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  1. Really glad to see you guys are having an awesome time so far. Not too jealous, honest. Big wave to Divv, Nath, Hanno, Erik and others from last years Midwest trip. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more...
  2. That was an amazing moment... So much tension, almost caught on video Actually, I so wish we had a video of 'I can't drive a dodgems car girl'....
  3. We searched for pink highlighters.. trust me... Divv to local shop keeper... "Do you have any of these in pink" - Very wierd look by shop keeper "No, sorry...." Nice awkward silence... Now, I don't really remember random bus stops on the journey back so that picture is new to me... be very careful master Divv....
  4. Shawn & Andrew - we'll bring some Double Deckers over in the Summer... Andrew was speechless after getting off Nemesis, was quite funny. You do forget how excellent it is when you have done it so many times... Now don't know if any of you have seen it yet, and I mean it, but around the park and while we were waiting for park entry (being in the loser crowd... ), there was a random nun on a piano entertaining the crowds. Actually quite funny - the sight of it driving in front of lake past the crowds waiting to get in made me chuckle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVY52HsEzWw I'm not liking the fact that camp photos of me started at Alton Towers... I wasn't aware of that. I thought I was going to have to wait until the Blackpool update...
  5. OMG - totally forgot about it as well. I have a sneaky feeling that more forgotten randomness is going to appear.
  6. Seriously.... Divv holding that menu - quite a scary Psycho photo... AJ with a knife... OMG.. even more Psycho... Awesome night, keep em coming!!
  7. Drayton is my local park really so its good to see some decent investment as it has suffered abit in recent years. For families, it has some decent things to do. One of my favourite things to do there is to watch the "amazing" acting my some of the ops on the Haunting.. seriously they must hate it when they have to run this attraction.
  8. Great, great TR Jahan. Brings back the memories of a really fantastic trip. I think you awesomely captured it in great detail and I'm now anticipating the DVD to remind me even more. Roll on August for even more TPR fun!!
  9. Well isn't this going to be a pretty awesome day on the Add-on trip!! Absolutely great stuff!!!!!!
  10. Think the most memorable evac I've had was on Valhalla (PBB) before the last big drop - quite cool. We then got to bypass the hour long queue to go on again. Bonus! (It was mid-summer). The worst coaster issue I've seen was at my local park where one of the cars on its Reverchon Crazy Mouse came down the big drop in the middle of the ride, and failed to make it all the way up the next incline. The car was stuck in the lowest point of the ride between the drop and incline. One of the wheels had basically ripped apart Suffice to say it didn't open again that day.
  11. Ok so I thought this one at Jurassic Park was bad. Took this from a post on CoasterForce - Alton Towers Rapids............ Welcome to the world of Chavs in the UK people.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5yUGGukUOU
  12. I have to say that when I did it, it was certainly the most scariest thing that I have ever done. Just glad that I forced myself to do it at the Dells on the Midwest trip. You feel so helpless when you are just hanging there, hoping that the net is there and nothing is gonna go wrong. I tried to keep my eyes closed but the op asked me to look up just before she released the catch - bitch lol. It was actually a very comfortable landing in the net. I was buzzing on adrenaline for quite a bit after!
  13. Terry, you would be the perfect ride host!!! Seriously, I wish ride hosts could say: Wouldn't it make life so much easier.
  14. It is amazing the number of times something like this does happen. Any amusement park will have a number of insane stories like this - you can't predict what the GP will do. At the park I worked at, we've seen hats being collected from the middle of rollercoaster ride areas, people getting out of ghost train cars in the middle of the ride, somebody entering a pirate ship ride area while it was moving to retrieve something their kid had thrown. Don't get me started with height restrictions and the amount of abuse we have to suffer because of it. 'Sir, it won't be safe for your child to ride as they are too small to ride' 'Oh go on, he's only just below' (Actually - try two inches) 'and I'll hold him anyway' 'Sorry sir, due to Health and Safety we can't let him ride' 'Your a f....in jobsworth you are, look my son's crying, do you enjoy making kids upset. Your a f.....in prick you are!' It took me some restraint not to say 'Enjoy the rest of your day sir'
  15. Hey Divv, nice TR. Not sure if I would cope that well with plane and bucket on a stick though. Hopefully gonna get to Port Aventura when it opens again for 08 in March. Hope all is good and Xmas has been fun!!
  16. Ok, can I add G-Force at Drayton Manor in the UK. Seriously, what a pointless piece of crap. Short, painful, pointless. I would take the Klondike mine Pinfari death machine over this any day.
  17. I definately recommend the Segway tour - I thought it was worth the cash. Its priceless watching other guests faces as you go past in a tour group... However, DO NOT: Spin your segway in fast circles - I was very, very close to crashing and burning.... Get people to take pictures of you - wearing that helmet makes you look ridiculous.... Anyhow, great tour, worth doing the once! See, I told you it makes you look silly.....
  18. Ok.. anticipation for East Coast now growing nicely....
  19. Great way to finish it off.... doing the lift hill dance on the Beast at night was very surreal. Turning round to find everyone else doing it - priceless! The ride ops were like 'why were you doing that?' - because of the crazy totem pole arm bashing statues on the mine ride you idiots... To be fair it was very good of them to give us the Beast for a short while at park close, even though the park had a quiet day. Great TPR trip report, looking forward to seeing the rest of your trip - a kind of taster for East Coast next year!!
  20. Like you said, memorable for so many reasons. Think you summed up the CP days excellently Divv. ^^ Thunder Canyon - thank god for $1 bags to keep stuff in, otherwise you wouldn't have been the only one with a dodgy camera. It really was the queue line strip I have to say doing Dragster for the very first time, in the front seat, at night was amazzzing. Bugs and all..... Major major adrenaline kick. Shame we weren't on the roll back train - Robb and Elissa were on the train behind the rollback train... Really liked Maverick, although neck chopper restraints are not good. And yes, Magnum really does kick the Pepsi Max Big One in the ass. Oh and Divv, signature constipation shot all good - your loving that one a little too much though - clearly the follow through happened......
  21. Great updates Robb!! Looking forward to the full big fat reports later on! I had high kopes for KI and I wasn't disappointed. Firstly, lack of crowds was awesome, the lines were not bad at all. We did the running of the bulls to Firehawk and got on the first train of the day. I have to say I really liked the Vekoma Flyer - can imagine the loading times being unbearable during the day though. The early morning run was so worth it! Being on Face Off when it broke the first time (earlier in the day before it died later on) was interesting. The train came back through the station on its return, didn't reengage the chain on its way up and and so flew back through the station, almost back through the first inversion. E-Stop brakes then kicked in (lovely smell of burning anyone.....) Beast night rides was a great way to finish the trip off though!!! Too true, too true.............
  22. ^ Do England as well - that way you won't have to fly across the atlantic twice! Also I know the price for the Europe trip is high but trust me - the hotels at Disney, Phantasialand and Europa Park are soooo worth the extra cost. I'm trying to work out whether I can afford to do the same thing for the East Coast trip - what else can I fit in before and after.......
  23. Great TR so far Divv. I have to say I remember having quite a long chat with you at Coney Island and when you told us of your journey, I was pretty dumbfounded. Seriously, I mean I'd be useless if that happened to me in abroad at that time of night. Maybe it was the Celtic top, thats why those guys in the bus tube station took pity on you............. Have to agree with you on Voyage though - that night ride in the back was so so good. It pretty much blew the jetlag away and had me buzzing. And finally get to see the Pegasus room - after hearing so much about it...
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