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  1. I'm at the park right now and came by myself hoping it wouldn't be too busy. Ghostrider has a 60 min wait despite running two trains. Tried to see if I could hop in an empty seat as a single rider and they said no. Maybe Xcelerator being being closed might be causing the longer than usual wait? Hopefully Hangtime will help with distributing crowds more evenly on days like these since Ghostrider and Silver Bullet are the only two major coasters open, with the latter running one train.
  2. My first B&M was Silver Bullet at Knott's. I still remember the first time I rode it because that was the ride that made me a coaster enthusiast. It'll always have a special place in my heart for that reason, despite all the hate it gets usually for not being intense.
  3. Firehawk at King's Island. I rode it for the first time a few weeks ago and was expecting the worst, but it was honestly pretty smooth and a lot of fun! It was my first Vekoma since the days of Deja Vu at SFMM, though, so thankfully I don't have many others to compare it to!
  4. Even after visiting seven new parks on the East Coast a few weeks ago, TC is still in my top 3. It's an incredible ride and I'm so happy we finally have some ejector air in So Cal. In terms of SFMM itself, it's interesting to see how everyone's top 5 at the park tends to differ other than TC. Mine is TC, X2, Full Throttle, Tatsu, and Batman in that order.
  5. How do you guys think the crowds are going to be this Tuesday? I'll be heading to the park for my first time ever and they're open till 10, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get there right at opening. Just want to know what to expect.
  6. So I visited the park today for my first time ever. It was our first stop on a park road trip out on the east coast and it was a blast! Gotta admit I was a little worried when we arrived around 10:15 am and there were hoards of school kids coming in, but lines weren't bad at all. We waited about 45 minutes for Kingda Ka but pretty much walked onto everything else. The only other Six Flags park I've been to is Magic Mountain (my home park) and I've gotta admit I enjoyed Nitro and El Toro more than anything there except maybe Twisted Colossus! The park was also really beautiful with bodies of water and trees EVERYWHERE! SO. MANY. TREES. I loved the view at the top of every coaster!!! I also enjoyed Bizarro a LOT more than Scream as I did not feel any rattle whatsoever. El Toro blew me away both in the front and the back, and I think I liked my front row ride on Nitro more than the back. I felt similar airtime in both rows but the front row felt like I was flying across the track and above the trees! That view on the airtime hill before the hammerhead was incredible! Kingda Ka was also an insane experience. I wish we could've gotten on more than once but I'll be riding Dragster next week so I'm not that upset. Overall it was a fantastic day at the park. Beautiful weather and a wonderful coaster collection. I've been looking at pictures and videos of all the coasters I'm going to be riding on this trip for almost 10 years now and it feels so surreal that I've finally left the So Cal bubble and am visiting all these parks, making my 14 year old self's dreams come true. I hope I'll get to go back to Great Adventure someday! Also shoutout to coasterbill and boldikus for posting detailed guides to the park some pages back. It definitely helped with today! Final ride count: 1. Kingda Ka 2. Zumanjaro 3. Superman 4. Green Lantern 5. El Toro (x6) 6. Mine Ride 7. Bizarro (x2) 8. The Log Ride 9. Skull Mountain 10. Congo Rapids 11. Nitro (x2) 12. Batman 13. The Dark Knight Coaster 14. Houdini's Great Escape (what a surprise this was!)
  7. Thank you, I appreciate the responses. I'm feeling a little more optimistic now!
  8. Hey everyone! I'm flying out to Virginia and will be visiting Kings Dominion and BGW on Saturday and Sunday respectively. I'm looking at the weather right now and the app on my phone is showing thunderstorms for both days in both cities. So my question is what can I expect in terms of ride closures at both parks? I'd be really bummed if major rides are closed for the day because it'll be my first and only visit to both parks so I'm a little worried right now. I know there's a KD thread but I figured I'd ask for both parks in here.
  9. I love inversions on RMC's. The two on Twisted Colossus are my favorite in the entire park at SFMM cause you fly through them and get some awesome hang time in the top gun stall. I think on these models as well it definitely adds variety to the experience since you're still getting plenty of airtime on these rides, regardless of whether they have inversions.
  10. I'd definitely spend Friday at Magic Mountain, although both parks will most likely be packed on Saturday. If you're at Magic Mountain right when they open, you should be able to hit everything worth going on by the end of the day. Same with Knott's. If you're not planning to spend an entire day at either park, I'd definitely get a flash pass. I've never used the one at Knott's but I can tell you from personal experience that a platinum pass, although pricey, is DEFINITELY worth it at Magic Mountain on a crowded day. But wait till you're there before you buy one cause you might not need it.
  11. I'm going to be at the park on Friday, June 9th for the first time as part of a big park road trip on the East Coast. Does anyone have any tips on how crowded it'll be and what rides I should hit in what order the ensure I get on everything worthwhile? I was able to go back some pages in the threads for the other parks I'm visiting to get this information for them, but I haven't found much info on Hershey.
