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  1. hmm.. i have been busy with school and i have forgot to check my mail..
  2. Well, instead of just writing everything you think is wrong with the ride you could have at least given me some help on what should be right because you arer obviously the RCT Guru... Thanks anyway guys. It's still a WIP so the layout is bound to change. I've had loops on flyers before and they've seemed fine. I'll see what I can do. Well in real life a outside loop will only hurt riders and i don't like the name sonne (sun) very bad for a flyer..
  3. 1; unrealistic support work 2; Outside loop on a flyer 3; name! sun? ha!
  4. I have no freaking idea what your talking about.. You don't need to "install" Custom Scenery, you only drag the folder your downloaded in to your themes folder and they will show up.
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