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  1. The wait times for the rides werent bad the longest line was Ghostrider which was about 40 minutes. We spent the majority of the time drinking and dancing
  2. Went to Halloween Haunt yesterday. I have to say I was overall unimpressed. I understand it is the first night and I will give them that excuse. Rode Ghostrider, Pony Express, Supreme Scream and Silver Bullet. Ghostrider was fun in my favorite seat (very back), Pony Express was cool (never been on it before), Supreme Scream was meh, and Silver Bullet was suprisingly fun (sat in the very back) and I actually got off dizzy. As far as the haunts go Lockdown and Club Blood were cool especially Club Blood. The Doll Factory was great. They had some reallly cute women in there.Terror of London was jus meh (the vibrating floor was wierd). Dia De Los Muertos was absolutely the worst maze I have ever gone through in my entire life. I cant fully blame the talent its moreso the idea of the maze was horrible. PLEASE BRING BACK MALICE!!!! Black Widows Cavern (mine ride) lacked monsters majorly but again it was early. Sleepy Hallow Mountain (Log Ride) was great. The talent was great and the theming was really good. We spent the rest of the night watching The Hanging which was cool and drinking beer and liquor in the bars. The drinks were expensive but the cups were cool. I missed 6 mazes but thats ok we only paid $20 to get in.
  3. Overly fat people are the reason for this type of restraint on pretty much all new intamin coasters this side of the pond ^Im glad someone finally said it. Either way whatever the ride will become once it opens next year Ill be on it. Will I love it probably not Superman has never been a favorite of mine. Just another coaster to ride. Rip it down and give us a Ferrari clone then Ill be excited.
  4. Does it really matter how steep they are they all do the same thing. Havent we all settled on the arguement that bigger and steeper doesnt mean better. Either way its a very unique waterslide that I would love to try. I did hear that they had a double looping slide. I would love to do that. The most amazing slide is the one I saw in the TR at the waterpark by Movie World in Italy that has major airtime. The you tube videos of people flipping is insane.
  5. Just visited Kings Dominion today. Had a great day in the park overall. Drop Zone was pretty freaky and I305 was fun as well. Im not gonna post a trip report due to time constraints but I will say this to add to this conversation of which I have been following for a while. The first drop on I305 feels wrong. Very wrong. Kinda like your running with a parachute attached to you. For the second hill being only half as high as the first the train goes over it pretty slowly so I can honestly see how the ride only goes 80mph. RCDB is usually on point with their statistics so i think they got the speed right on this one even though it isn't posted. I would have loved to ridden it without the trims on the first drop that must have been heaven on earth. I really wish they tweak where they put the trims, maybe at the bottom of the second drop. For me the ride itself is fun but seriously I had way more fun on Goliath at SFoG. As for the ongoing argument I just have to say this. For those saying it now sucks without riding it go ride it and formulate your opinion afterwards. For those who have rode it before and not since it was modified don't blast those who have yet to ride it because from what the ride looks like it could have been you all rode a totally different ride and thats based off the film of the ride before the trims and after the trims/what I rode. So you are almost in the same boat. And for those who have ridden both your comments are the only ones of which carry any substance. Also for the design argument I do in part blame Intamin but at the same time they were working for Kings Dominion so they designed what the park wanted. Why didn't they just make the first turn at the bottom of the first drop have a larger radius. Sort of like Dodonpa.
  6. fatdaddy I'm really curious when have they ever done this before. This is the first time I've ever heard of this event from AAA at SFMM. I sure hope its a yearly thing. I would definitely do this again in a heartbeat.
  7. I got there at 5:30pm so maybe it was due to it being so late that they had nobody staffing the parking booths what was great. Secondly Terminator's audio wasn't working when I was on it. Really didn't miss it either its all about the ride. Kind of wish they would just take out the audio box in the back of the train and give it another row. X2 on one train the speaker popped and you really could tell we were sitting in the last row. The other train's audio was working great. And about the fire when I got on X2 it was really windy so the fire was off the times I rode. But overall an extremely fun night. Also I want to ask this how does one make projections as to how many people show up. Unless you specifically see how many tickets were prepurchased I think it would be impossible but I am curious as to how that happens.
  8. I went to the AAA member event last night and all I could say was WOW. First of all there was free parking. We were all able to park next to the handicap parking. The weather was great and the park was pretty much empty. The longest wait I had all night was 5 minutes on Superman due to technical difficulties which were quickly fixed. Rode every roller coaster multiple times including many rerides without having to go back in line. I had forgotten how much fun Viper and Ninja were due to those rides usually being skipped to ride the major coasters. Terminator was running like a bat out of hell. I have a new favorite ride at SFMM at night. X2 is my favorite during the day. The employees were excellent. Overall, and this was a shared agreement from all of my friends, it was the best time I have ever had at SFMM. Im looking forward to more events such as these. They even gave us $17 coupons to Hurricane Harbor and free bags at the end of of the night. And best of all there was no line to get a funnel cake. There was also no sign of construction on the new Mr. Six Dance Coaster. And when did they turn the resturant over by Riddler's into a Texas BBQ place it smelled great.
  9. Went to Disneyland today saw EO loved it personally. As the person above me said all the effects were well done. I personally don't know why Disneyland isn't advertising this but its not really my concern since I don't run the park. To ALL the nay sayers out there who are knocking the show or saying something else would be better than it come see it and then offer your judgement because I personally think it owns HISTA. And if anyone wonders yes I was a MJ fan but this is a great addition nevertheless.
  10. As far as placing blame goes I first and foremost think that the park should be responsible as they are in charge of hiring the mechanics who are supposed to check every aspect of the ride at least thats what i've come to understand. Now I really feel that this whole Intamin defending/blame has valid points. Other rides do break down as well which excuses them. Intamin is in charge of subcontracting other companies who do work for them and they slap that Intamin sticker/plate on their products so that places blame. I really think EVERYONE is overreacting. I'm just happy nobody was hurt.
  11. Glad you had a good time. Sadly i'm at a point in my life where i only go to knotts 1 time a year which is during halloween haunt. That will most likely change since my daughter is now getting tall enough to ride more rides which she loves to go on. Also don't feel bad for your review of Ghostrider. I personally love it of course i will only ride it at night in the very back seat.
  12. I actually went to SFMM the other day and rode Terminator three times once during the day and twice at night. After the day time ride I was really unimpressed and thought it was a waste of money. The two night time rides were fantastic however. I give it a solid 8/10 due to it being too short. Also during the second night ride they allowed us to skip the preshow in the line that was a plus. Honestly I really think the preshow is a waste of money. If they ever get rid of it ill be in line to take on of the tv's they have.
  13. First off I want to say RIP Michael Jackson. Greatest entertainer ever. I was wondering how many roller coaster fans are going to go to Phantasialand to ride his favorite ride in rememberance of him.
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