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  1. Yeah toning it down helps a lot, it just seemed a little distracting the way it was...nice job!
  2. I like Supertrooper's newest one...seems like it has the best balance of looking professional while still being fun. The one thing I kind of don't like is the gradient on parts of it that give it that "shiny" look.
  3. This is a very cool thread! I lurk here more than anything but I love the site and I'm a graphic design student, so it would be very cool to help you out on design projects! I'm a little late to the party, but here is what I came up with: I made the yellow design first, but I think I'm liking the blue version better.
  4. Very nice pics... the inclsuion of Canada confused me a lot too. Of the parks I've been to, this is one of my favourites. Haven't been since 04 though.
  5. Nice Trip Report! This park looks very nice, I should get out there some time...
  6. I'm pretty sure I've never had grey outs or black outs...not sure why. Any time I get a headache after a ride its always late in the day after walking around a hot park all day. So like others said hydration is very important.
  7. ^^Agreed. I really like the lost continent section of the park and wish they could add something without getting rid of something, but IOA really needs something new and there wasn't a whole lot of unused space available.
  8. ^ Agreed, 33 bucks is a pretty bad rip off considering the quality and the fact that Kennywood is only 2 dollars more. Nice trip report though... I especially like the picture where it looks like you're going to eat the roller coaster train.
  9. With such a large area cleared, it really points to a hyper coaster going up. Looks like I might need to make a trip to Ki next year...
  10. These pictures are interesting, in a morbid sort of way. I went to this park once in 2002. It was pretty crowded but then again that was right after all the huge additions Six Flags made. In my opinion those big additions probably ended up costing the park more money then they could bring in. I will miss it, especially because they aren't many parks close to me. No more big Dipper is sad because I thought it was a very good wooden coaster.
  11. Indeed, Holiday World is a fun park. I've gotta agree about the Voyage - its crazy intense and fun but the shaking was very brutal when I rode it. Nice tR though!
  12. Very cool pictures! I was there last week and it was pretty hot then, I don't even want to imagine 97 degrees. I agree the Extreme Cup Challenge is pretty bad. The only thing extreme about it is it's lameness.
  13. Cool trip report... I was in PA last week but decided to go to other parks in the state. I've heard Laser is for sale...if that's true it makes me kind of sad. I love looping coasters without shoulder restraints.
  14. True... early spring is when I usually go to Florida, to escape the winter, but all the new Orlando attractions are opening later than that. I think this looks pretty cool! I'd like to see a layout, but already it's taller and longer than I thought. I haven't ridden kraken yet so this gives me two good reasons to go there in the future.
  15. Roller coaster dreams are pretty weird...I have at least a few each week. I'm going to Hershey next week, hopefully they work the kinks out by then. If Fahrenheit is like maverick but smoother, that gets me excited because I like Maverick a lot.
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