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  1. So a series of new posters have apparently appeared in Mutiny Bay, in the form of newspaper articles and adverts in the Pirate Theme. This particular 'newspaper article' in Mutiny Bay looks very interesting... Is the 'Flume: Unplugged' set to go? And is our new 'Secret Weapon' from Switzerland set to appear in it's place? Or is this a Red Herring? Oh this will get some interesting discussion....
  2. Great, awesome day at SFNE!!! Love all the little extra things that make the day amazing - ERT, Waterpark ERT, TPR Quest, Free beer at lunch!, Water Cup Challenge!! Not sure how I'm going to get the wheel home!
  3. Boulderdash is still running OMFG amazing, certainly as good as it was 3 years ago!! Great day and awesome ERT session!
  4. I miss Tokyo Disney lots... This update just made me check flight prices to Japan for the end of August...
  5. Dollywood is certainly high on my list to go to! Looks great!! Were the people leading the backstage tours intimidated speaking to TPDave? I know I would be, he is such a celebrity...
  6. Right, finally caught up with this. Great TR, looked like you had an amazing time. This was the first TPR US trip I missed... Looked amazing!
  7. Day 2 = Travel from Stockholm to Gothenburg, and then go to Liseberg... I think it's fair to say that some of us were still INSANE from the day before. We were all up early to catch a cross-country train (thanks Robin for organising this). Once in Gothenburg, we checked into our hotel and went straight to Liseberg for opening. Liseberg is a great park, in a great city. Atmosfear was a very good, and very tall drop tower! Balder, of course, is still excellent!! Thanks for the weekend everybody! Morning!! The train was very comfortable, ran right on schedule, and had WIFI!! Oh, Hi Robin!! Yes Robin, get on the train, its about to leave... Eeek, too late... So Robin did make it on after all... And then went INSANE!!! INSANE!!! Explaining to Amy about PANDAVISION 3D... So anyhow, we got to Gothenburg, dropped our things at the hotel and took a tram... My oh my that thing is big... YAY - Liseberg!! Thank goodness it is open today! A Liseberg 'Walk of Fame' - Albert Einstein = Legend! Whitney Houston - not so much... No Jokes Please... Getting money from Anth's wallet is like getting Eric to give up his Ice Cream... (HI ERIC!!!) After entrance, we went for our All Day Wristbands TPR = We Like BOOBS! And I like Rabbits! It was very quiet today = More time on... BALDER!!! We love BALDER!!! Who is that in the front row? Hmm, I recognise the red hoodie but I can't be sure... How did you get from 1st to 2nd row mid ride...? OMG, seriously... Is that red hooded guy in the front row again...? Ryan LOVES BALDER!!! Look at his glasses, no seriously, looker closer.... Closer.... Next up... Robin is excited for Kanonen Twisty goodness!!! Woooooooooo! Next up, Lisebergbanan, which we also love! Like seriously, how can anyone have that done on the back of their head? Then it is time for the big one... Atmosfear - The Tallest Drop Ride in Europe!! Firstly, take the escalator up the hillside... Anticipation makes people go INSANE! The queueline (Hi Lou!!!), has a very open, large window platform, so you can see everything going on. Mist swirls around the seats when the gondola rises! Very cool!! I think Robin is very scared... There is even a window on the restaurant level to see what is going on! Afterwards, Ben & Jerry's was very much needed!! Eat it Ryan, EAT IT!!! Back down to do a bit more riding! A very good Rapids ride!! Yes, I do love Rapids! BOOM! Anth tries to win some KEX! I try to win some big bags of Crisps, unfortunately not Dorito's though... (Hi Divv!!!) So the weather took a turn for the worse, and not many more photos were taken, but we stayed the course for the day... More Balder!! And I finish with my tribute to Robin, who basically organised us through the weekend, and made sure that we managed to pack everything in and got everything booked! Thanks Robin!! Robin, we LOVE YOU! Yes, it did rain quite alot! Great weekend everybody, thanks very much for your excellent company!!!
