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  1. Is the date pretty much set in stone, though? I need to request the day off work at least 3 weeks in advance to pretty much guarantee it off, so I will be requesting the 30th off tomorrow for this event.
  2. When will we know if this is going to be a "for sure" event or not? Just curious because now that USH has put up their ticket info, I'm going to start trying to plan for my first trip to HHN and I'd rather do this event than go with a regular ticket. I won't be able to purchase until next Friday at the earliest, though.
  3. I'm interested, and I might be able to get around 3-5 of my friends to join me, as well. I haven't been to HHN before (been going to KSF for the last 3 years, though) and I'd love to go for the first time with TPR!
  4. With Green Lantern opening up at the beginning of July, what do you guys think the crowds will be like on weekdays next month? I might push my visit to a further date if the crowds during opening week (before it opens) will be the same as the weeks to follow.
  5. That's disappointing news, as I was planning on visiting this month and hoping it would be open. Oh well, I'm satisfied with their current collection of coasters, so I don't mind waiting until a later trip to ride it. Sucks for non-So Cal people, though, who were planning on coming a long way to ride it opening day or later this month.
  6. I was at Knott's today for my school's senior trip and was surprised because the park opened Xcelerator today! I was under the impression that if it even drizzles, they shut it down all day. The rides that were scheduled to be down were down, but as soon as the rain cleared up, all the coasters were operational! So on behalf of everyone at the park today, I want to thank you, Knott's. I know a lot of kids were mad when we went in while it was raining and rides were closed. Everything ended up being walk-ons through out the day and the majority of the people I saw in the park today were from my school, so it seems like the combo of weekday/rainy weather did keep people away. Xcelerator was great, as always. Same with Silver Bullet, which I got to ride while it was still drizzling a little. Ghostrider was smooth for our first ride on it, but went back to being it's rough self for the last two rides. I'm kind of disappointed that they trimmed the turn over the station, too. We played some Boardwalk games today and checked out some of the shops in Ghost Town, so that was a lot of fun, doing stuff other than rides. Overall, it was a pretty fun and relaxed day at the park. Got on these rides: Log Ride: x1 Silver Bullet: x3 Xcelerator: x4 Ghostrider: x3 Supreme Scream: x2 Bigfoot Rapids: x1 Pony Express: x1 Montezooma's Revenge: x1 Jaguar: x1 La Revolucion: x1 On Windseeker, it didn't look like anything new has happened since the recent photo updates I've seen on this and other sites. No tower up yet, but there were people on the construction site doing work on the ground.
  7. Alright, sweet. It looks like I'll probably head out there mid-week. But I know that my own school is having a senior trip to Knott's next month in the middle of the week, so I'll keep those other school trips in mind. Thanks for your input!
  8. I'm planning on visiting the park sometime during the week of June 13th-June 17th (regardless of whether Green Lantern opens or not), but I'm not really sure which of those days would be best. I can choose any day from Monday through Friday and the park looks to have the same operating hours each day, so what do you guys think? How will the crowds be that week and would the middle of the week be less crowded than the beginning or end? I haven't been to the park since last May so I am really looking forward to getting back!
  9. Well, it looks like I won't be attending this year. I just got out of the hospital after a week and a half and my doctor told me to avoid strenuous activities for at least two months. That includes riding coasters. Regardless, I hope everyone has a blast! WCB last year was my best park visit ever and I know that this year will not disappoint for all attending!
  10. Are the tickets selling faster than they were last year? Cause I bought mine early last year, but won't be able to purchase them until mid-February this year!
  11. My first experience with ERT was last year's West Coast Bash, and it was basically all walk ons. For morning ERT, we waited maybe a train or two for our first ride on X2 (went to it first) but later during the sesh, it was a walk on. Tatsu was also a walk on. At night, we hit Goliath, Batman, Colossus, and Terminator. All walk ons (Batman's station was empty). So yeah, don't expect wait times during ERT is what I would say.
  12. Hoping to do the following this year: -West Coast Bash 2011 (at least SFMM day) -SFMM again later in the year to ride their new coasters -KBF to ride Windseeker -Either KBF Haunt or Universal HHN -Disneyland during the holidays
  13. I'm VERY excited for West Coast Bash 2011! After last year's event at SFMM, I can't miss this year. I don't know if I'll be able to do both SFMM and KBF, but I'll definitely want to make it to SFMM.
  14. Hey guys! So I just yesterday finished a coaster I had been working on for almost two months, and starting doing supports today. I spent an hour and a half doing supports, so I was pretty stoked on how it was turning out. Then I went to go pull it up in the simulator, and accidentally replaced the file with a BLANK TEMPLATE! Soooo, I was wondering if there is ANY way I can recover my coaster, cause now it's all gone! Luckily, I did save a version of it where it was almost done (just needed a helix and brake run) but I just want to know if there's any way I can get the other file back.
