up into the second crazy banked turnaround.


    Now heres my biggest change the second turn around should be completely rebuild and moved out a few feet far enough that they could add a MCBR while still keeping the famous double down, after the rise into the structure instead of going into that straight line of bunnyhills it should drop down do a crazy racing figure 8 in the middle of the structure then hit the bunny hills back to the station. maybe adding a racing flying carpet instead of just the straight line of bunnyhops

  15. I hope all the money they save buy not having to pay license fines is going to the flat ride cookie jar lol maybe if they fill the jar enough with the money they saved they'lll start issuing out deperately need flats for they're parks. Not just extreme flats but flats of all types god knows the parks could use them.


    Knowing SFI though they saving all this money to build SFMM/or SFGADV a giga coaster lol

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