  8. Ok, so in the absence of Divv (who is the master of the Brit Crew trip report and photos), I have had the task of putting together photos from the trip. Thanks to Hans and Anth who contributed to these! The trip was excellent, the parks were excellent - IT WAS A GREAT WEEKEND!! First up, Grona Lund. Look who I've found... First morning, first day, and the madness begins... So we met everyone at Stockholm Central Station, and while waiting for Nathan, we decided to EAT, which for the Brit Crew is very important... Nathan arrived last via the BussGods! And so to the Grona Lund ferry port! Helpfully, the person who organised the date for this weekend (Divv, cough cough), picked the Stockholm Marathon weekend... Didn't affect us too much! YAY!! Grona Lund!!! Cool setting, right on the water's edge! Anth tries to deal with the Forkopta Biljetter... And he fails, and so has to join the queue... 3 hours later... (The rest of us managed to get in very quickly!!!) He finally made it! And so to the pictures you have been waiting for... That's right, TUFF TUFF TAGET! Sad, pathetic rollercoaster nerds - except Amy of course... Russ can sniff out a new credit anywhere - he can see them from 10 miles away! So anyway, new ride time - TWISTER!! 15mins - honestly!! Yes - Brit Crew members are all Iphone geeks... Lots of airtime, comfy new Timberliner trains, make Twister an EPIC WIN! Umm, please do not wipe your nose on the new trains... Curvy! Ryan is liking the curvy, twisty goodness! No, the headchopper on the lift hill did not survive Russ's head I'm afraid... We all love TWISTER! Hello you sexy beast!! (... the train BTW!) So next up was INSANE, which was INSANE!! It is INSANE! AS WAS THE VAFFEL BRUKET!!! The queue goes right underneath the final overhang and drop - great reactions and screams from all riders!! Russ and Stacey are going INSANE!! Robin is not INSANE yet, but slightly NERVOUS. Lets sit him and Ryan behind me and Hans and see what happens... So after INSANE, we needed some food! Food places a plenty, Amy and I went Mexican! No one, unfortunately went for Vaffel Bruket! Anth tried to build Grona Lund towers out of the cups and containers... I tried, to keep pushing them over... Then we tried to win some DAIM, but failed miserably... After food, more coasters!! How many are in this picture... Yay for JETLINE! Wooo! JETLINE is very, very good! We all liked Jetline! Then Russ went INSANE! Then we went on the Wild Mouse! Which one is INSANE??? Robin does not want any Spicy Sausage... YAY! What I love about this park is that everything runs around everything else. Space is used very well!! Anth had also gone INSANE, and bought another hoodie. Hey Anth - it's the same as the one you have got on... :S Next up was Kwasten, a very SMOOTH, not INSANE, Vekoma! Yay for Kwasten! I have no idea what this means... Next up, the live action Spook House. Loved that this character was running round the crowd, chasing people!! Vote for your scariest character... "I want to eat your eyes" Bla Taget is their old, newly refurbished, Ghost Train, Cool, very modern effects and cars inside this made it very cool!! TPR Quotes please... "I also want to eat your eyes!!!" TPR Quotes again please... Next up, the Fun House. I love Fun Houses, and this one was very good!!! Hans seems a little confused... Iphones do not have a fast shutter speed... Words which match people... A few more rides on Twister to end the day off nicely!!! Spot this in the TWISTER queue... It is INSANE!!! INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyhow, we had a absolutely great day. We were all shattered by the end of it - time to rest before the early start the next day. I'm not sure how Hans is going to fit in this bed...
  9. This report is amazing!!! It is so good to see the viewpoint of the day from the Brit Crew. Divv, photos and captions = excellent as always. To everyone else, thanks for the messages!!! We're sat making use of the free WiFi in Vancouver airport, enjoying looking at the photos. Dave and Amy
  10. Awesome pics as always Hanno... Looks like a great ride!
  11. Okay, so we were literally 5mins before we boarded our coach to London Luton when we saw that Madrid airport and Spanish airspace was closed. Very fudging irritating!!!! Anyhow, a good time was had in London with everyone. Now to start planning the next event.... Great photos Divv as always!!
  12. I love this trip report. It was a great weekend. I love Zombie Dave - he will be making a return at some point! Great TR as always my friend!!!
  13. Oh my god, that night was crazy.... 3 hours sleep then up for what turned out to be an absolutely fabulous roadtrip... This weekend was all kinds of awesome!