  15. Everyone doubted me when I called Germany going to the final before the tournament even started. Told me that them winning over Australia 4-0 was luck. Told me that the loss to Serbia was a sign of things to come. Well, looks like I was the one who was right from the start! Let's go Germany! All the way!
  16. Don't worry. Germany will give Argentina what they deserve.
  17. ^That game was so much fun to watch, though! It got really silly after the third goal. What happened to North Korea after their game against Brazil?
  18. USA's last goal should have counted. Huge disappointment. Now I'm just hoping that we beat Algeria and England ties or loses; I'll laugh so hard when we advance and they don't. Germany's game also pissed me off. I woke up at 4 to watch them win again, but that referee kept giving cards for every foul, and sent off Klose. Second half was awful because everyone was afraid to tackle because they'd be sent off. I hate refs that ruin World Cup games...
  19. My friend and I used to be Knott's passholders holders, but we didn't renew our passes when they expired last year. The park got REALLY boring REALLY fast. One trip in particular was when we left after being there for 4 hours because we would've rather stayed at my house and hung out then been at the park. It was on a dead Sunday in June; we rode Xcelerator 10 times, Ghostrider 3 times, Silver Bullet 5 times, Montezooma's Revenge 2 times, and Supreme Scream once. After that, we went and ate at the Subway nearby for lunch and had left Buena Park at around 1:30-2. This is the first year, 2010, that I've actually gone to SFMM more times than Knott's, and I don't even go to SFMM that often. I don't plan on ever going back to Knott's again, other than for Haunt or if a new/worthy attraction opens up, because the rest of the park is really boring now. I guess it's cause I've gone so many times? I don't know, but whatever it is, theme parks should not be that boring. These days, I only visit SFMM and DLR. And I don't go to those parks very often, either, so my park visits are down to around 4-5 a year. But hey, better to get quality coasters and quality shows/theming less often than Knott's lackluster coasters and mediocre theming twice a month.
  20. I never even knew that Riddler had 3 trains, until I made a guess yesterday when I was explaining to my friend that MCBR's on coasters allow for three trains to run. I was right! But yeah, I remember only seeing one train on the transfer track when I was on the one train that was running, coming back into the station.
  21. I was also at the park yesterday and it was pretty crowded, however my friends and I still got on everything we wanted to. I rode Terminator three times yesterday; and there was no audio, no fire, and no mist. I only rode X2 once at around 10pm as well, and there was no mist or fire, but the audio was working. I was so happy when we walked by and saw X2 was opened, because I would have left the park with a feeling of emptiness if I didn't get to ride it. Riddler was running one train, which was really annoying. I asked the ride op why they weren't running two, and he told me that he had no idea. Despite some crowds, we didn't get Flashpasses because we didn't feel like spending the money, and even though we were waiting in line, we still entertained ourselves. We tried Longhorn's BBQ for the first time, and it was actually not that bad. I could have eaten a lot more than the portion that they give you, though. It was definitely one of the best and most memorable trips I've ever had to the park, and I got a new X2 shirt! I was thinking about getting a Batman shirt, but I have a few of those already. Thank you SFMM for a great day! Ride count: Terminator - 3 (walk on all three times) Goldrusher - 1 (walk on) Riddler's Revenge - 1 (1 hour) Batman - 2 (walk on both times) Atom Smasher - 1 (walk on) Grindergear Works - 1 (walk on) Scream! - 1 (walk on) Colossus - 1 (walk on) Goliath - 2 (45 minutes first time during the day, 15 minutes second time at night) Log Jammer - 1 (10 minutes) Yosemite Sam's Sierra Falls - 1 (walk on) Tatsu - 1 (15 minutes) X2 - 1 (30 minutes)
  22. Yeah, I'm planning on using the deal on Friday, too. They don't have to have a Six Flags logo or ad on them, though. Last summer, my friends and I used one with a Universal Studios logo/ad and we still got the deal.
  23. Would anyone happen to know if the park still has the buy one ticket, get one free with a can of Coke deal going on?
  24. Xcelerator's top hat Cobra rolls Pretzel loops Zero-G rolls Airtime hills
  25. I saw Iron Man 2 on Friday, as well. I thought it was pretty good. Mickey Rourke was great as Whiplash, and Robert Downey Jr. gave a good performance, too. Other than that, cool explosions and Scarlett Johansson hotness. I found it really similar to Transformers 2, except TF2 had better action and IM2 had better acting. 8/10. Also, has anyone seen the new trailer for Inception? In my opinion, it looks like it'll definitely be the best movie of 2010. This trailer makes the movie look like it's in a league of its own, completely separate from every other movie this year! The music, the visuals, the acting, and Christopher Nolan directing = a recipe for success. I am soooo excited for this, and can't wait to go to the midnight showing in IMAX! Here's the trailer, in case you haven't seen it yet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z75o-F6ja2I
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