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  1. I was up in Maine recently, Acadia National Park and no offense but I found Auburn to be crappy industrial town. And what's with the big windowless industrial building at the edge of town?
  2. I was up in Maine recently, Acadia National Park and no offense but I found Auburn to be crappy industrial town. And what's with the big windowless industrial building at the edge of town?
  3. California has a lot of neat parks but Florida(except for X) has better coasters. Islands of Adventure, Busch Gardens Tampa, WDW, and Cypress Gardens. You can get more credits in Florida then the SoCal parks and (except X) much better credits. I have been to Islands of Adventure and some of the WDW parks so if you want more detailed information I can tell you.
  4. Woohoo. It's the triumphant return of millenniumguy! Anyway, why charge $30 to a park with only one good coaster, lots of crappy handmedown spin and spew rides? $15 Million is an absurd price for Clementon!
  5. I get an occassional HTTP 500 error. Anyone else get those?
  6. Strangely enough, I rode Desert Storm last. My mom had a convention in Phoenix so I went to Castles N' Coasters(Crappy park). http://rcdb.com/ig350.htm?picture=4 (I should have got the log flume credit, damn!)
  7. Well, this Bond is supposed to be young. He looks like he is 60 years old and uglier then the modern day Sean Connery! Why not someone like Colin Ferrell or Tom Hanks? (MAYBE BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT BRITISH).
  8. What about the South African parks? Ratanga Junction and Gold Reef City. Too bad a trip there costs a fortune and is a nightmare in logistics. Plus it has the world record for the longest flight. Atlanta-Johannesburg or New York-Johannesburg 15 hours straight!!! Too bad, Anaconda and the SLC in Ratanga Junction look awesome!
  9. Elissa, I actually heard the beaches in the LA area are dirtier then in NJ. Not to start a flame war but a tipbit I got from a few friends of mine. As for the seashore parks only Morey's in my opinion is worth it. All of the small parks have really mediocre to awful versions of small coasters that can be found in CP, KW, or anywhere else for that matter.
  10. How about a NYC to San Francisco route? SFGAdv, Dorney, Kneobles, Hershey, Kennywood, Geauga Lake, Cedar Point, Fun Spot, Michigan's Adventure, SFGrAm, Adventureland, SFEG, Lagoon, SFMW,PGA, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.
  11. Isn't it odd that HyperSonic is smooth while Dodonopa is rough? Any ideas why? Anyway Storm Runner has an excellent launch great inversions but it sure dosen't feel like the advertised minute.
  12. If you are a true enthusiast, you wouldn't forget the classic parks. Martin's Fantasy Island for the Silver Comet credit, Seabreeze, Conneaut Lake Park for Blue Streak and Waldameer. Oh and Iowa's Adventureland.
  13. I Can't stand Verizon's egotistic-selfcentered commercials. I mean instead of telling us how well you do stuff, actually tell us why we need it!
  14. Dragon Khan: Two different cultures that don't mix Chinese and Mongol. Turbine: If you were on a real powerful turbine you could die. Le Monstre: Who wants to confront a monster? Great White: sharks kill people, ever see Jaws? Avalanche: Avalanches kill people
  15. Wild Adventures is a park which could be great but it misses something, particually orginality. However, the SLC is the best but still not much. Cheetah when I went was awesome in the front seat but unrideable in the back. Boomerang like Elissa says has problems in the winter months(I went to Wild Adventures in December 2003). Oh, and two more things. There's is a ghetto parking lot next to the park which charges $3 to park(as opposed to the regular $7 parking lot) and nobody eats at the park for some strange reason!
  16. Tell her that if she would have died, she would have done so already. And tell her about centifugal force won't let you die even if you wanted to.
  17. Here's an idea. I forget the name but in Waffle House you can get a huge waffle, some meat(sausage or bacon), grits, eggs for $6.25 for breakfast and you can last to dinner! Motels vary from $20-50. The further south you go the cheaper the prices! Oh, and in New Hampshire and Delaware there is no sales tax! (except NH has an 8% meals tax ) I can tell you there will be toll roads, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware turnpikes, a very expensive bridge in Maryland , and a tunnel in Baltimore. So maybe that will help you plan. Turnpikes range from 50 cents to 10 dollars.
  18. Daemon is Danish for Demon considering it's in Copenhagen. Anyway here is some more Italian Double Loop Coaster: It's not in Italy, it's in India! Sierra Tonate: If Tonate means thunder in Italian and Sierra means Mountain well Thunder Mountain sounds like you will die. Zach's Zoomer: Sounds like a 3 year old designed this coaster and how do we know it's safe? Steel Venom: Venom is not made of steel and even if it was it will be poisonous. Kumba means Roar in Swahili and how do we know we are not going to be eaten by a lion? Vertical Velocity: You can't accelarate going up, gravity dosen't like that Medusa: We don't want to be turned to stone! Nitro: We don't want to be blown up!
  19. I don't know any suggestions west of Cedar Point but I can give many suggestions here on the east coast. The best thing to do IMHO is do a north to south tour maybe from Maine to Atlanta. Parks that would be on my iternary would be Funtown, Canobie Lake SFNE, Lake Compounce, SFGAdv, Dorney, Hershey, SFA, PKD,BGW, PC, and SFOG. Except that isn't a month. hmm maybe do the Florida parks too. And generally Freefallin you are lucky to have $1500 to blow on a month's trip. .
  20. Look, I am going to tell you how I got into coasters. Maybe that will you give some tips. It was the summer of 2001 in Great Adventure. It was mostly my curiousity about the ride(Runaway Mine Train) and I forgot that it was a coaster. So tell your kid, it's not a coaster but a very fun ride. This white lie will encourage him or her. And slowly I got bored of Runaway Mine Train and moved up to Rolling Thunder and when I wanted to see how an inverting coaster is like I moved up to Viper and slowly slowly I moved to the park's highlight, Medusa. Now of course, I've been on Nitro, Superman:Ride of Steel@SFNE and Boulderdash just to name a few. Maybe this post will give you some ideas, like I said. Good Luck
  21. Robb, MF is definately an A+ ride which is why my forum name is millenniumguy. Wicked Twister I would definately rate a low A. I agree with TTD. As for SFA it's best ride is Batwing which is a B-
  22. Here's mine and it's obvious. The Ultimate Millennium Force Enthusiast who thinks SFMM is stupid.
  23. Well, floorless are okay. The first drop on Medusa East(the only floorless I've been on) is great, the layout is great but the whole feet hanging above the track is the coaster industry's biggest gimmick ever since the old-fashioned turn of the last century looping wooden coasters.
  24. You know this happened to me in Cedar Point. The electricity went out for two hours. It was also the day MF got stuck at the top. So, the advice is if the park's electricity goes out go to the waterpark or in the case of SFMM, go to Knotts and brag how much better it is! (Oh,I forgot Knotts is knot fun).
  25. You can always go to Cuyahoga Valley NP which I hear is boring(from a guy who lives in Michigan). Yeah, I bet the Cleveland guy will tell you more. Also you can take the 2 hour trip to Fun Spot and find the most strange park next to Nara Dreamland and Williams Grove.
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