  14. Not really sure what was on Sentosa before the whole Universal expansion, but basically the Universal park and development is on the city side of the island. All of the other attractions (the sea side) are still there and remain untouched. Cheers for the comments all! Oh and Divv... Pish off
  15. FINAL UPDATE: Universal Studios Singapore So finally, it's here (a little bit later than planned, but there you go). Singapore is an amazing place to spend a couple of days. There is lots to do, including many tourist attractions, as well as seeing some of the new and old cultural bits and pieces. We ended up staying in Singapore for two nights to break up the flight from Sydney to London. The place is just very different, quirky and original, with lots of random rules to adhere too. DO NOT CHEW GUM... Of course, this provided us with a chance to visit Universal Studios Singapore! My overall review of the park: Universal Studios Singapore (hereby referred to as USS) is a good park with some excellent potential!! The theming is amazing (as you would expect), there are some unique and not so unique attractions (as you would expect), and I think it is a very good move for the area, considering the number of people who layover in Singapore en-route to another destination, therefore making it a great place to visit if you have a day or two days in Singapore. The park is currently a half-day park, but this will increase i'm sure. Once their other major attractions are open, it will be very good. Madagascar is still not open (amid rumours of many issues), Battlestar is still not open (as we all know why... hello Erik!) and Transformers is due to open next year. Madagascar - not much here apart from great theming and a carousel. The carousel is amazingly themed to the movies - and I mean amazingly! Love it!! The big ride here is not yet open, but the container ship dominates the area and is a great piece of thematic work. Far, Far Away - great looking area, with a nice family rollercoaster (Enchanted Airways) which was again, very well themed. Shrek 4D exists here, along with the big castle, lots of shops and eateries, and Donkey Live - a kind of Turtle talk / Laugh Floor hybrid. A bit lame, but fun for kids I would imagine. It is themed to take place inside Captain Hooks Nightclub and there is just mickey taking everywhere here! Waterworld - randomly placed show, next to Jurassic Park, same as the rest but still a good special effects show if you haven't seen it. The actors were interacting with the crowd well! A great crowd pleaser. I just wish it was actually Dennis Hopper in it (RIP). Jurassic Park - again good looking area, with some shops, eateries and a few kiddy attractions. Canopy flyers is an updated version of the one in Florida - still low capacity, but nice for youngsters and their parents. Adults can ride this version too! It gave some good views of the area. The Rapids Adventure is very good and unique, again enjoyable and has a few nice surprises throughout. Built by the same manufacturer as Riverquest in Phantasialand, it is a good rapids ride with a twist. Unfortunately, this ride has major downtime - if it is open, get on it! Egypt - Mummy basically the same as Florida, again with a few variations, purely for the reason is that finally the ride is in an Egypt themed area!! Great theming, great ride - I LOVE MUMMY! The area itself is well themed, with a couple of other unique attractions. Lights, Camera, Action - Steven Spielberg introduces us to this unique special effects stage, and it is very ala Twister, Backdraft etc but different = good! Go and see this! Pantages Hollywood Theatre hosts the Universal Monsters in Monsters Rock! This show was absolutely cheese and pretty amateurish. Really one of the worst shows I have seen at one of the big parks! Sci-Fi City - Battlestar is closed, as we know. The gift shop was open..... But you can sit in the test seats ... Area looks great, will be a great part of the park when Transformers and Battlestar is open!! Anyhow, this is the end of my fairly major trip report. Please post if you like it, it took ages to put together!! See you soon in a future Brit Crew update... Dave (fudgey) The Singapore Changi Airport is amazing! WTF is that! The world famous Raffles Hotel... (no we did not go in...) You get to Sentosa Island using the monorail, or a cable car or boat. The sign you have all wanted to see... On Sentosa Island, there are lots of covered walkways like this to stop you getting soaked from the very frequent downpours. The whole area looks new and sparkly, it is going to be a huge tourist destination when fully open! Get away nasty chocolate, get away... For opening, there really wasn't that many people... Hmm, this was totally unexpected... 