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  1. I have been reading this topic for a few years now laughing and hoping I could hear some of this stuff. The weirdest stuff I have heard at my homepark is "Look at Drop Tower, it's over 400 foot tall" or "That coaster there goes over 100 mph" Not too weird if you think about it. So they get some stats wrong, but last Sunday I had a conversation with a woman that I had to put on this list. While standing in line for Rebel Yell a woman turned to me and asked, Woman: Whice one is this? Me: Ah, Rebel Yell. A white wooden coaster. Woman: What does it do? Me: Well, it's an out and back coaster. It turns around by I305 over there. Woman: But does it go upside down? Me: no As I got off RY My gf said to me, gf: Wow, a wood coaster that goes upside down, I don't think that's possible. Me: Well Son of Beast at KI had a loop but they took it out, and few old coasters had loops back it the day. gf: Really? Why they take out the loop? Injuries? Me: Something like that, and the trains were too heavy. Now its about this time that I started to realize what a geek I am. Sometimes I think we know way more than any human being should about this coaster stuff. So I ask this, whos really the weirdest? The GP or coaster GEEKS?
  2. ^ There are a few I can think of. You should be able to find discounted tickets at places for 35 dollars. That will total up to 140. If you plan on arriving late, like after 4 pm the first day. The park used to sell full priced tickets where you get in the next day for free. Not sure they still do that. 120 for that option. After the season starts, you could check ebay or some online sites like that. A few years ago I sold 4 kd tickets on ebay and I think they went for 40 dollars. I hope this might help you out.
  3. ^ I am only 34 and had to work from a young age too. I just thought that was life in the south. I bet most of these prep kids did not have to work for anything. You can tell in there attitude. Mommy and Daddy bought them a nice education.
  4. I don't understand why when someone tries to help out a ride or a park, people on this site bash them like they are dirt. So he's not the one you wanted and you don't think he can do it. He is trying. That's more than I can say for you all. I used to love this site but now it seems like it is full of hybrid drivers who smell their own farts. I can understand actions like this from a 14 y/o, but most of you are grown men. Those of you from around the Big Easy should be asking if you can help, not bashing. I do not know alot about this deal or this park. Is there even enough population left there to sustain an amusement park?
  5. All the great ones are taken so I well come up with ones that have not been said yet. PARK: I will go with what would have been my howntown park of Carolina Crossroads. The whole concept was a bad failure but atleast, unlike HRP, it was never built. COASTER: I will have to go with Cobra in Denmark and Fujin Raijin II in Japan.When a train derails, thats a major problem.
  6. I never thought there was much to BBW. I will miss it, but if it has to go to make room for something else, so be it. What I don't like about this whole situation is the park's comments about the reason. It doesn't add up. If it was getting old and the supports were failing and would cost too much I could understand. But this whole Arrow told us 25 year service life and that's it is BS.
  7. Is anyone here going to the tailgate get together? I was thinking about going but I'm not sure it's still going to happen. It would be nice to hang out and meet new people, but I really don't think it's needed. I don't think KD will have too much of a turn out on a Friday. As stated, a hang out would be cool.
  8. Rock Band has cost me alot of money. I first bought Rock Band a few years ago for the PS2. I loved it but got bored with the songs on it really quick. When I found out you can buy songs and download then on PS3, well I had to get me one. Next came a bigger 42" flat pannel TV and then surround sound. Over time I have downloaded over 100 dollars of songs. After awhile I got to thinking I want to do this for real so I bought a Fender squier starter pack. I have had that for 3 months now playing away. The last time I tried to play Rock Band I sucked. Now I don't even want to hear it's name anymore. lol
  9. This has probly been stated before, but that looks like an Aqua Trax to me.If it is I don't understand were there first of it's kind marketing came from. Maybe new elements?
  10. Wow 10 dollars a ride! One thing I don't understand about these pay per ride parks is how stupid most of them are when it comes to pricing. In my opinion 10 bucks is way too high. If I was there, they might get one ride out of me to say I did it. I know I wouldn't pay again. But if it was 2 bucks, then I might ride 10 times if I like it and they make even more money off me.
  11. I never had a chance to go there. I have seen the coasters for sale and they looked like ok rides. Also, I liked what I saw of the park in the movie Grace is Gone.
  12. I just don't understand why everyone belives the crap that BGE says about "Reached the end of it's service life". It might cost more to maintain an Arrow suspended coaster than some other coasters, But BBW was making them money in the long run. This is my opinion of why BBW is closed. Busch loves B&M because they are cheap to maintain and very reliable. They also want a new "country" but don't have the land right now. So BBW closed for future expansion and not for end of service life.
  13. does anyone have another link to that video? It was funny.
  14. At BGE do not ride the sky ride unless you want to for scenic reasons. I made that mistake. Thought I be smart and save some walking over to Griffon. After waiting 45 mins to board the sky ride, by the time I got to Griffon it was a 2 hour wait.
  15. Why would they tear down the theaters? Lol they didnt always play spongebob you do know that right... Yes I do know that. Days of Thunder was one of my favorite rides back in the day. From there I can't remember the other movies. I just mentioned they might be torn down because John Pagel (PR guy for KD) said in a ask KD forum stated something that didn't add up to me. If you are wondering what he said something to the intent of "We are looking into doing something with the Action Theater area. The way he worded it didn't make sence to me.
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