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  1. Flyer is LC (lying coaster) from Crystal Wings posted earlier, and Its DM not DC for dive machine
  2. Random idea-There is a DM in the part number for Dive Machine for Chimelong..do those characters refer to the coaster type? (obviously we would need more evidence) EDIT: haha ,bgeguy had the exact same idea I did. Couldnt SC also be Standup Coaster?
  3. My personal favorite is the pre-lift on the SCBB Giant Dipper. The grease smell really makes it awesome. Its also surprisingly long
  4. agreed. I rode X2 a few weeks ago in the front row and it seriously scared the hell out of me. Definitely my #1
  5. Ive been on the Park City one twice. Lots of fun actually, assuming you have something to cover your eyes (so you can actually see)
  6. GCI makes a VERY solid product that parks and GP absolutely *LOVE* I'm not sure you'll see GCI trying to push the envelope when they don't need to. There is always going to be room for a really solid medium-sized, low maintenance woodie that a high percentage of park patrons can enjoy. And that is pretty much what GCI's product is! --Robb One could say similar about B&M Hypers vs. Intamins I guess. Liked the results, and hey Grizzly kept its spot at the bottom (odd spot of pride for some of us CGAers I guess)
  7. how have I never seem this challenge? It looks pretty awesome. Obviousy cant get in this month, but ill definitely be up for a future one
  8. Haven't been on it in like 3 years, but as I remember the exit's perpetual cotton candy and vomit stench was pretty awful. I wouldn't miss Vortex except for the awesome drop-turn to corkscrew insanity bit, which would be sad to lose. you would miss anything? That ride is pure pain. Take em both out for sure (anything some cool new stuff is put in)
  9. this. At SFDK everyone waiting to ride the B&M Floorless. At SFMM, it sits in the back unloved, which means like a 2 train wait max for the front row. Good stuff (well maybe not for SFMM). Seriously, the colors are awesome. The parking lot not so much though.
  10. aww, just when im leaving. Maybe theyll have something more than a crappy boomerang (cough Aladdin cough).
  11. but in diamondback the track sits in the lake essentially, while here it goes over it. Short or not, this thing still looks awesome.
  12. they already do have electronic bands now which can hold value at waterparks (I dont know the manufacturer). Ive used one in Wild Wadi in Dubai (awesome waterpark) and they do work very well. There they also are used to unlock the lockers, so you really don't need to be carrying around anything. It just makes so much sense, surprised we havent seen more adoption.
  13. WOW. That thing is going up so fast. The older pictures are just 3 days old!! http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/manta/sw408a.jpg Also: that through-the pretzel inline looks sick http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/manta/sw422a.jpg
  14. exactly how much rehab can be expected? Im looking to drive down (from norcal) early January. Now Revolution being down wouldn't bug me too much (ridden it before anyways), but I still haven't done X, so that would be a must-visit. Also, while I have ridden Tatsu before, it being down would be a massive disappointment since that ride is simply fantastic.
  15. yea agreed...Florida would be another strong contender, quite a few good parks around
  16. Surprised by the lack of people (maybe they all just hide) into taking quality Amusement Park photography. I currently suck badly, but am trying to learn Best so far: @ Santa Cruz Boardwalk
  17. How are you sure Kraken wont be your first? Oh, and thats a lot of track porn, some people here must be peeing themselves. I honestly dont care much until its actually in place
  18. seems like it. Although all the B&Ms seem to have steep lifts recently (see manta as well)
  19. seems to be going along pretty nicely...The first one gives a good scale of just how big it is
  20. but if we were only positive, wed have nothing to bitch about! . Seriously, I dont think anyone here is complaining too much about a new B&M flyer, period.
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