'Excuse me, why are these attractions unavailable...' LOL Again, huge covers over the walkway = good. We got thrusted through to guest services at this point to be given $10 coupons to spend anywhere in the park... First up, Far Far Away... My that castle is big! Enchanted Airways looked quiet... I love the little Donkey/Dragon hydrid babies... Employee of the Month = which TPR member...? Do you get the joke.... DO YOU! Lots of animatronic characters throughout this ride = great! Good fun for families! Hidden away = Donkey Live. Think Turtle Talk or Laugh Floor, but a bit Shit! The man doing the pre-show was incredibly camp... Random indoor kiddy ride after the Donkey Live show was finished... I had to act as Shrek in the Donkey Live show... They made me do fart noises and smell my armpits... CHEMISTRY!!! SCIENCE!!! The whole place was excellently themed, and I mean excellently!! I'm not sure what is more disturbing... Next up: Madagascar... That is one mahussssssive ship! Closed, and doubly closed... But the area looks very nice indeed... This is fucking amazing theming for a carousel, fucking amazing!! Fucking amazing! My, what a big beast you are... Fucking amazing... Next up, Jurassic Park... I hope the T-REX wins! Some nice kiddy rides dotted around the area... Canopy Flyer - why do Universal make these rides with low capacity... Thank god there was no queue for us. It does, however, allow adults no problem. Slightly faster than Orlando... Amy is amazed by the play on words... Oooh, a Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure - and its OPEN! Must get on now... Hmm, what happens in the Hydroelectric plant... Hmm I wonder... Hmmmmmm All I'm going to say at this point is that I like Phantasialand... The flyer gives you some good views of the rapids ride however... Everyone else saw that JP was OPEN and therefore joined us in our fight to get on it... Please do not smoke the dinosaurs... This is all very industrial... Whereas Phantasialand has 1 person to get you into the boats, Jurassic Park here has about 15... Crazy, crazy system.... CRAZY! I'm absolutely sure that this will remain the case throughout the ride! Hmm, where are we.... YES!! Finally, a Mummy ride that makes you think you are in Egypt! Fucking amazing theming! Okay, bad photo, but i'll post it anyway LOL Take a small jeep ride around Egypt - pretty good but low capacity again... Right next to Jurassic Park... The show is exactly the same folks, exactly the same.... More undercover walkways loses the effectiveness of perspective... Monsters... Rock.... sounds good! Word of warning, if you want to see the most cheesiest, crappiest, laughable show in the theme park world, come here! Shall I say it three times... Why is the title of the film Beetlejuice when his name is Betelgeuse? More walkway, leading too... Oooh, whats this... Oh dear, you poor bad, broken machine! LOL ROFL! LMAO!! No jokes please, no jokes, the fact that I am sat in a seat from the ride which is on the ground in the ride area, no jokes please... No jokes please, no jokes, the fact that Amy is sat in a seat from the ride which is on the ground in the ride area, no jokes please... Yes, indeed WTF! And I do too... At least the gift shop was open... And this was open too... This was not open... I think Transformers is going somewhere round here... Some random singers on the midway, performing Hairspray! And I finish up this update with Amy standing next to some flowers at the exit of Universal Studios... Singapore is obsessed with the MerLion...
  16. Update #10: Gold Coast - Dream, Movie and Seaworld! Next up, a flight to the Gold Coast and an absolute great day of credit whoring at the three main parks in Australia on the Gold Coast! Dreamworld: You pay an extra 10 AUD to get in one hour earlier (pretty good as we were doing some whoring that day) with guaranteed access to the big 6 rides (small print: we will always aim to get 5 of the big 6 open for early entry, we will always substitute an attraction with another should they not be available for any reason). So the big 6: Cyclone, Tower of Terror, MotoCoaster, Wipeout (... ), The Claw, Giant Drop... Out of the big 6, the rides available for early entry were: Cyclone... That's it, honestly! Not impressed, so I did a little complaining... The other rides they offered were Runaway Reptar, and then some of the smaller rides in the Nickelodeon area such as Swinger Zinger and Spongebob Flypants... NOT Impressed. Anyhow, 10am came around and