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  1. No, if anything goes wrong on Rollercoasters, which are designed to scare you, of course, everyone panics, except those who know about rollercoasters. This is especially true of the media. The same thing happened on Splash Mountain yesterday when I was on it! Only they just had to restart all the blocks one-by-one. We were the last block though, so it took the longest, and everyone got scared. I tried to calm them down, explain what was happening, explain all the messages being sent down to us over the speaker system, etc, but they wouldn't listen, until, of course, it all proceeded as I explained it would. Oh, well... I got stuck on Small World and everyone started to scream. Now if they could only turn that song off.
  2. I know Kings Island has some good stories I will see if I can find them. Also it does not help they have a grave yard out by the parking lot.
  3. The passes to ride was when the coaster was testing out. When I went in July you could get on with out a pass if you had a Gold card they would give you a speed pass you could cut in line like a fast pass. The coaster is slow and very short.
  4. I have alot of older photos I will see if I can find my Cedar Point Photos and my Kings Island photos.
  5. I have already been it was fun. Not as big as Walt Disney World but still alot of fun.
  6. The Racers at Kings Island are two different coasters. The only thing that coasters share the same station.You know Racers at Kennywood is one coaster you end up on the other side of the station where you started from. At PKI on their Racers this does not happen at all.
  7. I went to Opryland and rode the demon the year it opened up.
  8. I first got into coasters after taking a ride on The Scooby Doo now know as the Beastie at PKI in 1978. Then came The Beast and the rest is history.
  9. I have been on alot of wooden coasters with out a divider between the two seats. The Beast, Racers, Racer, Jack Rabbit, and more. I like wooden coasters being rough with air time. Note The Beast and Racers have added a divider in the past.
  10. I hope a park does not find out or their will be no test. Now if you where with the media I bet the park would let you. I talked to the guys that did the POVs for the Discory shows they had their camera some what like yours. I know the guys rent their cameras and lights out but, its not cheap and if you brake it you have to repair it or buy them a new one.
  11. I was jumped at Kings Island while waiting to get on the train to Water Works. The guys had to much to drink and they where tring to take my money from me.
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