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  1. It's a shame yes but I have to admit the place is nothing like it was in its prime. 15 years ago or so. You know a theme park is in trouble when they rename their main attraction to a local soccer team. Also Cape tonians are some of the smuggest people on earth. Theme parks are beneath them.
  2. So every year there is this rumour going around that this place is going to be shut down but it made a bit of news recently when the park themselves finally announced the closing date. https://web.facebook.com/ratangajunction I'll have to force in a last few rides on that extended SLC this December then.
  3. Metallica (Death Magnetic) - Broken, Beat & Scarred
  4. I wouldn't really say that, I know many people who had it way worse. The worst pain I've ever had in my live wasn't even a broken anything. But rather preventing myself from getting hurt with bare hands on rough tarmac while losing control of a motorcycle. The aftermath was a evil nurse smiling at me with a bowl of savlon and a brush aiming for the wounds on my hands. I passed out apparently.
  5. 4 ribs (car accident), Jaw bone (Rottweiler went for my throat and missed), Cut off one of my toes and reattached it, Got 3 concussions in my life so I've probably cracked my skull already lol
  6. New TOT advert although the ride sucks comparing to the old version.
  7. I still love that shocking paint job on Blue Fire, reminds me of Goliath at SFFT.
  8. It's okay, I like 21 Guns most. Expected a bit more though.
  9. This thing has a pretty good resemblance to whats known down here as a Red Roman spider. And yes it's not a spider, hell only knows what can be that fugly.
  10. Hiya everyone, dj-dj originally from coastercrazy here. Finally registered to TPR lol.
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