we quickly got the credits done along with the drop tower and headed quickly to Warner Bros Movie World. Warner Bros. Movie World Warner Bros. Movie World is a good park. It wasn't too busy, the sun was out and they had some very good rides. Again, I didn't really know anything about this park at all. Superman: The Escape - excellent Intamin Launched, with some good show scenes before the actual launch itself. Great airtime throughout the ride, especially on the mini top-hat, and I thought it was very good!! Lethal Weapon: Biggest bag of SLC poo out there, and I've ridden some bad ones!! Scooby Doo's Spooky Coaster: Indoor, highly themed, Mack Mouse with a elevator lift hill (ala Europa Park). Some excellent show scenes with random elements before a disco, smoked up standard layout in a warehouse. I really liked it and it was a great surprise. Overall, nice park, could be a bit bigger, but had some unique, different rides!! New for 2010: Stunt Driver - this is not a rip off of Lights, Motors, Action at all...... honestly!! SeaWorld Australia A nice park for the afternoon (and if you get a combo ticket with Movieworld then it is worthwhile going). Some good shows, and exhibits of Sealife with a very small smattering of rides built in (ala Seaworld Florida). They have 2 credits - Sea Viper and Jet Rescue, a log flume, a giant splash and a SESAME STREET BEACH! Jet Rescue (new for 2010) is an Intamin Tyre Launch jetski themed coaster, with well banked and tight turns and two launches. I thought this was excellent and really good!!! One more update to go... Universal Singapore! Good morning Gold Coast! Ahh good Early Entry on Cyclone... Australian Parks are anal!! about loose articles (including anything which is safely tucked away in zipped pockets, jeans pockets.... grrrr! At least Amy is happy... Just in case it was needed... Nothing like a bit of Arrow goodness... (this used to be Big Dipper at Luna Park Sydney) Stupid, stupid staircase... The next of the 'BIG 6'.... grrrr At least Didi is happy... Runaway Reptar... Another one of the 'BIG 6' this morning... grrrrrrrrrr Umm no, I will not be purchasing that today... Soon to be Tower of Terror II (we had to wait for this to open after the early entry Big 6 option... grrrrrrrrrrrrrr) Mick Doohan's Motocoaster... (not one of the early entry 'BIG 6'.... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) Standard Motocoaster... quite fun! It even came with Sidecars for the smaller youngsters... Very Specific!! Not one of the early entry 'BIG 6' apparently!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Who am I sat next to? Does this bear a resemblance to any TPR member?? Goodbye Dreamworld, Hello Movieworld! Yes and double yes! Wooooosh! Seriously, I thought this was an excellent ride - good airtime, good show scenes before the launch while sat on the ride!, and Superman pushing the train! Excellent! You would think that anything Mel Gibson related would be good.... well actually now that I come to think about it, probably not... Junkyard and everything! So yes, its an SLC, themed to a junkyard... The loading here was anal... and again - if you have ANYTHING in your pockets, AT ALL, you will be refused to ride! Does anything see anything unusual here...? Hmm, where could that Vekoma seat have gone... (insert funny Vekoma seat falling of ride jokes here...) Hmm sounds interesting... There is quality operation right there... Next credit please... Quality rollerskater action... New for 2010... This is not, I repeat this is not Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show from Disney's Hollywood Studios... Indoor Mack Mouse, with show scenes, = AWESOME! This ride was excellent!!! Quality theming and no line = Dave is happy again! Undercover here... not too sure why really... Clearly JK Rowling approved EVIL, EVILLLLLLLLLLLLLL! That's all folks - Movieworld was pretty damn good!! Next up, Seaworld Australia (not owned by Seaworld Parks and Entertainment...) First up, this pile of awesomeness (made by Arrow) Just because I could... It hurt quite a lot... New for 2010: Jet Rescue - a launched jetski coaster... by Intamin! It has a double launch, and those bank turns at speed = FANTASTIC. I thought this coaster was absolutely excellent!! Whooshhhhhhhhh! Well done SeaWorld - great addition! YAY! Everyone loves Sesame Street! This wasn't quite as creepy as going to Sesame Street Place because the park was dead! Hey Bert! Yes! i don't like Grover that much to be honest! But I do love the Cookie Monster! And Amy loves a big Walrus! And I'll leave you with this for all of you Polar Bear lovers - thank you Seaworld!
