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  1. Retarded MySpace isn't letting me post bulletins. >.
  2. The Almost is a band, not a solo artist. Isn't it kind of obvious?
  3. Panic at The Disco, yes. Paramore, no. Don't like how mainstream Paramore has got though. I guess it's good for them though. Anyways I hate Simple Plan and the other poser bands like them. Disney/Nickelodeon artists. Not really a fan of MCR's new stuff compared to the old stuff, but TBP is still good. Panic just released a new song, which is one of the worst songs I've ever heard.
  4. Marry me. What is this... the third time I've told you this today?
  5. Like seriously... Noise and Kisses - The Used
  6. Shirt: Black and Purple The Used Jeans: Skinny Belt: Studded Shoes: Red and Black Checkerboard Vans
  7. New Years Eve When was the last time you went to a concert?
  8. I bought RE4 Wii Edition the other night. Just beat the sea monster at the end of 1-3.
  9. Already Dead - Silverstein Wow... I really need to get going to school now.
  10. November When was the last time you went out of country?
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