  12. Is Xcelerator supposed to be down for maintenance right now? I was at the park today and was bummed it was closed. Overall it was a nice day there, though. Walked onto a total of 10 rides, including Ghostrider. It was my first time riding it since it's extended rehab and WOW, it is so much smoother now! I was really impressed! Also got to ride Sol Spin, which was okay. I liked Windseeker more and still think La Revolucion is the best flat ride in Fiesta Village. Hopefully the GP like it, though. The only two rides we had to wait in any sort of line for were Bigfoot Rapids and the Log Ride, probably because of the heat.
  13. I've heard for years that Sky Cabin can't be touched because the 'K' is a historical landmark. I was told that it's exact location in the sky is protected. I do know that Knott's originally planned to put Windseeker in Sky Cabin's spot but it would have to have been the same height and that 'K' replaced exactly. SC is 100 feet shorter than WS and it would have cost too much to refit SC into a swing ride. They should just take out the Sky Cabin and get a customized support structure for the new coaster's lift hill that will have the "K" in it at the exact height it needs to be.
  14. Does Knott's have some type of noise or height restriction that could prevent them from building a giga or a hyper? Only reason I ask is cause I know Ghostrider has a shed over its first drop and Silver Bullet has sand in its track and supports so it doesn't roar like other B&M's.
  15. Do you have any insight as to why it was such a crowd pleaser, drew big crowds, and hyped up the GP? I've never been on one of the dive machines before, but am interested to know what some of the GP thought of it compared to some of CP's other awesome coasters. I, for one, would not be upset at all if the ride is a dive machine. I live 30 minutes away yet haven't been to Knott's (outside of Haunt) in 6 years, and one of those would definitely give me a reason to go back. I could say the same for many of my GP friends.
  16. Speaking of doing the park in one day, how are the crowds on weekdays in early June? I'll be there on Wednesday, June 7th for the first time ever. I'm staying at their Express hotel so I'll definitely be taking advantage of that extra hour I get with early entry, but do you guys think I'll need Fast Lane to get everything done? The park is open until 8:00 pm that day, I believe.
  17. I actually rode in the front on Thursday and the "newer" train, and that is where I experienced the insane rattle. I think I'm just going to skip it now whenever I'm at the park. It's not worth having my brain shaken up like a shake weight. The last time I rode Riddler was back in August and I didn't have any issues with it. A little head banging but nothing that would ruin the ride for me.
  18. Speaking of B&M's, when did Scream get so freakin' rough? I rode it on Thursday and the rattle at the bottom of the first drop was so bad it ruined the rest of the ride for me. And the worst part is it isn't head banging that's the problem, but that the whole train seems to vibrate. I'd almost rather have head banging since at least you can try and brace yourself for that.
  19. I'm heading up to the park today and it's supposed to get really windy later. Which rides will be closed if there are high winds?
  20. I was planning in going tomorrow but decided to postpone my visit till Thursday because how windy it is. Good to hear crowds are manageable, though!
  21. I'm excited it's finally going, but a little curious what they're going to put in its place. When they took out Perilous Plunge, i got my hopes up for a big coaster only to be disappointed. So I'm not expecting much. As for the rumors of a B&M hyper, will this even open up enough room? Boomerang occupied a very small footprint and I don't think they'd be able to fit a big coaster like that there unless they built it over everything like they did with Silver Bullet.
  22. I went a few years ago for a day and we went to the park an hour before closing on Sunday (I think it was towards the end of their spring break) and the place was mobbed. X2's line was to the entrance and Tatsu was about an hour, we went on Tatsu and left. The next day the place was deserted, walk ons on everything, re-rides on X2, it was amazing. If 3/27 is a BAFF day it might be a little crowded, but probably not as bad as spring break. 3/27 BAFF shouldn't be bad as many passholders will probably be working that day and not in the park Cool! Also, I have a friend who bought my pass (along with 3 others) through a special. It was if you buy 4 passes together you get a discount. None of us have gone to process them yet. Do all four of us have to go together? Or can we go individually? Or does at least the person who bought them have to be there? Just curious because I might want to go that day but I'm not sure if any of them can go.
  23. So I just got a pass and it says that weekdays from March 27-April 7 are BAFF. I just checked websites for a lot of school districts near the park and it seems like they all have their spring break from April 3-7. So if I were to go on Monday the 27th, how crowded do you guys think it'll be?
  24. Just wanted to get my two cents in. I, personally, have attended two WCB's (2010 and 2011) and I must say that they were the best experiences I've ever had at Six Flags Magic Mountain. I brought a group of non-enthusiasts with me each time and everyone that attended had a blast. I might not be very active on the forums, but I definitely browse weekly just to see what's going on at parks. And you can bet that anytime I need help planning a trip to a park, this is the FIRST place I come. You've got a great community here and I'm thankful for the experiences I've had and for the people on this site that have helped me plan trips to parks over the years! So keep doing what you're doing! There will always be haters.
  25. I'm trying to plan my trip but not sure how to go about buying my front of the line pass. I want to do the day/night combo for Saturday October 1st, which is $99. But then the front of the line ticket is $180 and says it includes admission into HHN. But it doesn't include admission during the day time? I need an option where I can buy the day/night combo AND front of the line pass for HHN. I can't find it, though. Last year I bought a HHN ticket online, but didn't buy a front of the line pass till we were at the park. And lucky for us we barely managed to get them before they sold out. I don't want to cut it that close again. Any suggestions?
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