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  1. First two weeks of my new job, and already have $500 saved up! 2012 TPR trip here I come
  2. Yeah, I believe it is now an all-day pass. Looks like they are also experimenting with the prices, and it's looking a little more like SF's Flash Pass, in the sense that the more people in your group, the less money it is per person. $50 - One $45 - Two $40 - Three $35 - Four $30 - Five $25 - Six or more tickets.visitkingsisland.com/shop/shopping_corporate_partners_list.cfm
  3. Wow, I entered a contest for first ride on monday, I guess since they opened it yesterday it's really not a first ride on monday To be fair, it was never going to be a "first ride", as AE has been run backwards before...
  4. Yep. The dates are 8/8-9/17. EDIT: Looks like Iron Wolf is confirmed as leaving September 5th! From the park's Facebook:
  5. SFGAm is also holding a contest for the "first train" on Monday. Text BACK to 63485 to enter!
  6. Mammoth looks giant! Should be an interesting ride, just like Wildebeest was. And a Halloween event sounds good for them...just hope they put in a maze or two
  7. The new trains look awesome! Can't wait for the 2012 TPR Trip announcements
  8. Good to hear, but I still had hoped that they would announce more than just Eagle backwards. Also, is there any reason why they're not doing it through Fright Fest? Seems odd that they wouldn't just continue it. And I HOPE we get to see the entire "notes" page revealed, that would be nice Also excited to see what they still have planned for the fall, teaser-wise
  9. Next to the code is also a series of writings/drawings, including "O&W Wright" (Wright Brothers), "Flying Machine", and "Application Filed March 23rd, 1903". (The day the Wright Brothers filed their patent) Definitely a more cryptic approach to teasing, but I'm curious as to where all this will lead!
  10. Kind of sad that the video was leaked, considering that the Riptide Bay announcement was leaked before it's announcement too, but AE Blue will still be fun!
  11. Piers! Too bad he wasn't wasted (or was he? ) ,that would've shown them what TPR is really about!
  12. I honestly could care less about Google+ until a majority of Facebook users switch over. Which I don't see happening for a long time. I mean, Google+ is nice and all, but Facebook has become such a global phenomenon that it seems almost impossible to surpass. I dunno, only time shall tell.
  13. Interesting, and if it did happen to be the Haunted Train, I would die of excitement. I've been trying to look at the phrase before "It's baaack!", and can't come up with anything. It makes my head hurt after a while!
  14. Wildebeest was 5.5 million I believe, so 9 million could definitely be something rather significant.
  15. Great song! I'm listening to that Ready to Start Remix now
  16. Yeah, all they've referred to it as is a "big announcement", not an announcement officially regarding the 2012 season. So, I could see it being just some updates, but if they were teasing new Fright Fest upgrades, wouldn't the other rumored parks be doing the same?
  17. I would definitely like to see a Fright Fest upgrade. Last year was a step up from the past, but they still have a lot of potential to make it a really awesome event!
  18. The fifth line looks like it mentions Demon and "timing logistics", whatever that is. I LOVE the GP comments so far. Most of them include theories of the park tearing down American Eagle, as well as finally getting Chang
  19. For a long time now I've wanted a park to create a really elaborate marketing campaign for a coaster, and Hershey seems to have done just that. The amount of effort in creating this sort of thing is outstanding, and it sure has done it's job in getting people hyped up! Can't wait for August 2nd!
  20. No. Great report! It really was an awesome day - rain and all!
  21. ON THE MOVE. Great report Griff! IB looks awesome
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