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  1. ^^Wow 93. That's would be A LOT of catching up then. Something that they could do is have it included with your stay and then they could set a limit for the amount of people not staying on there property that they let in each day. That way it doesn't get to crowded for there guest and some people will still be able to visit. Especially during the months of January, February, and March they could possibly get more locals in there, who don't want to spend the night but still willing to pay for the water park. And the amount they let in could depend on how many guest they have checked in that day so during the off season more people satying else where could be let in and they would still make money off them. Then again it's just an idea.
  2. ^^You just heard of Ogle's going out last week??? It's been out for year's...most attribute it to Dollywood's Splash Country coming in and being more friendlier, offering more, and MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH CLEANER! What really hurt ogles was there operation. There was a church group that went and a kid drowned. I don't remember though if he went to the hospital or past away but it was serious and it was said that there was very little to no implementing of safety policy when it happened. The Wilderness sounds great! It's just one more step towards Sevier County becoming the year round destination there striving to be.
  3. It's currently 9 degrees with a wind chill of 1 with NE winds at 4 mph. *Edit: I can't stand this nasty winter in IL.
  4. Flannel lined jeans FBLA t-shirt White socks
  5. 20 degrees here. With just a dusting of snow on the ground despite the 1-3 inches that were forcasted
  6. When I go to college here is my plan: Local community college transferring to Southern Illinois University Carbondale for: Degree: Business and Administration Minor: Marketing Then onto the University of Tennessee: Masters: Business and Administration Possibly getting my phd also but not sure yet.
  7. 35 degrees and under a winter storm advisory until noon tomorrow.
  8. The Q-bot system is basically a electronic device that you rent for the day. With the device you can reserve times on certain rides at the park (from any where you are) All you have to do is show up at the time the bot tells you and walk on with little to no wait. It is very simple to use and inexpensive (if you at Dollywood, Six Flags however is MUCH more expensive) Six Flags uses the system just on ride but some such as Dollywood also use them on shows along with the rides. If you need more info here is the link about Q-bot at Dollywood: http://www.dollywood.com/plan-your-visit/line/
  9. Black Wicked shirt White, silver, and black Nike mesh shorts Tommy Hillfiger socks
  10. I can't believe I just now read this. Great pics, looks like the construction is doing well. I like how they have already started planting trees and shrubs the area should look great by next summer!
  11. Cool car! I think my next car is going to be a orange mustang also.
  12. ^I really enjoyed Dixie Stampede in Pigeon Forge as well. I have so far been three times during regular season (2004, 2007-2times) and twice during the Christmas season (2006, 2007) I have enjoyed them every time. The show is always good, the food is just spectacular, and the service is top notch. Recommendation if anyone is going to the Pigeon Forge location sit in I1, I2, or I3 (I believe are the right numbers) and you will get Jennifer she is a wonderful server!
  13. Thanks for posting enjoyed looking out your pictures they were very impressive, really enjoyed the fireworks and American photos!
  14. I personally see no reason for them to stay in Orlando. The Dixie Stampede in Orlando is unlike any other. There price was more, probably due to coast of land and taxes. Also the location served alcohol because they found out that the foreign tourist would not visit unless they had it, no other location has ever served alcohol, it was the only Herschend property to serve it. I think they should build elsewhere to where they don't have to conform what the rest of the company is doing to suit one place.
  15. I'm not sure about the world but my top three favorites are Thunderhead, Mystery Mine, and Voyage.
  16. According to the Weather Channels local on the 8's: 32 degrees with partly cloudy skies and a wind chill of 27 and a light wind expected to pick up later tonight.
  17. Currently no, but usually yes. Do you like Candy Canes?
  18. ^Completely off topic but I just wanted to say the last two lines of your signature are the greatest part of any signature I have seen on here!!!!
  19. Go Tell It On The Mountain - Dolly Parton - Has an amazing ending!
  20. Sounds like a great trip. Dollywood looks so spectacular during Smoky Mountain Christmas! This Trip Report just makes me all the more excited for my visits later this week!!!
  21. This is my favorite pic! Nothing looks better than Christmas light underneath a layer of snow.
  22. Swishy pants (I don't know the actually name for them) and a basketball shirt for my local high school.
  23. About a year ago for two minutes while passing through a room in which someone was watching it. When was the last time that you actually used a CD player?
  24. I like the fact that her Mom was going to actually have a book released on parenting. Is the publisher serious? Look at her first born who would want advice from her on parenting. Now with this news the parenting book as been scraped for now. The Spears family is about the last people any parent should be getting advice from.
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