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  1. Hey guys remember this concept artwork


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us


    I recreated a No limits coaster based off of it, I haven't played NL in a long time so I'm kind of proud of myself for hand building this in one night but I'll you all be the judge of how well It was executed.


    Here is an




    Here is the

    Batman The Dark Knight Rises.nltrack

    No limits launched coaster

  2. Oh man that basket of delicious looking Nachos made me hungry


    I was just thinking in both of the cases could the age of the victims be taken into account? A 79 year old women skin is thin a paper and a four year old child skin is very delicate also, so would the same injuries result in say a person in their 20s or 30's?


    Regardless if McDonalds coffee was hotter then standards or not a 79 year old person shouldn't be driving for one, and especially with a hot liquid I've also had a coworker who spilled coffee on herself on the way to work and was crying about how her Va JJ was burning yet I don't recall her suing AM/PM for her own mistake .


    I know the Disney case isn't fully disclosed yet but my early speculation says this is just a case of the parents not paying attention even it was just a split second and want someone to blame someone with tons and tons of money. I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old and anyone with little kids know how unbelievably fast they can be, especially when getting into something they are not suppose to be getting into. Watching them is a 24 hour task. Like just the other night I had went to Carls jr. sat the bags of food on my kitchen counter and within seconds of me tuning my back it seamed like, my 3 year old had hamburger and fries on the kitchen floor. You have to keep everything out of their reach especially hot food and liquids, I'm sure Disney isn't putting hot nacho cheese in the kiddy buffet lol it was up to the parents to keep that cheese out of the childs reach no matter how hot it was they knew it was hot.

  3. It may be short but man that layout looks sick especially that first drop half loop combo. I like the looks of this one much better then Raptor at Gardaland, I know Gardalands is the prototype so I can kinda understand why it's not big and flashy. If thorpe parks is any indication where B&M is heading with this I'm liking it, maybe by the time one hits the US we'll see more length added on to them.

  4. ^Like those trains from Wieland Schwarzkopf that debuted in 1999, at the IAAPA convention. This is a link for a couple of pics of the trains Schwarzkopf scroll down a bit they're the white Accelerator trains pictured.


    Or have Intamin build some, Rev is approaching 35 years old the ride truly deserves it. I haven't been on it in years because of those horrible trains. I love the ride it was my first coaster and first coaster with a loop.

  5. This just looks all kinds of beautiful awesome! Truly one of a kind element that does give the impression to me of a cheetah running up a tree and around the branches. I have no idea as to whether they can or do in real life


    Just sayin'


    Yes they can in real life and are known as the best tree climbers of the big cat species, these cats are so powerful they can even climb up a tree with a zebra they just hunted, they usually climb up into the trees to keep other predators from stealing their meal. The even sleep on branches of trees at night for protection and to stalk prey.


    IMO this figure 8 elements mimics that perfectly, it's like BGT really did their homework on these cats and has put together a ride that mimics these beautiful cats perfectly. The burst of speed(launches) the pouncing(bunnyhops) the running up into tree tops and the drop out of the figure 8 is exactly what a Cheetah does when they spot prey.


    Anyways I think this coaster and the figure 8 element is a work of art it's beautiful and I hope the rides proves to be just as exciting

  6. I just noticed in that great nigh time shot of S:EFK that it appears Goliath is lit up in the back ground with orange lighting. I've only ever seen Goliath lit up on the lifthill with the green light, is this orange lighting something new or is it something I just never noticed before?


    Also my worst visit to a park EVER! was to SFGAm unless the park is open for a private TPR event, I never in life want to go back to that place. The park itself had nothing to do with it, I loved the park I thought the rides were great and the park was beautiful it was the monsters trolling the park that made the visit a nightmare. This was in 2006 and when I almost leave a park in handcuffs for going on a rampage then no that's not a place for me lol. I am usually a very level minded cool headed person. I'm more into laughing and having fun. The Rudeness, line jumping, basket ball bouncing and throwing hitting other people in line with them push me total over the edge. At one point I thought I was in the middle of the court during a lakers game but when one dude hit my girl at the time in the face with a ball and then had the gore to say B*tch shouldn't of been in my way I went ape sh*T nuts. You had groups of people would just barge their way to the front of the line literally pining you to the que railings. So called security walking doing nothing, brawls on the midways and I see why, the attitudes and rudeness those people had made New Yorkers look like the nicest people on the planet lol I had no problems at SFGADv and this is the park I had heard might have some pretty tough crowds, they were no angels of course but man SFGADv crowds were in no way as bad as the monsters running around SFGAm I will never go back.


    Anyways can't wait for WCB 2011

  7. The rise to the top of that tower should provide some amazing airtime, do you see the shape of that hill it's perfect. Then you see how quickly it go's into the curve, this suppose to be a family friendly ride but the tower elements looks like it's going to be the most intense figure 8 on the planet lol


    Beautiful looking coaster IMO and it's not even half way complete and it looks this awesome great job Intamin BGW

  8. ^ Brings up a funny story I remembe,r one day in line for Goldrusher these two girls keep saying how they couldn't wait to ride Goliath, well the trains come rollling in and they both look at each other and say this doesn't look anything like what they show on the commercial. I politely say b/c it not the Goliath they show on the commercial, Goliath is the huge ORANGE coster that has the huge letters spelling out Goliath in front of it. How could you miss that? This the Goldrusher family coaster, they both look at me rolls their eyees with evil look and leave the que insearch of a huge orange coaster lol with huge lettesr spelling Goliath in front of it wonder if they ever foud it lol

  9. when I said cookie cutter I didn't mean clone either.


    There is a difference between judging a ride before ever riding it and Bashing a ride before riding it imo I'm not bashing the ride at all, I keep saying looks can be deceiving and this thing can turn out amazing.


    Bashing a ride before riding it or watching a pov is like formula Rossa like the comments made from the povs ...it has no airtime, it barely making it over the bunny hops, that launch had to be sped up, trim after the launch is going to ruin the ride, those turns look boring and force less. Imo that's bashing a ride just from a pov.


    Anyways I can't wait to see the X-Raptor trains

  10. Yes they maybe cookie cutter elements just placed in different orders to make them seam original, but it you really take alook at all of them it's always the same inversion just in different orders. Maybe an airless hop through in or an banked speed turn they're rides always look so fimilar IMO.


    Starry night Ripper looks like it was designed by a completely different company just using the B&M name, that ride has most unsee B&M elements and just a flair too it that it looks utterly amazing compared to anything B&M has done.


    Then they come right back with same B&M boringness with X raptor wide drawn out elements, trim brakes, they tout a 90* turn as something new and amazing. Wooden coaster are doing 90* turns now a days lol that barrel roll looks like the most longest drawn out slow element ever created beside that stupid jo jo roll on hydra. if the train is longer then 5 cars the first drop is going to feel like a kiddy drop looks like it can't be no more than about 100 feet tall and not that steep. It the seat rotated like the zipper this ride still looks boring. YET LOOKS CAN BE DECIEVING AND THIS THING MAY KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF LOL

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