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  1. Awesome report Jer! I can barely handle Batman forwards (as many of you know), so I'm not sure how going backwards will treat me. Can't wait to get out to the park soon!
  2. Kind of a strange announcement (timing-wise), and the expansion was already announced alongside the USH announcement, so all today really confirmed was its location and vague attraction details. I'd imagine they'll handle this like the original WWOHP, and release specifics in a number of months. I don't see this having quite the effect that the original land had, but it will sure bring in a large amount of crowds.
  3. Ha! I recall playing the "Whac-a-hipster" game at Lollapalooza here in Chicago last year. Very cool!
  4. My first ride on X-Flight was pretty bad, just because I wasn't expecting so much pressure on my collarbone/shoulders. I can ride it fine now as long as I stretch out the vest in the station and on the lift hill.
  5. I'd say Universal just wanted to bank on all the merch and opened the store as fast as possible. Also I love the lil sweaters the employees wear!
  6. I think I'm more excited about not having to pick up those stupid meal vouchers anymore.
  7. So "Batman in the rear" is now "Batman in the front"? Pretty sure the GP will eat this up.
  8. That video was almost scary. I mean, the man was comparing his life to a dead tree just because he was banned from Disney World. C'mon dude, maybe take a break from the Internet and look at your life...
  9. Got my gift! My secret Santa did an awesome job thank you! Will post pics soon
  10. Got my gifts all ready, hopefully shipping them out tomorrow!
  11. As far as I go, I'm 17, wear a shirt size large, and enjoy Leslie Hall and Doctor Who
  12. The old Soundstage 44. It was going to be used for HHN, but Transformers was decided upon instead and they've been rapidly building this thing like crazy.
  13. The Employee Preview is tonight, and it looks like a few people will be live-tweeting the event.
  14. Yeah, it was on the morning news today which I thought was impressive. Hopefully Larry isn't next..
  15. The RIP Tiny thing has got to be one of the weirdest/funniest things SFGAm has done. Just seeing a giant chalk outline of a spider is so strange!
  16. Really like the commercial this year, nice to see they didn't focus only on zombies.
  17. Props to SFMM for keeping this thing under wraps. Kind of nice to see after the GateKeeper and Outlaw Run leaks.
  18. So can we now expect every 2013 announcement to be leaked ahead of time?
  19. Currently listening to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, very excited to see them live next weekend
  20. If anyone is looking for good single-day ticket deals, you can buy online tickets today for $25 valid through 8/7!
  21. I noticed that Team TPR was at $993 so I donated $7 to Joe to hit the $1000 mark! Awesome job to all the members riding!
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