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  1. If the park opens, all rides will close in the rain. I think the only roller coaster that will operate in the rain is Boomerang. Do they reopen the rides once the rain stops? I have a pass, and haven't been to the park in the rain before, so I want to check it out. The only problem is the four other people in my group don't have passes and I don't want them to be mad at me.
  2. I was thinking about heading to Knott's tomorrow, as long as they're open. The weather forecast said "few showers" on the ABC7 news around 6, but online The Weather Channel says "showers." What rides do you guys think will close in the rain? I know Xcelerator will close. Does anyone know if anything else will close? Do they reopen coasters if the rain stops? Any help is much appreciated. This is the link I'm looking at that says "showers." http://www.weather.com/outlook/travel/vacationplanner/tenday/46614:20?from=dayDetails_topnav_vacation
  3. It looks like everyone had an awesome time! I hope I can make it to next year's WCB. It'll be my first coaster event ever, and I'm already excited!
  4. SFMM last month, the Viper and Scream ops were going crazy fast! Disneyland, everytime I go, the Space Mountain ops are awesome! Knott's, because I like the way their ops tell jokes and interact with the guests waiting in line.
  5. I've only been to SFMM once, so I don't know how crowded it'll be. I went on a Saturday last month and it was pretty crowded, I waited nearly 2 hours for Tatsu, and a little over an hour for Goliath. I used to go to school in northern CA and now southern CA, every school I've gone to has had its last day be around mid June, this year its June 18th. So schools will still be in session. We also have the Monday off for Memorial Day weekend, still in school on Friday. Regarding X2 just being a reopened ride, a lot of kids in my school actually think its a brand new ride, so I think most of the GP might rush in thinking that it has a completely different layout. Hope that helped.
  6. The 18th is a Sunday, so it shouldn't be too crowded. I go every month on a Sunday and crowds are never a problem. If you get there at opening you could probably finish half the rides before 12.
  7. Nice trip report, its great to see my home park through another person's eyes. I really enjoyed the Ghost Town pics, I go to Knott's a lot but never even bother to check any of that stuff out. Thanks for sharing!
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