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  1. Just bought the new Mindless Self Indulgence album. And a field trip tommorow so I don't have to do work tonight. ^________^
  2. Me and a few friends did that too, but it was against the rules and we got in trouble for deffiance when we wouldn't take them off. =/
  3. This Is for Real - Motion City Soundtrack
  4. I participated in it. I ended up being harrassed and bullied the whole day though, more than normal. I'm not openly bi, but a lot of people think I'm gay anyways. A few kids were going to jump me about it too, but that didn't happen.
  5. OMFG, that's awesome. Jeans: Bullhead Skinny Shirt: MCR Boxers: Some Hollister ones.
  6. LOLFAIL Sorry, but that made my day. Maybe even my week. Anyways, I'm seeing Mindless self Indulgence on the 7th of May at Jannus.
  7. Jacket: Saosin Hoodie Shirt: Atreyu Band shirt Shorts: Nike gym shorts Boxers: Some green ones from AE Shoes: Vans Slip Ons
  8. Alive With the Glory of Love - Say Anything This song makes me cry.
  9. Yes. Do you go back to school tommorow from spring break?
  10. JoJo and Katie in Horton Hears A Who were awesome.
  11. Age: 13 Middle Name: Christopher Pet Peeve: Homophobes Color of your bathroom: Tan Best Movie of ALL time: Don't have one. Best Song of ALL time: I'm A Fake by The Used Best TV Shows: Not really sure. Favorite Band/Artist: The Used, Silverstein, and Atreyu. Favorite Ride at Disney Parks: Haunted Mansion Yummiest Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be: My best friend. Morning Person or Night Person: Night person Pets: A cat. Favorite Color: Green Where you would go for fun (not an amusement park): Concerts. Coke or Pepsi: Coke. Opinion about Peanut Butter and Jelly: It's alright? Best Vacation Spot: Somewhere in the mountains that's cold. Cook or Go Out: Go out. Beach, Desert, or Mountains: Mountains.
  12. Possibly going tommorow. But no one can come with me, so I'm not sure.
  13. Having to do work when you REALLY want to go to bed. =/
  14. Same. =D Atreyu and BFMV played WAY too much new stuff. I still like Atreyu's new stuff, but I hate BFMV's new stuff. a7x was great. A lot of new stuff, but I still really like it. blessthefall was good, but I missed most of them to meet BFMV. I met BTF though and they were really nice. And the Japanese bands were awesome too, even though I didn't understand anything. =D Overall it was one of the best concerts I've been to.
  15. All These Things I Hate(Revolve Around Me) - Bullet For My Valentine Just got back from Taste of Chaos. Met them.
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