  17. And there was me expecting some horrendous photos of myself... Not too bad! Great weekend! Bring on the Brean!
  18. Update #9: Melbourne Area A long needed update... (damn you work, damn you...), even if it is a short one. So after visiting Sydney, we hopped onto a plane to Melbourne, where we stayed for one night. While in the area, of course we had to visit Melbourne's Luna Park which was a real treat... Luna Park in Melbourne has a Scenic Railway, with a brakeman in the middle of the train, the first time I had been on one of these. He was quite enthusiastic (probably because we got there with half hour till park closing). Anyway, nice little park on the coast. We drove from Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road, stopping in various towns and viewing some of the spectacular sights along the coast. The weather here was ALOT colder than Sydney, but warmer than the UK, so still fine for us. Next up, the Gold Coast! Snowy Mountains in Australia, what..... I don't understand... On the coast = pretty! IPhone 4 picture = classy... Luna Park! Although it looks dead, this was open and running... Ghost Train, with an actual ghost aura in the photo... Scenic Railway... WTF Is going on in this montage...? The brakeman goes in the middle of the train... Quite funky I reckon... There goes the Scenic Railway, and an octopus that is going to eat your eyes! No, thank you! Right outside Luna Park, the Palais Theatre, featuring star acts including... Aled Jones... Hide your Grannies, ARGHHHHHHHHH! Melbourne is nice at night! Hold your knees up and pull a funny face while going to the toilet... My god that is one huge pizza... Om nom nom! The Great Ocean Road was well... great! You see, Great! Hasten to add... the weather turned... Tree Top Walk = Fucking Nervy... Will somebody please tell me why I am walking through the trees... You tree, are dead too me... Hmm, how far can we lean over... Back to the road and these were some of the Twelve Apostles... And to finish off... Get Cadbury's in Australia... It is better than British Cadburys (which is now owned by Kraft.... boo hiss...) Time to go to the Gold Coast... Oh yes btw... Virgin Blue Staff in Melbourne are Idiots... FACT!
  19. A completely unbiased and realistic account of the first park of the weekend. I look forward to the next installment where such truths as 'Mike Fudge joins us at Barry Island' and 'Divv didn't boogie on down in Reflex' and 'OMG, it's only Dave Wilson'. I defeated the death slide and you bloody know it... The drinking is coming, trust me...
  20. Update #8: Sydney Area So after a good two weeks in Japan, we flew onto Sydney. This was the far more relaxing, cooler and chilled out part of our holiday, but of course we visited a few of the attractions! I would totally recommend buying the tourist pass for the aquariums, Sydney Tower and Wildlife World, as well as just seeing some of the general sights obviously... The coastline is amazing, just walking the coastal walk to Bondi beach from Waverley gives some spectacular views. The Sydney Harbour Bridge climb is a must, as was excellent!!, if expensive.. But it is just one of those things you have to do! We had amazing weather and so was worth it. Taking the train from Sydney to the Blue Mountains is also a must. Here you can see some spectacular views (ala Grand Canyon) as well as do the various attractions at Scenic World (Cable car, Skyway and Mountain railway - one of the steepest in the world). Luna Park is fun for the afternoon, plus they still have an old school funhouse!! Anyhow, 3 updates to go after this - Melbourne area, Gold Coast and Singapore! The first thing we did was head to the harbour... 7am in Sydney after the flight! Nice arches... Perfect weather, this is so not winter... Wasn't sure, can you see the Queen's face?? Fruit bats... Wildlife World, Darling Harbour, Sydney now... C'mon Koala, give us a smile... There we go... My, what a big croc you have. Seriously, they were marketing their big croc as Rex, the last dinosaur on earth. He was 5 metres long. SUPERCROC!! Ahhh, Skippy! I want to eat your eyes... MEGASHARK - at the Sydney Aquarium... OMG! A Lindt Coffeeshop... Seriously Lindt chocolate is AMAZING! All the Lindt in the world makes Amy happy... Look, they even have Worlds of Color here... Yes, so suffice to say the views are quite nice here... Fancy a swim... This might have been where we got engaged... And then had lots of drink... And then had lots of ice-cream... Luna Park, overlooking Sydney Harbour... They had a Rotor... Spin, damn you, Spin!! A Wild Mouse... Oh, poor clown, don't be embarrassed! Noted! Hmm, you want both of us to fit in that and feel safe... Ala, Blackpool's Wild Mouse... I'm very confused... Super Fun Happy Slide! Fun, slide off turntable, anyone else thinking TPR takeover... The sign is still here... The ride is not... OMG, this could be the scariest midway game ever... Get your balls in the scary clown's mouths... Yay for Knex... And lots of it!!! Luna Park is literally by the Harbour Bridge... Goodbye Evil Clowns... Now to tackle you!! The Bridgeclimb was very cool. We looked so sexy in our jumpsuits... The rest of our crew... Perfect... Blue Mountains = pretty! Evil, steep Mountain Train! Though it did play Indiana Jones on the way down which = good! These are called The Three Sisters... (insert caption here...) Fantastic Fudge followed by Australian Bullshit Repellent... jokes anyone... I have ordered my free Pram Safety DVD and I have to say it was excellent! Oh, and this random guy joined us for dinner down near the harbour, not sure who he is...
