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  1. I have nooo clue some electrical circui breaker thingy of some sort??
  2. Well I went to Cedar Point one week and I rode Wicked Twister. So I overrate it wayyyyyy to much and it is my Fav. coaster.
  3. Not new to TPR, but new to forums. This thread won't survive. idk. ring racer would be fun
  4. Awesome pictures! I love SF PTR's no matter what park. But I really feel bad for the park's. I mean SFKK and SFA and SFStL are all kinda smaller compared to the larger parks. Not as many rides, not as many guests and it seems like SF parks are getting smaller amounts of attendance all the time. I hope for the best. And i agree there is potential for this place. Sisters needs to open to get more woodies in there..or sell it.
  5. I did Iron Horse and then the Time Machine at Freestyle Music Park 3 weeks ago.
  6. Well really. I've been as it was HRP and FSMP. I really enjoyed it both times. Some more coasters and thrill rides and a actually Entertaining dark ride could be added, as well as promotions deals and more advertisement could be added. Really i'm not going to be a pessimistic person like some people on the boards, but i see hope and a good future for the park.
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