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  1. *sorry* i hope i can be better in a few weeks.
  2. .. short, progressive.. and i know it will be - very smooth =D My first looper ever - was Nessie and my first Eurofighter in my "home" - landscape would be this one. Holy crap, what the heck .. i go and search for my brain - the theming is a new dimension for germany. I love this style of coasters ...i hope this one can hold what it told - when it opens.
  3. ..the piont of view needs a very hugh coaster - in the background that would be a wonderful skyline of the park.. but.. I let myself be surprised. =D very good - what you do !
  4. *spam* ...and not only that xD oh damn,.. the magnet ... the MAGNET!!! ..hmm,.. you´ve got really good ideas
  5. OMG i lost my pants ! Thats very awesome )...i just look forward,.. but my "parts" which I will never set on the game xD You have really great ideas .. I hope they will also be implemented ))
  6. no idea but: In the development with The Gravity Group new roller coaster trains are for wooden roller coasters. These can be also used on existing roads and will dispose of a fitted with springs storage. It should be suited they for magnetic brakes and CATAPULT SYSTEMS and allow a curve radius of only 2 metres in the train group (till present this lies with at least 6 metres). http://www.thegravitygroup.com ...i hope this information is not tooo old for you xD
  7. The OC is the easiest one to start. You can copy and paste your "brushes" in the unregistered version. Merge objects ... to an larger project and it´s very simple to work with textures. With a little bit of practise - you can get a very fast tool - to customize =D Anim8or: sometimes it´s very difficult to use texture and set the real Units. sketch up: A very nice Program, it´s freeware - but you can´t export a model to 3ds (wich nl works with). The object creator is the right way to start with some scenery, i think so have fun
  8. hi nice work!!! A Zipper in Germany... what a wonderful idea! I am curious like itself the park develops Great job!
  9. High to Me a few things have struck: 1.) The radials (vertically and horizontally) sometimes are too closely 2.) the Heartline does not run steadily, softy 3.) banking is sometimes put too much or not enough - there high lateral G's step on 4.) I would hold the end shorter Divides the Segemente into steady segments (key: y) it does a nice smoothe distance. I mostly use 10 to 20 metres long segments;) I hope I could help Edit: thx for pictures !
  10. A very unique coaster for a recreation! Perhaps, you could change the colors
  11. hmmm,.. i love rollercoasters .. what's that for a kind of human? ...on the other side: .. i LOVE girls wich love rollercoasters too. OK,.. sweet women, rollercoasters and beer =D
  12. For me there is only one thing that, at the moment, is important: I am looking for a girlfriend ... This season i will spend a lot of money and time in parks and funfairs. I hope with a girl the same airtime as I love ...let´s roll on *G*
  13. That´s me.. @work xD shoot in Heidelberg 2006 a funny picture .. has no name xD
  14. Nörten- Hardenberger Pils xD ...where the beer comes from *lol*
  15. I am so happily this site gives. I must be crazy, but world wide web I use only since 2005. Privately even only since 2007, so from to house. I had to learn a lot. To understand especially in dealing with users and also to many and mad abbreviations *laugh*. Nevertheless, the rules are essencial from all what I have got till present. Summed up and in a friendly however certain tone. Very well formulates. Because I in Germany in a team an Internet page look ... I hope that I know like I have to behave *g*. You have do a really great job, to hold the niveau to stream up for more than 6000 User over all the years!!! *respect* ! I know, rollercoaster fans are the best users, but anyone but some must always dance from the row Many greets, freefall.
  16. Oh, damn.. just in Time .. i see! Perhaps they built this amazing coaster with No Limits XD I am soo happy to ride this new woodie in Germany and 86km/h ..mjamm,.. Specially, this one is twisted and themed ) many greets, freefall. OMG.. i don`t like boys .. i like girls in small tights (sorry, i can`t see that in my message window to clear it *lol?*) ..damn thats a very genius joke *rofl* !!! )))))))))
  17. Happy Birthday, Elissa!!! Have a great, nice day *g* I`m a newbie here, but i love your projects soooo much
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