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  1. Even though I personnal think the movie look like it is going to suck, I think the trains look cool and fits unlike Viper Gel lol


    If these ads is helping bring us that future amazing airtime Intamin I ask for in almost every SFMM post I make then wrap the entire park in ads, hell. Unlike some peeps I'm still Intamin obsessed train flying off track/Cables exploding I still want one here in CALI

  2. Maybe Kawasemi was so expensive b/c it was built partial over water in Japan, I'd like to get the prices for the other 3 that's been built?


    I'd love to see one at Knotts in Ghost town painted in like the piraten colors knowing CF they'd name it something cheesy like steel stampede or Wild West ghost train on ghost hill lol


    With Holiday Worlds love of airtime even built into the water rides (wildebeast), I don't see how this couldn't be their first choice for a first steel coaster. Is there room in the Fourth of July area for a megalite named Cherry Bomb or Firecracker?

  3. ^Well I hope SFMM got a refund from whomever did the audio if it's totally broken already.


    Glad to hear SFMM getting nice crowds already, it might not be a good thing for those of use that want to ride our hearts out. Yet look at it this way the bigger the crowds the closer we maybe to something Intamin amazing So let the crowds overwhelm if it pays for that 2012/2013 airtime/speed machine.


    I remeber the Goliath track gap mishap lol doesn't that piece of track that filed the gap make Goliath part B&M b/c I thought I had heard that piece was fab by the B&M ohio plant so there wouldn't be a delay in opening.

  4. ^ never knew Roger Lodge hosted Price is Right, right now the host is Drew Carey and he seams to be getting fatter with each episode lol, one of these days he's going to yell come on down and fall down not be able to get back up and have to be rolled off the stage lol


    I also love CB I rode that thing over and over one day at least 20+ times, the only time I had to get off was when/if someone was waiting for my seat, I don't find it near bout as rough as Viper, Viper isn't all that rough to me either until it gets to the batwing and that turn into the corks.

  5. The Screamer is one fun fast intense coaster it caught me totally off guard, I wasn't expecting it to hit those unbanked turns that fast nor did I expect it to have as much airtime as it did. I think this is the only coaster in all of California to provide massive airtime. Then you have commercial airliners flying right above your head into the ONT airport, the freeway on the side of you, coaster supports trying to decapitate you, your in for sensory overload lol I love the Screamer


    I thought it was a 6 car train also, but I could totally see them taking off a car to lower the intensity and probably cut down on wear and tear to the trains and structure beacuse Screamer is a beast imo


    I just noticed in one of the pictures that a little girl is riding alone in the last car, On my second ride my GF opted to sit out and they said I couldn't ride alone in the last car could this by a change in riding policy since the train has one less car now?

  6. Thanks for shorting the video to just the testing parts but whyyyyyyyyyyy for the love of god did you have to put that techno in it? The Roar of the train was more then enough music to an coaster enthusiast ears imo.


    Also is this the only park to put up a crappy web cam only to turn it off when anything good is happening


    That first drop in the back seat looks amazing and it does look like it's flying over those hills here hoping that it keeps flying

  7. Wow that is one of thee sickest looking first drop combos ever!!! this looks like a really fun intense wooden coaster not better then prowler but really close.


    I love to watch these guys progress with every new coaster these guys make, they just get better and better. Imo they're like an Intamin of wooden coasters every design is something different and wild not like plug and play B&M imo


    Based on my experiences with them, there aren't any "isolation" problems at all. Oh yeah, and as mentioned...the airtime is better.


    Which brings up this question for me...is it the new trains making the airtime better since they are more sleek and aerodynamic compared to the bulky 4 across trains or has B&M actually redesigned their hills to provide better airtime?

  9. Well were do I start


    I bought my Mom this kings size silk bedspread set that shes been wanting for over 300 hundred bucks


    I bought my sister a pair of high heel D&G leather boots for $175.00


    I brought my brother a pair of Chad Muska Supra Skytop shoes for a buck 20 ($120)


    I bought my younger sister scrubs she works in a doctors office 5 tops/ 5 bottoms was $120


    I also bought my 18 month old nephew a $100 toddler Batman Powerwheels Quad and my 3 week old niece over $100+ dollars worth of baby clothes


    AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT THESE PEOPLE GOT ME!!!! absolutlely nothing I got not a thing from no one not the four immediate family members above nor from any other relative.


    I know christmas isn't all about getting great gifts but man I felt like i was in the movie Sixteen Candles or something, like I didn't even exisit. when I did exist to them, it was to complain about why I didn't get them this or get them that. My mom even hard the gore to get alittle attitude when she thought I had forgot to buy and bring her Mary J Blige stupid new CD like are you serious.


    Then on top of that I had to go in and work an overnight shift , so yeah sorry I just got off and I had to get that Rant out


    I do truly hope everyone elses Christmas was much much better then mine.

  10. ...Or maybe this is the start of it's deconstruction since it's suppose to be a huge money sucking ride to maintain and operate, but most likely it's like EBL said and sup is getting his botox and will come back looking brand new.


    If theres any painting of the Superman structure I hope it remains the same color. I remember awhile back there was some test colors applied to a support that was red/yellow/blue and Imo I didn't like that at all.


    Batman is looking gorgeous

  11. I remember the Bat suit in the case had light shining on it, there was fog in the trenches and when you returned to the station. I think I remember flashing light at a certain point of the ride but I'm thinking that was the on ride photo flash.


    Imo Scream should of got the new paint and fixing up the area around it, Batman was looking perfect. The faded cracked/peeling paint look on it and the whole theme of the area all fit perfectly.


    Oh well I'm just glad to see TLC going into the park instead of shuttered gates, they could paint it pink for all I care just keep the improvements comming big or small

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