  21. Update #7: Tokyo Disneyland Of course this is the next update! Tokyo Disneyland was (expectedly) busy, but again, if you play your fastpasses correctly then the day will work for you. After opening, we headed to the back of the park while everyone else headed to Space Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain... and got a Splash Mountain fastpass, Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan, Roger Rabbits Toontown Spin, Poohs Hunny Hunt fastpass, Gadgets go coaster - all before 10:30am. Highlights included: Pooh's Honey Hunt was an amazing dark ride. I mean AMAZING! Trackless cars and great effects = excellent! I thoroughly recommend getting this early or a fastpass. Slow moving lines in excess of 2 hours were the order of the day. Oh yes... and honey popcorn... Walt Disney: One Mans Dream 2: The Magic Lives On - a show featuring songs and scenes from classic and more modern Disney movies was pretty good. Captain EO... Not having to queue over 2 hours for Splash Mountain The parades were superb, especially the Electrical Parade Dreamlights - some fairly random and different characters. Bless Pete's Dragon, bless him! Lowlights: Duffy the Disney bear Broken Monsters Inc: Hide and go Peek... Hmm, well this doesn't look too bad at 8:15am... As we ran, Scrooge was being mobbed... I'll be using these babies later on... A smoking, talking baby in Disney.... OMG! CHEMISTRY!! Dip = Wipeout... Hmm, the park index doesn't need this... The longest wait for us today...! Hello sexy... One Man's Dream 2!! Could this be as good as TREVOR at Waldameer park though... Boogie down Louie... My Peter, that is one big croc you have... So seriously, a seat for this show could be obtained by playing the Disney Lottery. You go to Tomorrowland Town Hall, put your pass in the machine, and you draw lots to see if you have won seats for the show.... We didn't, but the first show of the day was walk in.... I don't understand! Captain Jack and his big brass band... Unfortunately for Beatrice, no one wanted to be in her... Ahh, look at those Lions trying to wake up that sleeping Zebra. I think that's what our guide said in Japanese... Is this the most photographed spot on the Jungle Cruise...? So the Stitch animatronic has made it to the Tiki Room... At least he is not spraying hydraulic fluid everywhere... Yes, that is correct... Unfortunately this is how my screen stayed for the whole show... So the show is actually called... Hello and Welcome... brilliant... Splash Mountain... Wipeout... Thank god for fastpass... Don't punch the bears please! Amy LOVES the Queen! Pooh's Hunny Hunt = AMAZING!! Rabbit took the frame from his mirror... and proceeded to make Pooh's bottom a part of his house... WTF... A live Mowgli in the parade.... I never liked Pocahontas much... It's impossible... Dream Lights was AMAZING! Amy also LOVES the Cheshire Cat! Pete's Dragon... That is a blast from the past... Where is Roz though, where is she?? Thank you Disneyland... We love you!!
  22. Update #6: Tokyo Disneysea Right, sorry for the delay with this, suddenly work has taken over... Now onto one of the most anticipated parts of the trip for me, Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea. I had wanted to get here for quite a long time due to the unique attractions that are here and you know, it's more Disney!!! We'll start of with Tokyo Disneysea. We stayed at the Sheraton Grande Bay hotel, one of the Disney partner hotels that run along the bay, which is literally 2 mins walk from the Disney monorail station (Disney Resort Line Monorail). These hotels are expensive, but less expensive than Disney's own, but completely worth it due to it's proximity and views. After arriving to the resort via Tokyo metro, we had allocated 3 days and 2 nights at the resort. We spent the first and last days at Tokyo Disneysea, with the middle day at Disneyland. Park passes can be 1, 2, 3 or 4 days, but you can only park hop on day 3 or 4. Disneysea is a visually stunning park, as you would expect from Disney. At night, this park really looks amazing!!! Highlights for me: Tower of Terror: Different story, different theming = GREATNESS. I thought the preshow worked well, the theming in the 'basement' was excellent and it was great to experience something different, having done the three other towers around the world. Journey to the Centre of the Earth: Again, great theming, great story (hmm I using Imagineer language here I'm sure), uses the Test Track ride system (and I love Test Track...!), my only criticism is that for all of the build up, it is just too damn short!! Don't get me wrong, the ride itself is great but you kind of want more. Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull: Love Indy, a few differences to California's version I think, but great! Aquatopia: Quirky, different, very fun! Looks great at night! We came to an E-stop half way through because some idiot had dropped their mobile phone in the water at the unload station. Just a very cool, different ride, and yes we got mildly wet on the wet side of the ride. Sindbad's Storybook Voyage: Typical Disney boat attraction following Sindbad's adventures with his tiger cub, Chandu. Really fun, catchy music (irritatingly...!). Again, great to do something different to the norm. The park was not as busy as I had expected really, but I guess I was expecting mayhem from what I had heard. If you are tactical, use Fastpass effectively and single rider effectively, then it really is no worries. The longest wait we had across the 3 days was for Journey (70min), and this was only because we had missed the fastpass distribution on the first day (and I really wanted to ride on the first day). When we went to ride again on the second day, 15min wait (via a running of the bulls park opening after getting a Tower fastpass...). Single rider is a bit of a non-entity here - very, very few people were using it on Indy and Raging Spirits (the only rides which had it at Disneysea) Indy had a line of 60mins, but single rider = no wait, so we did this several times. We even were both in the same car on a couple of occasions. Raging Spirits had a very slow moving line, with the line being in the hot sun for the majority. Single rider = no wait = yes please! Anyhow, onto some pictures... We stayed at the Sheraton Grande Bay Resort... What's that I spot... Ahh yes, a sea view, excellent! This looks like a good sign, lots of empty car parks... Monorail, can you spot the hidden mickey? Oh dear... Top tip: If the park opens at 9am, get there at 8am... Wait a second, I'm confused... Yes, it is all that pretty (not me though...) I'll get back to you later... Aquatopia... Check out the TPR videos if you haven't seen this before... it is ACE! Yes, I am a nerd! You see look, the wall is letting some water through, but the ocean isn't really on the other side, really... Stormrider - A motion simulator (ala Star Tours) with some very good in vehicle effects while riding into the eye of the storm. Obligatory Indiana Jones Temple shot... Hosted by Panasonic... Raging Spirits - this small looping coaster is next to Indy in Japan and IS Indy at Disneyland Paris... There are so many warnings for this ride... I hope it isn't as rough as Paris... Quality theming in the queue... but wait a minute... RED ALERT, WE HAVE A RED ALERT, WE HAVE BEEN INFILTRATED!! Oh, it is so pretty here! Next up, Sindbad - Sindbad sails away in search of goods, goes through lots of adventures and then returns home, apparently while singing all the way. I thought this ride was excellent BTW. Sindbad in 'Saving the Giant Bird Eggs' Sindbad in 'Saving the Jolly Green Giant' 'I want to eat your eyes' - no flash phototography was used in the making of this photo... Agrabah - finally a properly themed Aladdin themed land... A magic show featuring 'Genie', count me in... If you speak English, you get to feel special with a language translating PDA... Yes, I do look camp in this picture, before anybody comments. Who doesn't love Aladdin though...? Flounder loves his Flying Fish... However, no smoking fish please... Yes please, I want to ride it now! Obligatory, never photographed before, sign... Long queues make Dave sad... But there is Chemistry in the queueline, CHEMISTRY... ... and OMG SCIENCE!!! At night, this place looks ace!! ... thats perrrrttyyyy... Mickey save's the day in the battle of fire vs water... That is one kick ass fire dragon... better than murphy... cough cough... In the end though, the wierd water angel and the fire dragon love each other... Nope... I didn't get it either... Hmm, Hightower Hotel, sounds familiar... YES!!!! I think something went wrong here, i'm not sure what... It was all caused by him!! Seriously... I loved the storyline and theming to this!! Amy loves Harrison Hightower III... Arghhhhhhhhh... Ok, now for a rant. Disney loves its merchandise. Who doesn't?? Vinylmation, pin trading, cuddly toys, and loads of other crap... This is Duffy, the Disney bear... Seriously, they were everywhere. It doesn't matter where you were, there was a child, or mother, or anybody who had one of these... Shocking! Oh my god, please make it stop... Disneysea rocks though!! It was ace. And I met Scrooge McDuck, my dreams came true...
  23. ^ They are cell phone charms!! At first when we saw the poster I thought WTF is a foodstrap, then I thought miniature McDonalds food - thats wierd, then we saw some people with burgers hanging off their phones.
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