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  1. I still don't see why they would get this when they already have Rajun Cajun. It looks cool though. Very good for Six Flags.
  2. Four day weekend. I hate swimming. I used to really like it, but the practices are long and difficult now. I can't wait till I can quit too.
  3. Shirt: MCR Jeans: Levi's Boxers: Plaid Shoes: Vans Slip Ons
  4. Red and Black Checkerboard Vans Slip Ons - $40
  5. I'm A Fake - The Used This is the best song ever. ._.
  6. Shirt: Abercrombie polo Jeans: Levi's Jacket: Abercrombie Overcoat (It's like 40 degrees.)
  7. Thank you! Juno was written by a theme park enthusiast...me. I'm bummed I didn't get any Schwarzkopf mentions in there. Maybe the next movie... O_O Wow. You did a great job. Juno is my favorite movie I've seen all year.
  8. Juno American Gangster The Mist Eastern Promises Waitress I can't recall any other movies that I saw this year that I really liked.
  9. 16 GB iTouch Case for iTouch Clothes Super Mario Galaxy Call of Duty 4 ipod wall charger DDR Universe 2 Money and Giftcards
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